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Two major issues in Fayette County, Pennsylvania for the consideration of candidates for the highest elected office in the county:
  • an inflated voter registration roll with over 89,000 registered voters - it is simply unbelievable that more than half of the population of the county (approx. 143,000) are valid registered voters - something is wrong - when was the last time a review of the voter database was conducted, complete with mailings to suspect names and addresses?
    Read more on this issue on my blog Net the Truth Online
  • land planned for private, not public, housing development which is designated as tax-free Keystone Opportunity Zones
  • 2007 Election for office of County Commissioner  (4 year term)
    Joseph Hardy, III (R)
    Vincent Vicites  (D)
    Angela Zimmerlink (R)
    Announced Candidates
    Sean Cavanagh  (D)
    Vincent Vicites   (D)
    Vincent Zapatosky (D)
    John Mikita (D) Ran as R for PA 51st District state representative

    Public statements, official actions, or inaction, newspaper articles will be used to determine the position of candidates on the issues of:
    cleaning up the Fayette voter registration rolls (by appointing an inspector of voter registration to aid the Election Board in determining ineligible/illegal names on the voter registration list for each election precinct
    eliminating Keystone Opportunity Zones in the county

    Fayette controller challenges petitions
    By Chris Foreman
    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Fayette County Controller Mark Roberts is challenging the candidacy of his primary opponent, Sean Lally, claiming he filed "deficient" and "irregular" nominating petitions this month.

    Judge Steve Leskinen has scheduled a hearing for 1:30 p.m. today.

    Roberts, a Democrat in his second term, is questioning whether Lally has the necessary 250 authorized signatures of registered voters.

    Roberts, 39, of Uniontown, is disputing the validity of about 290 signatures, according to a spreadsheet exhibit filed by his attorney, Jason Adams.

    Among those signatures, 53 allegedly were from unregistered voters and 20 from citizens who also signed Roberts' nominating petitions, according to the exhibit.

    Roberts also contends Lally improperly signed an affidavit for petitions he circulated to gain about 140 names.

    Adams was not available for comment Wednesday, and Roberts did not immediately respond to a message.

    Lally, 38, of Uniontown, is making his second run for a public office. He did not answer a message left yesterday at his construction business.

    Four years ago, he aligned himself with then-commissioner Sean Cavanagh as Cavanagh fielded a slate of candidates against four incumbent row officers.

    Lally lost a primary race against Clerk of Courts Janice Snyder, who criticized him for having an active voter registration in Cuyahoga County, Ohio...

    Roberts battles opponents' petition
    Updated 03/15/2007 01:00:02 AM EDT
    Fayette County Controller Mark Roberts is challenging the nomination petitions of challenger Sean P. Lally and is asking a judge to throw Lally off the primary ballot.

    While Roberts' challenge hinges on the allegation that Lally did not personally circulate all the petitions that have Lally's signature on them, Lally said he has done nothing wrong, and has written proof of that fact.
    The challenge was presented in motions court Wednesday morning before Judge Gerald Solomon, who scheduled a hearing for the petition for 1:30 p.m. today in Courtroom Number 3 before Judge Steve Leskinen.

    The challenge, which alleges deficiencies and irregularities in Lally's petitions, was filed late Tuesday afternoon in the office of Prothonotary Lance Winterhalter, on the last day to challenge nomination petitions. Attorney Jason F. Adams filed the challenge on behalf of Roberts.

    While some of the signatures on Lally's petitions are being challenged as those of unregistered voters, improper addresses or as people who previously signed Roberts' petitions, most of the challenges deal with an allegation that Lally did not personally circulate his nomination petitions.

    On the back of the petitions is a place in which the petition circulator must sign and notarize the petitions, verifying they indeed circulated the petition.

    Lally said he personally circulated most of his 15 petitions, and kept written proof of that. "I did nothing (improper) or illegal," Lally said. "He's trying to use a technicality that doesn't exist to get me thrown off the ballot."

    Lally said numerous people who signed his petitions have called him upset that Roberts called them to question them about signing Lally's petition.

