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Did it happen the way you think?

60,000 versus 40,000. See how the undervotes grow?

While we are thankful for the theoretical efforts of the Miami-Herald study for a fun time weeding through it far into the night:
Sunday, December 3, 2000, in the Miami Herald
Gore would have had the edge in glitch-free Florida balloting, based on a Herald analysis
"Miami-Herald reporters contacted the election departments of each of Florida's 67 counties to get the vote returns for each of Florida's 5,885 voting precincts, plus the absentee returns. In addition, they gathered the total number of ballots cast, whether counted or not, in each precinct." - we still do not have the actual numbers reported.

Miami-Herald: ...Reaction to the analysis, from the two camps locked in an exhausting and tense legal battle, was radically different. The Gore campaign called it ''compelling evidence,'' and the Bush campaign dismissed it as ''statistical voodoo.''

One fundamental flaw, Republicans argued, was an assumption that every voter actually intended to cast a vote in the presidential race. A large majority of ballots in the disputed counties of Palm Beach and Duval didn't even have a dimple on them, said Bush spokesman Tucker Eskew...

We just can't assess ifs and more ifs. We deal in facts. give us the totals, please.

Again, we are the only one on the entire Net showing to you that except for (straight from the actual election supervisor) Nassau County nobody has reported the accurate number for the amount of voters who actually showed up on election day and exercised their one-man one-vote right.

Anybody want to reconstruct the totals from the Miami-Herald study, please be our guest, and send results, here.

We are the only one suggesting that you track those numbers as we have attempted to do specifically to watch how they have kept changing.

We are the only one indicating that the number of overvotes (where two choices for president made in same column) has increased in particular counties, and that points directly to the kind of chad fraud we are following.

We are the only ones imploring you to watch those amounts of undervotes.

MSNBC Dec. 9, 2000 REPORTS "some" 45, 000 UNDERVOTES:

Well, now, you do the math. In counties that favored Bush, there were 25,699 undervotes. In counties that voted for Gore, there were 17,733 undervotes.

Either someone has a learning deficiency and is reading totals incorrectly, or someone just doesn't want us to know official numbers of undervotes.

Because the CNN total (published online chart Dec. 9, 2000) for undervotes is 43,422 while the MSNBC report for Dec. 9, 2000 repeatedly referenced "some" 45,000 undervotes. It is very difficult to read a computer-generated printed 3 as a 5.

Bush camp seeks emergency court action December 9, 2000

Keep your eye on those ballots. The Florida Supreme Court has been ordered (10:30 AM EST FOXNEWS report Dec. 10, 2000) to transport "some" 12,000 ballots (Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County combos) to the United States Supreme Court. Whew, Dec. 10, 2000 CNN 11:30 AM reporting 12,000 disputed ballots being shipped from Leon County, Florida to Washington.

But the hype is in error.

Those ballots have stayed put in vaults in Florida. Hope Judicial Watch gets to keep on tracking them before a Gore-in-Cheat think-tank gets hold of em.

In our exclusive analysis, we are the only ones to show our valid observation of CHAD FRAUD and now we can legitimately confirm that observation has been PROVEN.

Truth is found, here at Truth On-Line.

Are you now wondering whether this counting of all these ballots Dec. 10, 2000 will be done in public or in private, (whew, in public!) will the ballots be photographed before anybody touches them, (no such smarts whisked away before Judicial Watch could watch) and once those ballots are reviewed by whomever will there be able to be a CONTEST of those results? (Course not, no time cause known Dec. 12 deadline fast approaching.) Just some thoughts.

Remember that pesky U.S. SUPREME COURT vacated the Florida Supremes and the Nov. 8, 2000 certified numbers 930 for Bush are in limbo-effect as of December 8, 2000 when we were writing this way into the dead of night. So Gore has a long way to go. Wow MSNBC just brought that fact into the equation of their so-called Ballot Watch 11:30 am ET Dec.9, 2000

And MSNBC also mentioned those pesky military absentees as did Duval County Republican presenter to the board. Per the order of Judge Lacey A. Collier, the absentee ballots which were rejected for reason of not having a postmark, MUST now be included in the tallies for all the counties which did not include them!

Although Democrats challenged these in yet another lawsuit, all the way to the Florida Supremes, their subterfuge failed. Those legally cast votes were counted and remain added to the total.

Now we have analysts showing

Gore May Not Gain From Florida Recount
Saturday December 9 11:54 AM ET
By David Lawsky
Experts Say Gore May Not Gain From Florida RecountSaturday December 9 11:54 AM ET



Like my county in Pennsylvania, which even though we have different voting machines, lever style that make an imprint on back of a roll of paper inside the machine, had undervotes.

