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Two Political Party Majority Power Needs Altered.  PA Constitution Doesn't need Altered via a PA Constitutional Convention.
The Power to craft legislation for lobbying reform, and other measures that relate to how the legislators conduct the people's business is already in the hands of the elected legislators.
The public can at any time, including May 16, 2006, show their power by electing someone else to be their representative or senator.

Check this out, but again beware, PA doesn't need a Constitutional Convention to obtain these changes

Funny, my suspicion has been ebert berman is russ diamond... he can't be at a fund-raiser as ebert because he has to be there as diamond... too funny...

Candidate for Governor, Russ Diamond, already calls for facilitating a PA Constitutional Convention.  Among issues to be addressed at such a convention:  state Initiative and Referendum.
Diamond mentions in one interview "it's time for a revolution."
In the Democracy Rising PA interview, Diamond suggests a potential rewriting of the PA Constitution.
Here is how the PA Constitution is amended:
Don't be fooled by Diamond's responses to Democracy Rising PA.
Diamond knows full well what amendments he would lobby for at a potential Convention.
The indication of this is in no less than the second pledge PA Clean Sweep candidates were to take to get in the supportive club.

Democracy Rising PA
Survey of candidates for Governor
Questions about a Constitutional Convention
Many Pennsylvanians, as well as the member organizations of Democracy Rising PA, believe that it is time for a constitutional convention to discuss many additional issues for which amendments to our Constitution may be either necessary or desirable...
  • Providing for initiative, referendum and recall * *

Jim Panyard - "(One of my campaign promises)"

Russ Diamond - "Yes. As with other issues, we must examine systems in place in other states to determine an appropriate way to allow such democratic input while preserving our republican form of state government."

Should Pennsylvania have a constitutional convention? Please explain.

Jim Panyard - "I agree with the concept, but a 'stacked deck' must be avoided."

Russ Diamond - "My greatest concern is that we already have a Constitution which is being neither followed nor enforced. Prior to rewriting our Constitution, I would prefer to enforce the one we have. However, there are some issues Pennsylvanians should discuss in an open forum, away from the three branches of government. The main goals of any Constitution Convention must be reinforcing and strengthening limitations on those who govern, improving the democratic process and preserving our republican form of government."

4. If you don't believe Pennsylvania should have a constitutional convention, are there nonetheless amendments to the constitution that you would ask the legislature to enact and place on the ballot for voter ratification? If so, which amendments would you seek?

Jim Panyard - "If a CC is not possible, I would strongly support the items checked above for voter ratification."

Russ Diamond - "There are no specific amendments I would ask for at this time."

5. If Pennsylvania has a constitutional convention, when should it occur, what process should be used to convene it, and how should delegates be chosen?

Jim Panyard - "Probably in the spring of 2008 with delegates elected by county in Nov. 2007."

Russ Diamond - "If a convention is indeed held, no elected official should have any input as to the agenda nor should any elected official serve as a delegate. Delegates should be chosen in non-partisan fashion."

6. Can or should citizens organize and operate a constitutional convention apart from control or participation by the legislature and governor? Please explain.

Jim Panyard - "Only if it has legal and binding standing."

Russ Diamond - "While the Constitution itself dictates the method for offering amendments, it does not specifically spell out a method for holding a convention. Article I Section II of the Constitution indicates the people 'have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think proper.' ”

7. Are there any issues that you believe should not be addressed at a constitutional convention? What issues not included in the list above should be discussed at a constitutional convention? Please explain.

Russ Diamond - "If a convention is held we must be certain to not reduce the liberties of individuals. Rather, we should insure that abuses of those liberties are reduced or eliminated. The Constitution is the foundation of our Commonwealth and the bricks comprising that foundation are the individual liberties enumerated in Article I."

Rather than concentrating on reform of the two-Party system in Pennsylvania which brought the arrogance of Party incumbents to the forefront of attention, Russ Diamond is outlining a plan to alter, not reform, but alter Pennsylvania's foundation of government from a republican form to a direct democracy.

Referendum is direct democracy.

Even though Diamond responds in his answer to Democracy Rising PA

we must examine systems in place in other states to determine an appropriate way to allow such democratic input while preserving our republican form of state government

we must examine systems in place in other states to determine an appropriate way to allow such democratic input while preserving our republican form of state government

But that answer is mere soundbite - trying to sound as if Diamond doesn't want to disturb the republican form of state government we are guaranteed.

Again, referendums are direct democracy and no amount of clever wording alters that fact.

Diamond has stated he wanted to unveil his campaign for governor of PA nationwide to attract national attention to his PAC.

The only issue to attract such nationwide attention isn't a mere reform of the entrenched two-Party majority in Pennsylvania, or the way the state legislature passes laws, or Ballot Access, or an Open Primary system, or Open Government, or Lobbying reform.

The issue to attract such national attention is an alteration of our PA Constitution to provide for initiatives and referendums - or citizens legislating.

Some 26 states employ Initiative and Referendum.

That is the issue Diamond intends to ply in order to obtain nationwide support and big bucks to fund his "grassroots" campaign.

The second pledge PA Clean Sweep candidates were to take to gain the organization's support:

2. establishing a policy whereby all future compensation changes for Pennsylvania's legislative, executive and judicial branches shall be subject to voter approval by referendum;

During a PA Constitutional Convention, which Diamond has already admitted is a major part of his platform the referendum amendment proposal would not be limited to only that one-time use.

"This could be a good time for a second American revolution," Diamond said...

The second American Revolution Diamond wants isn't kicking out all incumbents, but altering our PA Constitution...

The PA Constitution didn't give us the pay-raise debacle or incumbents who don't follow the PA Constitution.

The PA Constitution already provides for the process for compensation of state legislators, and many chose to take the increases in salary in the form of unvouchered expenses, going around the PA Constitution to do so.

It is the incumbents who voted for the unvouchered expenses and those who took the unvouchered expense loophole to the bank who need to be held accountable.

Diamond is using the public's disgust with the bums to propel the idea that reform of the entire system of government in PA is needed, including Initiative's and Referendum.

Wake Up, Pennsylvania. Follow all the money...

Follow the money to see who will support an inventive gov2b4pa Russ Diamond...






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League of Women Voters Position Initiatives and Referendum
PA Libertarian Party position
We call for the repeal of state laws that make it difficult for new parties or independent candidates to be on the ballot and thus entrench the two major parties. We oppose any law that would compel taxpayers to subsidize politicians and political views they do not wish to support. We call for the introduction of initiative, referendum, and recall in Pennsylvania to give the citizenry more choice. We call for the replacement of any unreliable, inaccurate voting machines or methods. We call for an end to political "slush funds" and "walking around money." For national presidential elections, we favor switching from the current "winner take all" method of determining state electors to the following method: a) each congressional district will have one electoral vote, which will go to the candidate with the most votes there; b) the state as a whole will have two electoral votes, which will go to the candidate with the most votes state-wide.
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Bill Smith




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