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Date: Sat May 27, 2006  2:31 am
Subject: NEWS ALERT: Judge Orders Reinstatement of PACleanSweep Board
May 26, 2006

Judge Orders Reinstatement of PACleanSweep Board

Lebanon County Judge rules that "dissident" Board Members must be recognized; allows resigned Board Members to return

In a mixed ruling aimed at encouraging PACleanSweep's diverse groupof leaders to solve its problems internally, Lebanon County Judge Samuel A. Kline today ruled that the grassroots political
organization's Board of Directors should revert back to the form it
held over two months ago.

Klein ruled that original board members Mike Bergmaier, Michele
Diehl, Jerry Kelley, William Koch, and Carl Silverman must be
recognized as legal directors of the nonprofit corporation. The five
chose not to step down in March during an attempted shake-up that
began when founder Russ Diamond requested the resignations of the entire Board of Directors. The move led to an extended power
struggle, with two groups claiming legal authority.

Klein opted not to rule on the legality of various resignations that
were submitted by board members, and ruled that Russ Diamond, Leo Knepper, Tom Lingenfelter, Andrea Stalnecker, and Bob Surrick be recognized as directors. Each of those five had submitted their
resignations at some point during the last ten weeks.

Not part of the Board under Kline's ruling were Liz DeMarco, Glen
McCurdy, Larry Otter, and John Ryan; who were listed as Board
members on a website operated by one of the factions.

22 April 2006 12:41 EDT | Posted by pa/truthonline

Democracy Rising PA

Survey of candidates for Governor

Questions about a Constitutional Convention

Many Pennsylvanians, as well as the member organizations of Democracy Rising PA, believe that it is time for a constitutional convention to discuss many additional issues for which amendments to our Constitution may be either necessary or desirable...

Providing for initiative, referendum and recall * *

Jim Panyard - "(One of my campaign promises)"

Russ Diamond - "Yes. As with other issues, we must examine systems in place in other states to determine an appropriate way to allow such democratic input while preserving our republican form of state government."

20 April 2006

Russ Diamond, founder of an organization formed to defeat Pennsylvania legislative incumbents after a July 2005 controversial pay raise, had been tagged (PA Spoiler in (April 13)headlines by the New York Times )last week when he announced his candidacy as an Independent for Governor of Pennsylvania.

An August Post-Gazette piece, DIAMOND IN THE GRUFF, notes the early beginnings of the organization...

The Problem with Operation Clean Sweep

In January 2006, according to the Centre Daily Times, 60 Statehouse challengers rallyin Harrisburg for a joint announcement of their campaigns. According to some reports, at that time PA Clean sweep candidates numbered some 81 strong, and 99 strong according to other sources. The anti-incumbency movement was already so widespread, NPR's all Things Considered reported January 31, 2006 Penn. Legislators Who Granted Pay Raise Under Fire.

Candidates signed on to a declaration of pledges and vowed a Clean Sweep of incumbents.

Over ensuing months, the media followed additions to the roster of candidates with headlines: PACleanSweep adds 20 more candidates

Obviously another mission of PA Clean Sweep is to challenge candidates nominating petitions...
A group named Pennsylvania "Clean Sweep" is chasing incumbent lawmakers out of office.
Pennsylvania "Clean Sweep" is a non-partisan organization. So far, they have succeeded in forcing state representative Linda Bebko-Jones out of the running...So far, they have challenged petitions of current legislators Linda Bebko-Jones and Matthew Good. Rather than take the issue to court, Bebko-Jones pulled herself out of the running on Monday. Matthew Good is fighting the challenge, and is currently awaiting the court's decision on whether or not the signatures on this petitions are valid...

Leadership squabble divides anti-incumbent group PETER JACKSON (AP)Posted on Thu, Mar. 16, 2006

The PA Clean Sweep, Inc. (members) lawsuit contends among other items:
some one-third of the Clean Sweep candidates were attracted to the rally in Harrisburg, Thursday.

The one-third figure is an estimate offered by three different news sources.
reporter Alison Hawkes uses "more than 30", uh try 33.

PACleanSweep candidates support Diamond
By Alison Hawkes, For the Herald-Standard

PACleanSweep candidates attending a Capitol rally Thursday said they supported their leader Russ Diamond in his decision to leave the anti-incumbency organization he founded to run for governor.