Meaning: We knew what it meant here in Pennsylvania at least in one county. But here's what's said about Martin county:

Board discovers that over-votes could present a problem
By Kathleen Chapman, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Sunday, December 10, 2000
Because Martin County is the only county in Florida that still uses the old-style lever machines, the canvassing board did not have to look for under-votes in the ballots cast at polling stations. With such machines, it is impossible to vote for more than one candidate and there is no under-vote unless a person intentionally didn't vote for anyone.

Board discovers that over-votes could present a problem

Meaning: Some people who used the lever machines did not want to choose any of the major or 3rd Party candidates for president.

Why wouldn't the same apply to punchcard ballots, wherein voters simply didn't want any of the above.

One thing that should come out of this is just such a choice on whatever voting system we come up with.

We ponder onward, not necessarily in chronological order.

But guess what, those Miami-Dade ballots have already been counted in predominantly Democrat strongholds. All that was left were the Hispanic voting precincts and Republican-leaning 52 percent for Bush. He He. And, so say the judges, four of them, go by the Florida law in place before the election. So, dimples don't count. So argues Phil Beck, the Bush lawyer. He argues many other things on the eve of the Florida Supremes decision. Things like on a ballot where there is a full punch vote and a dimple in the presidential column, why, that counts as a mistake for the dimple, and a vote for the full punch out. But for a column with only the dimple, why that dimple is a vote, at least as counted in Broward and Miami-Dade. So what is a vote and when, posits Mr. Beck. Very constitutional-minded, Mr. Beck.

Plus, there are a few Florida counties which didn't use these machines, but which had higher percentage of undervotes. Better count those in the Republican strongholds. Ordered to do so, Sat, Dec. 8, 2000 by the Florida Supremes. Very interesting and tricky, though, remember, to just segregate one pool of ballots from other pools of ballots and try to discern the intent of the voters in the one pool and not ALL OF THE POOLS!

Phil Beck tonight Dec. 8, 2000 before Judge Terry Lewis wanted everything on the record. So it is there for us in Leon County to go digging in the records.

Beck reported that Miami-Dade numbers were skewed when the board engaged in further separating the undervotes from all ballots and found difference in precinct numbers. The board had to scurry along because Judge Sauls had ordered all those ballots delivered promptly in the Ryder truck to Tallahassee. Very important to keep in mind in relation to the Trail of Treachery.

Wednesday, Nov. 29: Leon County Circuit Judge N. Sanders Sauls orders 1.1 million ballots from Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties sent to Tallahassee


Voter fraud means intentional misrepresentation, trickery, deceit, or deception, arising out of or in connection with voter registration or voting, and the prescribed offenses set forth in Chapter 104, Florida Statutes.


"An undervote now turned into a vote for John Hagelin" states a counter and a judge, who agrees.

Meaning, no reports of additional vote gains from this process for 3rd Party candidates in Palm Beach County shows a possible denial of the equal rights of 3rd Party presidential candidates in that hand re-count. All candidates for president have a right to be considered as a valid candidate until the time that the actual and final certification has occurred.

This is something we've found. Beware.

Assuring Accuracy, Integrity and Security in National Elections : The Role of the U.S. Congress
by Roy G. Saltman

Information Technology and Personal Identification. The issue of personal identification arises in elections through the process of voter registration. Through extension of the "motor-voter" registration concept, the driver's license is likely to become the acceptable identification for voting. Is this sufficiently unique for the integrity of registration lists to be maintained, and if so, could registration be eliminated, as is done in many European democracies? In addition, the social security number is now being widely required by credit reference bureaus and the businesses that subscribe to their services. Is this number satisfactory and appropriate as personal identification?

Assuring Accuracy, Integrity and Security in National Elections National Institute of Standards and Technology 2/12/93


December 13, 2000
Al Gore: victimizer
David Limbaugh December 13, 2000


  • How many ballots were discarded because of double votes?
  • How many double-voted ballots were double-punched for Bush/Buchanan?
  • How many double-voted ballots were double-punched for Gore/Buchanan?
  • How many double-voted ballots were double-punched for Bush/any-third-party candidate
  • How many double-voted ballots were double-punched for Gore/any-third-party candidate
  • How many absentee ballots were received and counted for convicted felons who are disenfranchised by Florida Law?
  • How many military ballots were rejected due not to no postmark, but because of status of non-registered voter?

    We still do not know the accurate number of ANY OF THESE BALLOTS. We have some interesting facts for your consumption and confusion.

    P. B. County over-votes leapt sixfold over '96
    By George Bennett and Joel Engelhardt, Palm Beach Post Staff Writers
    Friday, December 8, 2000

    But there was a sixfold increase between 1996 and 2000 in the number of ballots rejected as over-votes because they were marked for more than one presidential candidate.

