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Glitches typical of Election Day mostly minor
The widely predicted Election Meltdown of 2004 didn't happen. There were glitches across the map — voters directed to the wrong polling places, voting machines that malfunctioned, sporadic vandalism and a few dust-ups over partisan challenges to voters' eligibility. And the heaviest turnout in decades meant long lines in many places, with waits of two hours or more. ...

2263 Re: Emergency paper ballots
My understanding: 1. provisional ballots are not required to be counted unless they would "potentially make a difference in the election"

Public Comments (Ms. Sabl) Allegheny County Council meeting April 19, 2005 Santorum Homestead Exemption issue (page 40) and Mr. Shumaker comments "...we should not be using county resources to carry out political witch hunts." (pages 44-45)  Include comments by Celeste Taylor (page on 47) concerning Special Report on Elections recommendations, provisional ballots, reform.

Net search Pennsylvania provisional ballots
Counted if cast in correct jurisdiction (county)
EAC Chapter 6 Provisional Ballots
... Over one million provisional ballots were reportedly cast in Section 203 covered jurisdictions, and correspondingly, there was a higher incidence of provisional ballots cast in Section 203 covered jurisdictions than those jurisdictions not covered. The rate of counting the provisional ballots was slightly higher in Section 203 jurisdictions, but could not offset the much higher incidence of casting provisional ballots.

On a related note, predominantly Hispanic jurisdictions had the highest rate of casting provisional ballots, followed by predominantly non-Hispanic Native American jurisdictions. While the counting of provisional ballots was highest in predominantly Hispanic jurisdictions, predominantly non-Hispanic Native American jurisdictions had a counting rate under 50 percent.

Higher incidences of casting provisional ballots can also be found in urban and high population density areas, but these jurisdictions also had higher rates of counting provisional ballots. Rates of counting provisional ballots also tended to increase with the income and education level within a jurisdiction.

PA Help America Vote Act see Provisional Ballots

What happens to the provisional ballots??
Within three business days, the county board of elections will examine each ballot envelope to determine if the individual voter was entitled to vote at that district at the time of the election.? If the individual was entitled to cast their vote as such, the signature on the ballot envelope will be compared to the signature that voter submitted upon registration.? If the signatures match, the ballot will be counted as usual.? In addition, if the voter is determined to have been eligible to vote, but not at the election district where the ballot was cast, that portion of the ballot that the individual would have been eligible to vote in his proper election district will still be counted.? A free access system, reachable by toll-free phone call or through the internet, will be available to voters who wish to track the status of their provisional ballots and will provide reasons for all provisional ballots that are eventually rejected.

Provisional Ballots