At a send-off rally to the May primary, the more than 30 candidates nodded in agreement to questions about whether Diamond was leaving the organization in good health.

Alison Hawkes for the Herald-Standard 04/21/2006

Lawsuit filed by PA Clean Sweep faction noted as PA Clean Sweep, Inc.

The Petitioner, PACleansweep, Inc., (hereinafter “Corporation”) is a Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation, organized under the authority of the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988, 15 Pa.C.S. § 5101, et. seq. The corporation was organized on September 9, 2005... Following their resignations as members of the Board of Directors, and following the removal of Russ Diamond as Chair, the Respondents refused, despite repeated requests, to provide access by the Petitioners to the corporate books, records and documents of the Corporation, or to provide information to the Petitioners with regard to the affairs of the corporation, including, but not limited to, information regarding pending litigation.

46. Specifically, Respondents, particularly but not limited to, Russ Diamond and Tom Lingenfelter, conspired with each other and with others, and caused others, particularly Larry Otter, Esquire, the attorney representing the corporation’s interests in a case filed in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania known as Diamond v. Nye, to not provide the Petitioners with information regarding the assets, liabilities, operations and affairs of the corporation, specifically, but not limited to, information regarding the status and progress of said lawsuit.

47. Such actions caused it to be impossible for the Petitioners to exercise their fiduciary and management duties of the corporation pursuant to the law.

Anti-Pay-Raise Candidates Rally in Harrisburg by KYW's Tony Romeo Philadelphia Newsradio 1060

PACleanSweep candidates rally in Harrisburg
4/20/2006, 4:12 p.m. ET
The Associated Press
PACleanSweep squabble in court
From wire reports
Thursday, April 20, 2006

PACleanSweep head resigns
Diamond running for governor
Friday, April 21, 2006
From staff and wire reports

Editorial: Reform in the 21st / For a change, Democrats should pick Bennington Thursday, April 20, 2006 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

...Editorial: Reform in the 21st / For a change, Democrats should pick Bennington

Dispute could spoil reformBy David M. Brown TRIBUNE-REVIEW Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Monday, April 17, 2006 PACleanSweep Suing Diamond

Thursday, April 13, 2006 Diamond Announces Candidacy Forfeits PACleanSweep Position

The Diamond-DeWeese Connection

An Invitation from Diamond to join his Independent campaign effort

Herald-Standard report:
PACleanSweep founder leaves organization in disarray By Alison Hawkes, For the Herald-Standard

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 Lawsuit Threat Adds To PACleanSweep Infighting BY SHARON SMITH
Of The Patriot-News

is Ebert Beeman really Russ Diamond?
Thu Apr 13, 2006  7:23 pm
Swann Caught Making Another Factually False Statement


Black Republicans Are there any? The Economist  Mar 23rd 2006

Russ Diamond for Governor Podcasts

31 88 Am Ia spoiler? I sure hope so. Listen to learn more! Sun, 15 Apr 2006 12:00:00
Apr 19, 2006


Mike Pintek PCNC (Honsberger Live) April 14, 2006

PennConservative analysis (read between the lines)

Pennsylvania's Public (Self) Servers Jake Miller  March 20, 2006
As the head of the anti-incumbent group that received the attention, respect and support from a good amount of frustrated voters, his ambitions deceived them. Russ Diamond is, in many ways, no different than the state legislature that is central to his many diatribes. He longed to be on the inside and did whatever it took, including leading a good government watchdog, to get there. Instead of leading by example, he led by a façade...

New York Times interviewed Russ Diamond, and still headlined the piece:
Published: April 13, 2006

ALTOONA, Pa., April 11 — In what was already proving a surprisingly tight contest, the race for governor of Pennsylvania has grown more complicated with the entry of an independent candidate who helped spearhead a grass-roots insurgency last year against the state legislature. ..

"Pennsylvania is a ship that is off course, and the way to get it back on course is from the captain's chair," Mr. Diamond said in making his candidacy public during an interview here Tuesday. "That means it's time for us to take the governor's office."

"Our agenda is to put government back in the hands of the people," Mr. Diamond said. "It's just that simple."

"You can ask about big issues like education or taxes, but here in Pennsylvania the big issue is the process and how broken it is," said the new candidate, whose decision to run will be a test for the unity of his movement.