    The figures drew little notice four years ago when President Clinton won Florida by more than 300,000 votes over Republican Bob Dole.

    P. B. County over-votes leapt sixfold over '96 Friday, December 8, 2000

    We thankfully have one, just one, people, eye-opening article written by Palm Beach Post Staff Writers Joel Engelhardt, Robert P. King and Stephen Kiehl Tuesday, November 28, 2000 PBC vote totals just aren't adding up Palm Beach Post Staff

    Mr. Klock, solicitor representative for Florida State Canvassing Board, before Sander Sauls on December 2, 2000 is the only one to publicly bring out the fact that Palm Beach County has not self-certified its numbers as of this hearing. That is, people, the key to this entire fraudulent debacle. The Palm Beach County totals after the hand-recount remain UNSIGNED! To date, it has not yet been verified whether those official certified county records have been signed!

    Florida's Fraud Unit must investigate these skewed totals, now.

    Palm Beach County opens contested ballots
    11/28/00- Updated 06:50 PM ET
    The county is scrambling to complete the necessary audit of the manual recount before it releases the final results. Late Monday, spokeswoman Denise Cote said the manual count did not match up with the last machine count but refused to discuss details....

    the manual count did not match up with the last machine count

  • How many people actually truly really did want to vote for Pat Buchanan and did?
    Surely, true patriots would be honored to sign affadavits to the vote they cast for Buchanan on Election Day.

    We still don't have answer to that.

  • How many people actually voted for Buchanan, casting one vote, but really did not want to vote for Buchanan, alleging an error on their part because of an alleged confusing butterfly ballot?
    Once this number is obtained, it can be compared to the real Buchanan voters who would come forward to sign affadavits as evidence of their own legal vote.
    While Democrats aver the number of double-punched votes is approximately 19,500, the number of under-votes total around 10,500.

    We are thus led to believe that there were more people who could punch out two clean holes in the presidential column in greater numbers than those who undervoted!

    Check out Robert Cook's statistical analysis 09 November, 2000

    Mull over this RIGHT NOW:

    Jewish World Review
    Nov. 30, 2000
    Cal Thomas
    Al Gore's ultimate entitlement --

    Attention should be paid to former Florida Secretary of State Jim Smith, who wrote in The Wall Street Journal on November 10 (and spoke on CNN the day before) that those 19,120 presidential ballots at issue in Palm Beach County were "destroyed by deliberate double-punching...with a second punch for Al Gore or Pat Buchanan.''

    This would seem to suggest that voters who either voted for Bush or voted for another candidate other than Al Gore had their ballots tampered with in order to give unfair and illegal advantage to Gore.

    Furthermore, an estimated two percent of Florida voters decided not to vote for any presidential candidate, while voting for other offices on their ballot. There have been no challenges due to any double punching in those non-presidential races.

    How many of those non-votes for president were "divined'' by hand counters into saying something the voters never intended? It would seem that the real issue in Palm Beach and other counties disputed by the Gore team is not votes that supposedly were not counted, but votes that were illegally manipulated or stolen.

    The error rate in Palm Beach County is 10 times greater than reported in any other county in the nation which uses paper punch ballots, according to Robert Cook, a nuclear engineer who holds a masters degree in statistical quality control and is experienced in analyzing and correcting trends and errors in heavy construction projects. His analysis may be found on Michael Reagan's Web page (go to, then scroll down to "Today's Headlines'').

    In a phone interview, Cook tells me that only in Palm Beach were 15,000 ballots "invalidated'' because of double punched ballots in the 1996 presidential election. Only in Palm Beach County (and only in the most heavily Democratic precincts) were 19,120 ballots rejected in this race for double punching. That's an error rate of 4.4 percent overall. In the rest of Florida, there was less than one-half of one percent double-punch error rate.

    What especially got Cook's attention was that in every Palm Beach precinct where Gore got more votes than there are registered Democrats, George W. Bush received less than 60 percent of the registered Republican votes. In no Palm Beach precinct did Bush receive more than 80 percent of the number of registered Republicans. Does that sound fishy in a nation supposedly so evenly divided? It should, considering that it was only in Palm Beach County that more than 20 percent of Republicans "forgot'' to vote for their party's presidential candidate.

    On average, says Cook, in every other Florida county, Bush received more votes than there were registered Republicans. Nationwide, polls indicate more than 90 percent of registered Republicans supported the Republican candidate.

    Gore's rush to claim his "entitlement'' is not only premature, it is not supported by the law or the facts. President-elect Bush is right to begin transition planning and the courts should allow the laws passed before the election to stand. There should also be an investigation, not into "dimpled chads,'' but into broken law, which is a subject on which the Clinton-Gore Administration can be considered expert.

    Cal Thomas Archives Al Gore's ultimate entitlement

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