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Voting Technology 2006

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The National Election Data Archive (NEDA) derived a  new mathematical method to calculate the amount of vote counts to manually audit that will assure that no election outcomes are wrongfully altered by vote miscount. See


When serious "investigators" enlist chimps to show even a chimp can alter the audit log of DRE voting machines, we have to start wondering where is the Report from Iron Mountain 2
According to the Diebold sales literature provided to the state of Georgia, "no human" can alter the audit log. Black Box Voting engaged the services of Baxter the Chimpanzee, a former TV chimp in Europe. Baxter was taught to alter the audit log in less than an hour.

Allegheny County officials, voters group want paper trails

Monday, March 13, 2006

By Jerome L. Sherman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In Allegheny County, everyone seems to want a veepat.

County Chief Executive Dan Onorato wants it. All 15 County Council members, both Republicans and Democrats, want it. And VotePA, a group of impassioned voting rights activists, desperately wants it.

The "veepat," or VVPT, is a voter-verified paper trail, a printed record that voters can check before casting their choices on electronic voting machines...

Pennsylvania Developments Legal challenges and Coalition for Voting Integrity site
previous Vote Fix Information:
NIST voting standards symposium featuring many of the computer experts cited throughout this site was held December 10-11 in Maryland.  The event, sponsored by NIST, was broadcast on the web for both days.  Election officials and activists should obtain whatever material is now available from the conference.
I was able to listen to the presentation of Rebecca Mercuri. 
... to date no electronic voting system has been certified to provide a voter verified paper audit trail, or been required to comply, or voluntarily complied with one, and there are no standards for voting displays...
Mercuri also referenced her previous work on this topic and said she had provided material to the symposium.
Search produced this key item. Statement on Electronic Voting  by Rebecca Mercuri 
Response to e-Voting Consulation by Dr Rebecca Mercuri
Mercuri cited a Washington Post series of reports which highligted voting machine problems/errors/votes subtracted/etc.  Search for series.
This looks like one of the articles:
Fairfax Judge Orders Logs Of Voting Machines Inspected

By David Cho
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, November 6, 2003; Page B01

"No one appears to be held accountable," Mercuri said.
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NIST Symposium