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Did it happen the way you think?

QUOTE OF THE YEAR 2000: "there are four ways a dimple or an indentation can be made on the ballot."

Brace testifies there are four ways a dimple or an indentation can be made on the ballot.

  • Voter lays the ballot on top of the machine
    rather than slide ballot card under the voting booklet as the instructions clearly say to do

  • Machines are not cleaned out and there could be a chad buildup only on the left side under the presidential column because election officials are right-handed and slide machine into holding voting booth in leftward direction instead of sliding toward back of voting booth.

  • Non-maintenance of the machine makes rubber strips too hard.

  • The throat on the template like a funnel if put in at an angle and that creates a dimple.

    After intense questioning by Bush Team lawyer, Phil Beck, company president Brace says:

    "If I rub my finger across there yes an indention could be made."

    Well, Flori-duh, that's a fifth way. So somebody who leaves the presidential column blank cause they don't want to vote for any of these guys, not even the Libertarian who wants you to be free, may rub his/her finger across the left-hand side of the ballot, at the top, just about where Gore-in-Cheat's number is, and he/she could make an indentation.

    A two-year old could come up with better imaginations than this guy, people.

    But, the Palm Beach County solicitor for Canvassing Board pretty much nails it:

    When did you first come to the conclusion that a buildup of chads could cause significant problems as you are contending? Just after this 2000 Election?

    No. I've studied this a long time.


    Yes, a long time, that is a possibility.

    The man is so Gore-ified, he doesn't even realize what he has said. Well, we're just gonna watch and count all those manufacturers who file lawsuits!! Cause that's what we like to do. Watch and Count.

    There was so much laughter in that court, I believe it was a conspiracy, somebody most likely a Republican who sells helium-filled balloons, let out some helium from all those Gore-in-Cheat balloons which they purchased from a Republican company, but they didn't know it, and never will know it.

    I mean, if you listened to this statistician Nicholas Hengartner, from Yale, and you listened to this Phil Beck corner Nicholas Hengartner, from Yale, about his own balloons full of well, you know, hot air, then you know who won in this court. OK, at least you know who won among the alive, thinking people.

    And we know lovable Judge Saul is alive and he is thinking. During the testimony of Laurentius Marais, an expert statistician, Saul re-summarized exactly the technical enumeration of percentages relating to Miami-Dade County. So, you go Judge! Phil knew all about causation and greater than one-percent, and statistical association, and all of that academic stuff, and he played this Canadian puff-flake like a violin. In the end, the non-citizen who says he didn't vote here in the states had to admit that he made a mistake.

    Duh, Flori-duh, one mistake, just one, equals discredited witness, period. No more chads, no more charts, no more, well, you know, hot air. Even better was when the Gore team introduced the guy Nicholas Hengartner and all of these charts started coming out of the woodwork and even with the undervotes counted after the hand re-counts Old Nick admitted that the change statistically from the machine count to the hand re-count wasn't that great. Whew. You have to keep on your toes at Truth On-Line. Cause we watch, we count. Nobody else has yet brought this out, so we'll just have to keep watching.

    And we give you more details than any other news source when it counts for your informed opinion.

    Dec. 10, 2000 Truth optionalGeorge Will

    Dec. 2, 2000 Exchange in Sauls' Courtroom:

    Beck: (showing copy of affadavit to Nicholas Hengartner) Ignore that along the top of that copy, fax, shows Bush ...

    Nicholas Hengartner I was looking for a rat in there too

    Beck: I think we'll find something very much like that as we go through.

    December 2, 2000
    Florida election hearing back in court Sunday morning
    Dimples and chad highlight testimony

    The first witness Saturday was Kimball Brace, president of Election Data Services and an expert on voting machines.

    Brace crouched over a ballot machine as he demonstrated how Floridians intending to vote may have failed to fully punch their cards, leaving instead impressions known as dimples.

    "Certainly, you need to take a look at the ballots to find out what the voters' intent was," Brace testified. "Manual recounts, while they take a long time, are really the only way."

    He said that in some cases a voter could accidentally touch the ballot with their stylus or that chad could build up in the machine and clog up a hole under a ballot, making it more difficult to punch.

    Under cross-examination, Bush attorneys questioned whether a voter could make a dimple with their fingernail, and challenged Brace's knowledge of the voting machine. They also got Brace to concede that the sample ballot he used during his testimony was slightly thicker and harder to punch than the actual ballots used by voters in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.

    They also questioned Brace's objectivity, saying he had been a consultant to Democratic congressional redistricting efforts.

    The Gore campaign then called Nicolas Hengartner, a Yale statistician who said the number of non-votes was much higher in counties that used the punch-out ballots than in counties that used optical counters that read colored-in circles.

    Hengartner testified that he was asked to conduct the study by the Democrats but was not affiliated with either political party. He added that he did not even vote in the election because he is not a U.S. citizen.

    ... December 2, 2000  

    December 3, 2000
    John Ahmann
    John Ahmann we're still searching 

    Unveiled right here is Truth - Cause that's what we do. Search for it, no matter who it hurts in the final analysis.

    Pardon me if all is not in chronological order:  

    Broward County Votomatic Instructions

    homepage link for Broward County Votomatic Instructions and others for your informed opinion

    Brought to you by Jane Carroll Broward County Supervisor of Elections Copyright 1998

    Sunday, December 3, 2000 About the Elections Divisions State of Texas


    George W. Bush
    Al Gore
    J. Lieberman
    Florida Supreme Court

    November 24, 2000

    In the words of a former Palm Beach County Canvassing Board official, Jackie Winchester, a Democrat of course who donated her time volunteering, during a press conference, it is the faulty equipment causing the stylus not to go all the way through the ballot.

    And William Rouverol, the engineering designer of this great advance of machine technology in the early 60's, says, Yup, the Portopunches were okay but these type used in Palm Beach County, these votomatics have a "plastic" gizmo (plastic stylus just doesn't poke hard enough, people, it really doesn't) that causes wear and tear only only, yes, only in the "leftmost" column, the column most used cause it's for the presidential race. This "happens nowhere else on the ballot" because "there is not as much wear and tear."

    Now people, first, I am just about ready to upchuck, how about you?

    But now, after this Newer machines had more 'under-votes' By Marc Caputo, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Tuesday, November 28, 2000 article, I am heartened.

    Someone else is asking questions, and we'll continue being inquisitive!


    Nov. 28, 2000
    How manual recounts helped Bush
    By Anthony York
    How manual recounts helped BushBy Anthony York

    Gore spokesman Chris Lehane says the vice president simply wants the same attention paid to ballots in Miami-Dade as was given to ballots in other counties. And, he added, most of the counties that did conduct partial manual recounts used a more reliable optical scan system of voting, while voters in Miami-Dade used the infamous punch-card ballots, which yield many more errors than the OptiScan system.

    "Keep in mind, punch cards are used in poorer areas. Most of these other ballots were optical ones where the reliability was much, much higher. And in poorer areas, you have bad machines or flawed ballots. We think we have a pretty clear and compelling argument..."

    And I am near jubilation to have been able to follow the trail to these items:

  • chart which shows percentage of disqualified ballots in Florida counties
  • report which shows newer machines had more undervotes
  • report which shows Palm Beach County officials were aware of large number of undervotes and overvotes in 1996


    percentage of disqualified ballots Chart

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