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Trail of Treachery: Varied News & Opinions

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Trail of Treachery: Varied News & Opinions
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noted opinions

Articles About Virtual Voting, MoreAll sides of the issue

Citizens for A Fair Vote Count (CFVC) Jim Condit Jr.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

SightingsSee archives, April 3rd, 2000 show, Jeff Rense host, guest Jim Condit Jr. Director Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

April 18, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire

How to beat vote fraud
Geoff Metcalf interviews fair-elections crusader Jim Condit
By Geoff Metcalf 2000

Lobbyists again take aim at Arizona's Clean Elections ActFreedom Forum

Financing for the program is to come from the $5 contributions, voluntary contributions, lobbyist fees and 10% surcharges on court fines. The new $100 annual fee for lobbyists applies to those for commercial or for-profit entities or their trade associations.
Plaintiffs in the latest lawsuit include two lobbyists — Arizona Chamber of Commerce President Tim Lawless and Arizona Cotton Growers Association lobbyist Rick Lavis — and two people who have paid parking tickets. "While politicians have a constitutional right to free speech, I do not believe they have the right to make me pay for it," said one of the ticket payers, Republican state Rep. Steve May of Phoenix. "Many politicians in this state espouse philosophies I find objectionable, and I will not allow my hard-earned money to fund offensive political campaigns."

Motor Voter Law Sparks Fraud
Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2000 Wires
A spokesman for Secretary of State Cathy Cox said the federal Motor Voter Law made it more difficult to remove ineligible voters from active voting rolls.

Non-citizens vote with 'Clinton card'? By Julie Foster
Democratic mass mailing called 'the stuff congressional investigations are made of'



Did the INS import votes? 'Leave it to Clinton and Gore to desecrate the citizenship process,' says legal group By Jon E. Dougherty 2000

Fraudulent absentee ballots cast in Florida State attorney's office investigating forged documents foundBy Julie Foster 2000

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