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All-Mail Voting - a solution?

Issue Should PA Consider All Mail Voting?
Many states are now considering all-mail voting.
Oregon has had all-mail voting.  I believe the state of Washington also has all-mail voting.  Others states and counties are considering this option.
More coming...

My opinion Jim Kiser: All-mail voting deserves debate My opinion Jim Kiser Tucson, Arizona | Published: 11.18.2005
...Other benefits Bradbury listed: protection from fraud by verifying the signature of every voter, an automatic paper trail that makes recounts possible, easily updated voter rolls (because the post office does not forward ballots), election costs 30 percent lower than polling-place elections and better control of ballot handling and counting.
Academic studies concur. A 2003 survey by the University of Oregon found nearly a third of the respondents said they voted more frequently with vote by mail. That especially was true for women, the disabled, homemakers and people aged 26-38.
The possibility of fraud is often raised as a concern about all-mail voting, but a June report from Reed College in Oregon reported "hybrid" systems, such as Arizona has, present more ballot integrity problems.
That's because officials have to run two separate election processes at the same time
A third study, reported in the journal Political Behavior, found that all-mail elections are especially effective in local elections or primaries, in which turnout normally is low.
A number of Arizona communities have used vote by mail for some elections, including Oro Valley. ...

Previous Issue:  independent/3rd party voters to be affected by SURE in this presidential Primary Election (2004)?
Special Discussion of this development at ConspirannoyYa

According to the article, this is what's up!
By Paul Sunyak , Herald-Standard
Only registered Democrats and Republicans are eligible to vote in the April 27 primary election, so independents and minor party members should stay away from the polls if they haven't switched their registration by the March 29 deadline.

Laurie Nicholson, director of the Fayette County Election Bureau, said that Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro A. Cortes has determined that only registered Democrats and Republicans can vote in the upcoming closed primary, in which voters can cast ballots only for nominating parties certified by the Department of State.

Excerpt from
By Paul Sunyak , Herald-Standard 
In years past, Nicholson said, independents and minor party members could vote in the primaries, casting write-in votes that weren't officially counted anyway. She said that many of them showed up because they wanted to be recorded as voters, something they no longer need to do.

Unfortunately, the statements in the article do not reflect that many times over the years, a question has appeared on the ballot in a Primary election and all registered electors, regardless of Party registry, are ENTITLED to choose to show up at the polls and vote on the question.

Voter Registration Guide*

Qualifications of Voters at Primary

The qualifications of an elector entitled to vote in a primary are the same as the qualifications of an elector entitled to vote in general elections. The only exception is that an individual must be registered and enrolled in a political party to vote in that party's primary. However, all registered electors are entitled to vote on questions placed on the ballot or in special elections held concurrently with the primary.