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be aware of what is certified in your state

According to a May 09, 2003   Wired News article, Voting, by Joanna Glasner, several voting machine companies have added a new feature to provide a voter-verified paper trail, or receipt.
One company reportedly will include a way to have the machine produce an actual paper ballot which is ejected from the machine into a locked clear plastic box.
See posting about Avante.
Let's keep pressure on - we demand a system with a voter-verified paper trail

c.2002 Newhouse News Service
On Tuesday, Chaum's company, SureVote, announced a version that does not require a scanner and works with the $50 printers that many DRE systems already use to print results at the end of the voting day. The technology isn't commercialized yet...
Let's determine what is "commercialized" NOW.
Very interesting listing.


VOTE-TRAKKER is the first DRE touch screen voting machine used in the state of California that incorporates a real-time voter verifiable printed ballot image.
This patent-pending technology incorporates the printing of the voters choices once they cast their ballot. The voter can then review the print out, verifying that the print out is what they voted. Once the voter leaves, a sensor tells the printer to capture the receipt into the machine, thus preserving the voters privacy. Many voters were intrigued with the paper print out and capture mechanism

EDS and AccuPoll Team Up
Feb. 21, 2003
EDS and AccuPoll Inc. (OTC BB:ACUP), an innovator in the electronic voting industry, today launched a new electronic voting solution combining modern touch screen input with the confidence of a voter-verified printed paper record.

The joint solution can help state and local governments across the United States meet the requirements of the Help America Vote Act of 2002. Signed into law in October 2002, the act provides $3.9 billion in federal assistance to help states improve the administration of elections, including the replacement of punch card or lever voting machines. Together, EDS and AccuPoll will offer a voting solution that is accurate, easy to use, auditable, and accessible to disabled and minority language voters.



Voting Machine Leaves Paper Trail
  • ES&S introduces prototype of touch screen unit with voter-verifiable paper ballot Voting machines that print individual ballots -- an election accessory many computer scientists have clamored for -- are moving a step closer to widespread availability. In response to concerns raised by election officials and security-minded techies, one of the largest makers of touch-screen voting machines has introduced a prototype capable of producing paper ballots. Developed by Election Systems & Software of Omaha, Nebraska, the machine is currently in beta testing, with plans to make it commercially available by July.