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Election Day 2000:
Justice Department on the Lookout for Voter Fraud
Aired November 7, 2000 - 12:30 p.m. ET

JANET RENO, ATTORNEY GENERAL: Every U.S. attorney across the country who is working with the FBI is establishing a special unit to receive reports of corrupt voting practices, and to investigate any citizen's complaint that their voting rights have been violated. This has been consistent with past practices.

...Yesterday, Attorney General Janet Reno sent more than 300 observers to nine states to ensure the voting rights of minority groups. Under the Voting Rights Act, Justice officials sent observers to 18 counties in California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama, Michigan, New York and New Jersey. ...

November 7, 2000

Burden of Proof
Election 2000: Race for White House Turns Into Marathon as Nation Eyes Florida Recount
Aired November 8, 2000 - 12:31 p.m. ET

Florida officials say the recount could be completed by the end of tomorrow. But if results validate a razor-thin edge for either candidate, election officials will likely have to wait for overseas ballots to arrive. Many of those will be from military personnel...

November 8, 2000

Burden of Proof
Election 2000: All Eyes on Florida as Complaints of Voting
Irregularities, Threats of Legal Challenges Mount
Aired November 9, 2000 - 12:30 p.m. ET

Today on BURDEN OF PROOF: We still don't know. With all eyes now on the vote recount in Florida, complaints of voting irregularities and threats of legal challenges in the Sunshine State mount...

I mean, we are hearing so many stories about things about the ballots, some were double punched, and disqualified; you hear stories about some not being counted in the recount so they have to go back and do that. You hear about ballots simply not being counted. How can the state of Florida make the rest of the country feel secure?...

I think what this country wants to be assured of, and frankly what the nation wants to be assured of, is that every single vote that was cast and cast legally should be counted. That's what this process all about.

Obviously -- let me just finish. There were complaints obviously 19,000 votes in Palm Beach County were thrown out, there's the issue of the ballot. Those issues -- there's a process for those being resolved...

What's taken so long? I mean, like, it is the year 2000, counting votes couldn't be that complicated.

SHELDON: Well, it depends on what county you are in right now. If you look at, for instance, Leon County, the county we are in right now, there was absolutely no change. If you look at Pinellas County, Gore picked up 404 votes, and I think Governor Bush picked up 60 some votes...

WALLBERG: We are asking the court to, today at 2:30, to issue an injunction allowing that the Palm Beach County alone have a re-vote, that obviously 19,120 voters were confused, their votes were thrown out, and obviously not every vote is counting in this election.

COSSACK: How do you know that 19,000 were confused?

WALLBERG: Well, approximately 19,000 voters, their ballots were punched twice on this issue, on the presidential issue, as compared to all the other issues on the ballot...

Jim, 19,000 ballots being disqualified, and then you have 3,400 for Pat Buchanan in the Palm Beach County. From the outside it looks like there might have been something irregular in the vote when the evidence is not in. We have Milton talking about how he's troubled about his vote.

Where do we hold voters responsible, and where do we find out that they're confused and we should step in and try to do something to fix it?

JIM SMITH, FORMER FLORIDA SECRETARY OF STATE: You know, our laws guarantee every citizen the right to vote, but there is a responsibility about whether they can vote accurately or not...

VAN SUSTEREN: What if there is something that some people may think is misleading, the way this ballot is lined up -- then does the responsibility shift?

SMITH: Well, I think the question is, when does it shift? And it may well be that after this election it's time to look at this whole process and maybe all over the country. But the fact is, in Palm Beach County and the presidential race four years ago, almost 15,000 ballots were thrown out.

VAN SUSTEREN: For the same reason: double voting?

SMITH: Double voting, the same reason; and so I would suggest that, perhaps, 2 percent of the people have difficulty with this kind of ballot.

VAN SUSTEREN: Wouldn't that, then, have been noticed? Wouldn't that tip-off the people who, in Palm Beach -- to me, if there were 15,000 disqualified last year, I would have thought, gee, maybe I better change the ballots so we don't have this problem in 2000.

SMITH: Well that, again -- you know, these ballots are published, there is a time for comment, there's a time for people to come forward. There's ample time for the Republican or the Democrat Party to come forward and say we don't think this is appropriate. We think it is confusing, we think there's a better way to do it. And the fact is, in this election, and in the '96 election, nobody did that.

There is a time to complain, and it's not after the election...

