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PA Election 2006 results

Lou Dobbs interview voting experts Mar 10, 04 Guests Mark Radke director of marketing Diebold. Rebecca Mercuri Excellent, March 10, 2004 Unfortunately, Senator Hilary Clinton is making this a politically-charged issue, given her remarks about Diebold CEO's prior comments. There is no room or time for this crapola nonsense. Let's obtain machines that are secure - period. I have concerns about a paper trail in which the voter demands being permitted to vote again and again and again. Imagine that mess. There needs to be some sort of verifiability, but not one where the voter gets to "handle" a piece of paper or void a vote after a vote has been cast already. What a mess, somebody is always going to find a loophole and corrupt the voting process. Sad that we have to be ever so watchful that somebody will potentially tamper with smart cards and computerized voting machines.

Joseph Farah
Posted: March 16, 2004
More hot air

electionline updates news links daily

Probe ends with no voter registration fraud found

Some Social Security numbers were flagged this month when they couldn’t be verified.


“I cannot prove whether these individuals made an attempt to illegally register to vote. There’s simply not enough evidence to risk disenfranchising voters in this election.”

Leonard Piazza Election Bureau director

Published: October 21, 2006

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 — The Supreme Court ruled unanimously late Friday that Arizona could put its new voter-identification rules into effect for the Nov. 7 election while challenges to those rules proceed in the lower federal courts...


electionline report

With elections less than two weeks away, some states have made their rules for fleeing voters clear – cancel the vote if the voter never confirmed their choices – despite criticism from some corners that it disenfranchises a voter.

Last month, Pennsylvania’s Department of State distributed a memo to local election officials stating that the votes of fleeing voters should be cancelled. In the primary, the first time most counties in the state used electronic voting machines, poll workers were given discretion to complete the process for the voter.

Cancelling the votes of someone who registers, shows up at the polls, casts a ballot and leaves because of confusion or some other reason does not make sense to some observers and advocates.

Charles Lewis book Mar 14, 04 Charles Lewis, The Buying of the President, 2004. Guest on C-Span Sunday, March 14, 2004 Disappointed very much in this guest after he admitted he didn't know who Teresa Heinz funds?
What? World Net Daily just had a recent article about Heinz funding organizations which fund That Lewis isn't aware of this is incredible. Lewis lost credibility there.
He further continues the myth that voters in Florida 2000 were disenfranchised - he couches his position like this: "there is some evidence there was quite a mess there.
The state department was dominated by Republicans.
Most of the election commissioners were Democrats, but there wasn't a lot of money spent by the state to educate voters." Well duh, Charles, voters should educate themselves before they go to the polls and make sure their system of voting doesn't throw out a lot of votes if punch cards are poked in two candidate areas.
Lewis ignores the fact that when Bill Clinton and Al Gore captured Florida in 1996, there were many many thousands and hundred of thousands of overvotes. Yet, because the race wasn't close, Clinton/Gore didn't cry that Democrat overvotes then were not counted.
That's the hypocrisy of the argument that votes were not counted in 2000 in Florida. Votes were not counted in 1996 and nobody made a big speech about that. More... will tape the program when it's rebroadcast. Review the book.

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