    Lally added that he is not pleased with Roberts "calling people who signed my petitions in my presence and threatening them with subpoenas and other tactics to scare them and convince them into voting for him."

    Lally said he is seeking legal counsel to investigate the legality of Roberts' actions as a possible Ethics violation. "I am very disappointed in his behavior that he would stoop to this level to have a good candidate thrown off the ballot," Lally said.

    Roberts and Lally are both seeking the Democratic nomination for controller in the May 15 municipal primary. The winner is virtually assured the position, as no Republicans have filed to run for the office. Roberts is seeking a third term in the office. Lally is a business owner with degrees in economics and finance...

    Ex-analyst, of Fayette Co., sentenced to house arrest for forgery
    By Chris Foreman
    Thursday, March 15, 2007
    Fayette County's former fiscal analyst was placed on supervised probation Wednesday for forging nearly $9,000 in checks from two bookkeeping side jobs he held in the Uniontown area.

    The 23-month term of intermediate punishment ordered for Bruce J. Beard will run at the same time as a 14-year probationary period he's serving until 2018 for stealing more than $83,000 from an Allegheny County doctor.

    Beard, 44, pleaded guilty last month to charges of forgery and theft by deception for writing himself $6,000 in checks from the New York Pizza and Pasta restaurant in South Union Township and a $2,500 check from the North Union Volunteer Fire Department.

    He resigned from his $31,000 post with the county shortly before state police filed the charges in the fall of 2002.

    The former Uniontown resident, who now lives in Monaca, Beaver County, told authorities he committed the forgeries to support drug and alcohol habits...


    3 seek Democratic nod for commissioner
    By Michael Cope
    Daily Courier Staff Writer
    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    Three Uniontown-area residents have announced their intentions to seek the Democratic nomination for Fayette County commissioner in the May 7 primary.

    They are Commissioner Vincent Vicites, former commissioner Sean Cavanagh and former candidate Vincent Zapotosky.

    All three seats are open.

    Commissioners Angela Zimmerlink and Joseph Hardy, both Republicans, have not announced whether they will seek re-election. ..


    December 24, 2006 As if nobody knew this years ago.  There was never any money, and there never will be to complete the Allegheny section of the road.  The only reason the spur in Fayette County was undertaken was for giveaways to developers.  The road goes nowhere... Nobody's laughing...
    Mon-Fay completion on hold
    By Jim Ritchie
    Saturday, December 23, 2006
    Completion of the $5.4 billion Mon-Fayette Expressway is on hold indefinitely until lawmakers deliver $2.4 billion needed to finish the 24-mile link between Route 51 and Pittsburgh, the head of the state Turnpike Commission said Friday.

    The agency will not begin to buy through eminent domain the 1,575 parcels of private property along the toll highway's path -- through the Mon Valley to the Parkway East -- until the project is fully funded, said Commission Executive Director Joseph Brimmeier... 

    Does the Fayette County historical courthouse need these, seriously?
    Wind turbines for sale By Amanda Clegg, Herald-Standard 
    Wind power might help Washington County slash energy costs while whipping up interest in the alternate energy source.

    Municipalities, school districts and public buildings in the county may be eligible to acquire one of 15 small-scale wind turbines through a $193,000 grant from Southwest Windpower, a producer of small-wind generators based in Flagstaff, Ariz., in the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority's (PEDA) Small-Scale Community Wind Project.
    Sites for the wind systems include schools, libraries, courthouses, visitor centers or any public building enabling community residents to see and learn about the system, according to state Rep. Tim Solobay (D-Canonsburg).

    Kurt Knaus, press secretary for the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), said the small-scale systems are designed to promote alternate energy and the program targets areas that are "highly visible and attended regularly by the public."

    "We want to get people to think about alternative energy," he said. "We want Pennsylvanians to experience alternate energy and bring it into their everyday lives."

    The small-scale turbine, which requires little maintenance, gives off enough energy to power a "typical house," and depending on a school's energy needs could "certainly provide a portion of power to a school," Knaus explained....