November 9, 2000

The Florida Recount: Will State Officials Certify the Vote Today at 5:00 p.m.?Aired November 14, 2000

Election 2000: Will Manual Recounts be Stopped in the Sunshine State? Aired November 15, 2000

Will Courts Help us Pick a New President?Aired November 16, 2000

Will Legal Wrangling End Up in Florida Supreme Court?Aired November 17, 2000

Gore Versus Bush Before Florida Supreme CourtAired November 20, 2000

The Nation Awaits a Decision from the Florida Supreme Court Aired November 21, 2000

Florida Supreme Court Hands Gore Unanimous Victory; Manual Recounts Continue as Deadline Nears Aired November 22, 2000

Gore Legal Team Takes on Miami-Dade County; Bush Legal Team Takes on Manual RecountsAired November 23, 2000

Legal Challenges by Gore and Bush Campaigns Could Delay Declaration of a New President Even FurtherAired November 24, 2000

Florida Certified for Bush; Gore Lawyers Contest Results Aired November 27, 2000

Lawyers for Gore and Bush Battle Over Contested Florida Election Aired November 28, 2000

The War Over the Florida Recount Continues Aired November 29, 2000

Ballots on the Road to Tallahassee Aired November 30, 2000

Race for the White House Stops at the Nation's Highest Court Aired December 1, 2000

Florida Supreme Court Sets a New Deadline and Oral Arguments Aired December 5, 2000

Another Day of Courtroom Drama in the Legal Battle Over the Presidency Aired December 6, 2000

Decision Day in Florida Aired December 8, 2000

U.S. Supreme Court Considering Bush Challenge of Florida Recount Aired December 11, 2000

The Nation and the World Await Historic Ruling from U.S. Supreme Court Aired December 12, 2000

The U.S. Supreme Court Speaks; Gore Expected to Bow Out Aired December 13, 2000

Were African-Americans Systematically Denied the Right to Vote? Aired December 14, 2000


Friday, December 15, 2000
Panel to ensure vote debacle won't recur
By Mary Ellen Klas,
Palm Beach Post Capital Bureau
Friday, December 15, 2000
Most of the state's 67 counties use either punch cards or optical scanners. One county, Martin, uses a lever machine that records the tallies, and one, Union, uses paper ballots...

Panel to ensure vote debacle won't recurFriday, December 15, 2000


Elections chiefs' reports show problems
By Scott Hiaasen,
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Friday, December 15, 2000">Elections chiefs' reports show problems
It was Craft's office that received a report in 1996 from Jackie Winchester, then Palm Beach County's elections supervisor, about a rash of uncounted votes in 10 precincts where new voting machines were used. Voting machines made by the maker of the new machines, Election Data Corp., also had a high incidence of uncounted votes in the county in this election, a Palm Beach Post analysis has found.

Craft said he did not investigate the incident four years ago because it appeared the under-votes -- ballots for which counting machines register no choice for a candidate -- were isolated only to those new machines. "Very simply, it sounded like she had a problem and she diagnosed it," he said....

Volusia did report a "corrupted" memory card that erased 16,000 votes for Al Gore and a discrepancy between recounts of absentee ballots that remains unsolved (a court order has prevented officials from reviewing Volusia's ballots again)....

The reports of problems or oddities in this election increased over those from 1996 and 1998. No doubt, some officials were influenced by the intense scrutiny of the election. For example, some counties documented their under-votes and over-votes -- ballots for which counting machines register more than one choice for an office -- something they had not done in years past.

Elections chiefs' reports show problems

One County, Two Systems: The Decision's Fatal Flaw

By Mickey Kaus

Posted Saturday, Dec. 9, 2000


It gets worse. The aborted Dade hand count--the one that yielded the 168 votes the Florida Supreme Court awarded to Gore--was apparently not a count just of undervoted ballots. It was a hand recount of all the ballots--a much, much larger group of ballots, maybe 100,000 of them, including by definition "overvotes" (which are more numerous than undervotes, although fewer of them end up being counted as legitimate votes). So the Florida court is slapping together totals from two totally different types of counts. The 135 mostly Democratic precincts get all their ballots counted. The remaining, mildly pro-Bush precincts only get a few thousand undervotes counted.

