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Published: February 11, 2006 11:43 pm New voting systems on the way  By SANDRA K. REABUCK  The Tribune-Democrat

...The Bedford commissioners believe that streamlining several voting precincts will result in savings to offset any local costs, Koenig said.

WTAE Team 4 Pittsburgh, investigated the question - Is Electronic Voting Secure?  Friday, February 17, 2006 at 5 PM Team 4 Investigates Electronic Voting video  The Pennsylvania Secretary of State's office has certified half a dozen companies' electronic voting machines But the state doesn't ask those companies if they've had problems in their past.

Parsons: "Do you conduct a background check on these companies?"

Harry Van Sickle, Pennsylvania Elections Commissioner: "A background check? No I wouldn't say we conduct a thorough background check."

Team 4 did...




The most pertinent quote to keep in mind comes from  Christopher T. Craig, attorney for the Republicans who are legally challenging a November 4th, 2003 Virginia election situation.  Review the entire article, Voting Machine Glitches Prompt GOP Challenge

Eric M. Weiss and David Cho
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, November 4, 2003; 11:52 PM

"It is our information that there are irregularities," said Christopher T. Craig, attorney for the Republicans. "Voting machines were moved out of polling places and back into the polling places, and they are not supposed to be. That is not supposed to happen."

Craig said election law prohibits the removal of machines in the middle of voting...

Craig acknowledged that the number of votes, estimated in the hundreds, "may not make any difference, but that is not the point."

"It's about voter integrity," he said.

More...  Voting Machine Glitches Prompt GOP Challenge

I couldn't agree more heartily.  The election laws are there for a reason.  When those are abused, even if the "irregularities" of an election is so-called, not seriously impacted enough to alter the election, the entire election process is called into question.  It is about integrity of an election.  In addition, in an election where many voters do not turn out to vote, every single vote can make the difference in a tight election in a small or a large precinct.  But more importantly, an irregular vote, an illegal vote, takes away the power of the legal vote.

We must demand that when irregularities are proven, the full force of the law be applied.

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