Those are the only three quotes??  Why nothing about a PA Constitutional Convention to the New York Times?  Hmm... cause they'd see right through him?

NYT got this really wrong...

Five members of PACleanSweep's board resigned in March upon learning of his ambition to be governor, saying he was trying to hijack the insurgency for his own gain.

Mr. Diamond said he planned to step down as the group's chairman now that he was actually running...


 Diamond Announces Candidacy, Forfeits PACleanSweep Position April 13, 2006

Anti-incumbency founder announces independent bid for governor  Thu, Apr. 13, 2006 

... In an interview with reporters Thursday, Diamond said a constitutional convention on legislative reforms is his campaign's top priority because it could provide an opportunity to change the way the Legislature operates.

"The people have to get together and talk about some things, and the first objective they would have is to put more limits on the people who do govern," Diamond said. "Let's talk about term limits ... part-time Legislature, eliminating the pensions and perks after they retire, and eliminating the career politician track."

Diamond to run for governor 

will focus on calling for a constitutional convention, repealing legalization of slot machines, reducing property taxes, eliminating government waste and planning for the commonwealth’s looming pension crisis.

PA GOV: New Twist

...Diamond said his goal is to raise $2 million to $3 million to be effective, and would accept some political action committee money, especially from pro-business groups.

On a variety of issues, Diamond has staked himself out as a mix of both party ideologies. He said he is against raising the minimum wage, would not ban abortion if it became a state issue, is not against gay marriage and thinks the government should get out of the business of issuing marriage licenses. He said he is unhappy with legalized gambling but would not ban it, and favors a sales tax or an earned income tax increase to reduce property taxes but thinks the real focus should be reducing school spending.

He said his top priority is forming a constitutional convention, where Pennsylvania citizens could discuss changing elements of the state constitution, although doing so would require legislative support.


Yep, just send in your $500 contribution to diamond so he can rally "the people" to alter PA's Constitution.  Why isn't anyone asking this fellow "What is wrong with the PA Constitution?"  It wasn't the PA Constitution at fault for the "unvouchered expenses" - the PA Constitution addresses Compensation of the state legislature - not to be taken during the term in which a pay increase is passed.

Why isn't anyone asking, if the state legislature passes stricter legislation to curb abortion, would Diamond veto that legislation?

What's the salary of a Governor of PA?

State Government and Politics

Open Secrets

2004 RACE: PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT 17 Center for Responsive Politics

Russ Diamond (L)
No reports on record for this candidate.

Clean Sweep PAC

Reporting Period Ending
      10/24/2005 (Cycle 5)

Reporting Period Ending
11/28/2005 (Cycle 6)

Reporting Period Ending
12/31/2005 (Cycle 7)

Grassroots PA: Thursday, April 13, 2006 NY Times: A Pennsylvania Spoiler Joins Race for Governor. ALSO: Russ Diamond For Governor Launches Tom Lingenfelter Running For Lt. Gov...

I'm Russ Diamond - Independent candidate for Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Here at my online headquarters you'll find:...


(See unconstitutional agenda PA Clean Sweep

 Diamond Enters Governor’s Race

Ending months of speculation, Russ Diamond today is announcing he will run for Governor of Pennsylvania as an Independent.

Diamond founded the non-partisan grassroots organization PACleanSweep in July, 2005 in response to the PA General Assembly’s now-infamous midnight pay raise. The group was instrumental in organizing public opposition to the increase, advocating a first-ever non-retention of a state Supreme Court justice, pressuring the legislature to repeal the pay raise, and unifying over 100 challengers to incumbent lawmakers.

“We’ve taken on the legislature. We’ve taken on the judiciary. Now it’s time to focus some energy on the Executive Branch,” said Diamond. “The Governor is the one man who could have stopped the pay raise with a stroke of his pen, but failed to do so.”

As an Independent candidate, Diamond must collect the signatures of 67,070 registered voters in order to have his name appear on November’s general election ballot. The requirement is unusually high in 2006 due to a fluke in Pennsylvania’s ballot access laws. Major party candidates were only required to gather 2,000 signatures each to enter the race.

“While the sheer volume of signatures seems daunting compared to other years, I’m confident that Pennsylvanians are willing to support a legitimate choice over the two candidates anointed by the establishment,” added Diamond. “In 2006, voters see the establishment as the problem, not the solution.