One County, Two Systems: The Decision's Fatal FlawSaturday, Dec. 9, 2000



Monday, December 11, 2000

A 'Modern' Democracy That Can't Count Votes

Special Report: What happened in Florida is the rule and not the exception. A coast-to-coast study by The Times finds a shoddy system that can only be trusted when the election isn't close...

The voting system is so troubled that the National Bureau of Standards, a federal agency now known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology, said 12 years ago that an election mainstay, prescored punch-card ballots, should be junked--but more than 500 counties throughout the nation still use them.

Federal standards for voting equipment took effect in 1990, but they are not mandatory. A number of states, including Florida, have written some or all of the standards into their own codes. But all existing equipment was excepted, meaning that decades-old systems in Florida and elsewhere are exempt.

Monday, December 11, 2000 A 'Modern' Democracy That Can't Count Votes


Florida High Court May Hold Trump Card

Law: Justices still could reject 25,000 absentee ballot votes, making Al Gore the winner. The GOP would likely then turn to state Legislature for redress.

When they first intervened in the election dispute on Nov. 21, the seven justices spoke in one, loud, clear voice: Keep counting. That reversed Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris, who had tried to exclude hand counts because of a statutory deadline. The U.S. Supreme Court then weighed in, questioning the wisdom of the state court and sending back its ruling for clarification. Florida High Court May Hold Trump Card


THE NEW AMERICAN Vol. 12, No. 21 October 14, 1996

...To be sure, then, we have had our share of electoral hanky-panky in the past. The question before us is whether the age of computerized voting has opened the door for so much additional, virtually indiscernible, fraud that the franchise isn't worth a proverbial farthing. A book that has enjoyed a surprisingly cordial reception in some conservative circles seems to send that very message. Votescam: The Stealing of America (1992), by brothers James M. and (the late) Kenneth F. Collier, includes a preface by another brother, Barnard L. Collier, which states that the "authors assert, and back it up with daring reporting, that your vote and mine may now be a meaningless bit of energy directed by pre-programmed computers -- which can be fixed to select certain pre-ordained candidates and leave no footprints or paper trail." Barnard Collier then drops the qualifiers "can" and "may" and simply claims that "computers are covertly stealing your vote" at the behest of "a cartel of federal 'national security' bureaucrats" that include "higher-ups in the Central Intelligence Agency, political party leaders, Congressmen, co-opted journalists -- and the owners and managers of the major Establishment news media" who, working "in concert," determine "how and by whom votes are counted ... and how the results are verified and delivered to the public...."

Expanding on this central theme, Jim and Ken Collier begin their first chapter with the assertion, "It was not 'the people' of the United States of America who did 'the speaking' on that election day [November 8, 1988], although most of them believed it was, and still believe so." Indeed, "the People did not speak at all," since the "voices most of us really heard that day were the voices of computers...." They then claim that "the public may be aware, if only vaguely, that in some unfathomable way their vote counts for little or nothing."

Spotlight Spectacular

The charges are sensational, to say the least, and if bolstered by credible documentation might indeed qualify the book as, in the words of a back-cover blurb, the "most astonishing non-fiction detective story you will read in the 1990s." Unfortunately, such documentation is sorely lacking. In instance after instance, the Colliers, who write from a portside perspective,* Among other things, the Colliers boast of their friendships and associations with such leftist luminaries as Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin, and Abbie Hoffman (they helped raise funds for these and the other "Chicago Seven" revolutionaries who orchestrated rioting during the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago)....

Despite the serious implications of such charges, the Colliers fail to produce any hard evidence that Sununu or anyone else conspired to rig the election. The most telling evidence to the contrary can be found in a breakdown of the election results. The Colliers conveniently neglect to mention, for instance, that George Bush received a lower percentage of the vote in the supposedly rigged computer-machine precincts than throughout the state as a whole, and that if Dole had received every computer-generated vote he would still have lost the primary. NEW AMERICAN Vol. 12, No. 21 October 14, 1996

What’s Up with the John Birch Society?
Jackie Patru 4-19-98

I wish also to have it clear that there are certain writers for The New American whose work I admire. Two of them are Will Griggs and Bill Jasper. I am not nor never will be a member of JBS and have recommended TNA to many people for its important articles. I won't do that again. I made that determination with their article on Vote Fraud. In short, the article claimed that there is no vote fraud. What a shame...

What’s Up with the John Birch Society? Jackie Patru 4-19-98

R E L E V A N C E - November 1996 - Vol. III- No. V Voting


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