“Pennsylvania is a ship that is off course, and the way to get it back on course is from the captain's chair," Diamond told the New York Times in an interview this week.

“I’ve spoken with thousands of citizens over the last nine months. They’re fed up with business as usual in Harrisburg. They want someone who’ll commit to making the tough choices needed to solve the problems of Pennsylvania. I intend to be that someone.”

Diamond’s vision for a new Pennsylvania includes facilitating a constitutional convention, repealing Act 71 (the slots bill), reducing property taxes, eliminating government waste and planning for the Commonwealth’s looming pension crisis.



Pay raise opponent entering governor's race (10:34 am)

Pay raise opponent entering governor's race

Thursday, April 13, 2006 By Tom Barnes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

HARRISBURG -- Russ Diamond, who in July founded Pa. Clean Sweep, a group dedicated to ousting General Assembly incumbents, today announced he is running for governor as an independent. "The system in Harrisburg is broken, and (incumbent Democratic Gov). Ed Rendell or (Republican challenger) Lynn Swann aren't going to fix it,'' Mr. Diamond, 42, a Lebanon County businessman, told reporters at the Capitol.

He said he's been thinking about running as an independent candidate for about two months.

He strongly denied a reporter's question that he founded Clean Sweep merely as a political vehicle to get his name before the public.

Mr. Diamond said he was -- and still is -- outraged by the 16 to 34 percent pay raise that legislators gave themselves, as well as to over 1,000 judges and members of the executive branch. The raise was repealed in November but it's still the subject of court suits, one seeking to finalize the repeal and another seeking to reinstate the raises for judges.

He said he'll resign as chairman of Clean Sweep on April 20, at a rally of over 100 Clean Sweep legislative candidates at the Capitol...



Russ Diamond will run as an independent for Pennsylvania governor

By The Tribune-Review Thursday, April 13, 2006

Russ Diamond, the 42-year-old founder of a group targeting incumbent officeholders, today announced he will run as an independent candidate for Pennsylvania governor. Diamond, of Lebanon, needs to gather about 67,000 signatures on a petition by Aug 1, in order to get the on the November ballot with Democratic incumbent Gov. Ed Rendell and Republican Lynn Swann, of Sewickley Heights. Diamond formed Operation PACleanSweep last July, to oppose the Legislature's now repealed pay raise that Rendell signed into law.

His organization grew into a stateiwide anti-incumbency movement, but has been hit by controversy as members of Diamond's board of directors balked at the idea of his running for statewide office. Diamond told reporters in Harrisburg this morning that he'll step down from the board next week. He asid he'll also hammer Swann on the government pay issue, because Swann is backed by the GOP establishmdent that engineered the pay raise.

 "This could be a good time for a second American revolution," Diamond said...


The second American Revolution Diamond wants isn't kicking out all incumbents, but altering our PA Constitution... Swann had nothing to do with the pay raise.

Anti-incumbency founder announces independent bid for governor

Diamond to run for governor

PA GOV: New Twist

The following still comes up in search pennsylvania governor campaign russ diamond

Includes Diamond's quote...

Group attempts to have a challenger for every incumbent in next year's election

By Jane Smith Meadville Tribune 12/12/05 WATERFORD 

... Responding to questions about philosophies about candidates, Diamond said that is not the concern of Clean Sweep. He said if one starts worrying about philosophy and policy, it will divide the efforts. Instead, he said, elect anyone who runs against an incumbent, regardless of their philosophies. He said no matter if the person is a "thief, a crook or a liar," to vote for them, noting they can be defeated in two years. The important thing for 2006 is to vote out all the incumbents, he said, noting it's time to make Penn-sylvania a better state and a great asset...


Third-party activist could have high profile in governor's race

PACleansweep Founder Running for Governor 
by KYW's Tony Romeo

Anti-incumbency founder Diamond announces bid for governor

Anti-incumbency founder announces independent bid for governor The Associated Press

Independent Enters Pa. Governor's Race Thursday April 13, 2006 8:16 PM (does not include portion about Diamond wanting a PA Constitutional convention)

google search



Apr 13, 2006 Russ Diamond entering governor's race

Monday, February 06, 2006

Clean Sweep being Swept!

Check out GrassrootsPA for the latest events on Russ Diamond.

We here think this hurt the reform group of Clean Sweep severely...

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