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Paper Ballots, Emergency Ballots, All-Mail Voting
Investigation-less election
Voter Registration Rolls Online?
Illegal This But Not That?
Solution or Problem: Federalize Voter Registration for Federal Elections
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Question Them All
"little" Fraud?
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PA Watch
Populism vs PA Constitution
2007 Watch: PA Constitutional Convention
Move toward PA Con-Con
Guidelines for Variety election issues and observing at the Polls
Initiatives and Referendums: Gutting Republicanism
No Voter ID = Passport to Fraud
Illegal Immigrants Voting in U.S. Elections Facts
Goals of HAVA:
Paper Ballot Make It A Voter Choice
PA SB 977 and HB 2000
Both Sides: Electronic Paperless (Selker) vs Paper (Mercuri)
Know It: Second Chance Voting
Holding Breath Will Fayette Purchase Paper Ballot eScan and Electronic eSlate?
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All laws repugnant void
Activists Absent
Board Discussion
Opinion None of the Above
To Show or Not to Show State Rep. Roberts Phone Calls
Discussion PA Politics 101.2 Media Woke Up to 1 Man Agenda?
Discussion PA Politics 1000.2 PA Clean Sweep's Reform Agenda
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Voter Registration Lists
PA Law Changes First Time Voter
Discussion PA Politics 101
Discussion PA Politics 1000.1 Candidates
Lawmakers Arrogance
Blogging Net the Truth Online
Voting Technology 2006
e-Voting Truth
Should taxpayers fund WW2 memorial with religious engravings?
Net the Truth Online About Election Fraud
Issue File Voting by Mail
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Citizen Advisory Group Proposed
Demand PA SURE used
Inspector/s of Voter Registration
Interviews of Note
Motor Voter Law and Deceased
Back to the Future?
John Fund's Political Diary
Year 2000 Highlights Palast Update
Buchanan Vote 2000 Hoax
Fraud 2000: The Confusion
Fraud 2000: Holes
Fraud 2000: The Machines Background
Fraud 2000: Quote of the Millennium
Fraud 2000: Spotlight
Fraud 2000: Undervotes Trail-less
Fraud 2000: Built on the Past
Fraud 2000: Solution in search of Problems
Fraud 2000: Recounting the Ways
Fraud 2000: Dimples
Alert: Fraud 2000
Fraud 2000 Proof
Fraud 2000: Flaws
Fraud 2000: Courts
Fraud 2000: Count and Recount
Fraud 2000: Count and Recount 2
Fraud 2000: Analysis Debate
Fraud 2000: Past to Future
Ballot Fraud of Old
1984 Florida Ballot Problems
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Vote Fix Discusses Issues in addition to providing a bank of information and facts to help make an informed opinion:
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Vote Fix is maintained by Citizen Mom

Vote Fix is not funded by any organizations, or foundations, or wealthy entrepreneurs like Ross Perot, Richard Scaife, George Soros, or Bill Gates
The site is a public service to provide information from as many sources as possible to enable all of us to make informed choices and decisions about an important issue.  Vote Fix is part of the public enterprise of citizen information exchange and networking:

You'll notice the Vote Fix name implies two interpretations:
elections can be fixed:  rigged,
elections can be fixed - reformed.
We know from history of elections in the United States, way back when there was only paper - elections can be rigged.
Our efforts here at Vote Fix in 2006 and beyond are to search for facts, inform readers of information we've obtained, and hopefully in some way contribute to an informed electorate. 
You'll also notice, opinions, public comments, and positions on certain issues are contained in these pages. 
Even when we may differ with your opinions, comments, and positions, we hope we can find common ground among us.

Study Finds 'Questionable' Voters on Fayette County, Pa., Rolls
Fayette County Voter Registration

Read further material concerning the documented findings from a review of Fayette voter registration rolls by the independent Voter Integrity Project, and a report issued by the Fayette County Grand Jury to the county commissioners (which has yet to be publicly released, since 1998 - we're going on a near decade waiting for the full Grand Jury report).

Priortity Number 1 Become familiar with current election laws and your rights before you vote.  It couldn't be easier to read online, or print-out, the basics of voting in Pennsylvania elections, including how to cast a write-in vote either using a paper ballot, or Direct Recording Electronic voting system.
Pennsylvania Voter Guide:
Check out Fayette County website:

Vote Fix publisher, upon switching from "No Party" voter registration to "Republican" for the 2006 Primary and General Elections, was asked by a local election bureau official if she was available to be a Judge of Election in a local precinct.  Of course, the opportunity to participate and contribute time hands-on in the election process came just at the right time.  For years, Vote Fix publisher, aka Citizen Mom (pacitizenmom), has researched election issues, made commentary to county commissioners about election issues, and written about election fraud here and in letters-to-the-editor.
The experience as a duly authorized Judge of Election will be the subject of an upcoming piece after the November 7, 2006 election

Legislation access

Who can register to vote?

Fayette news updates; see sidebar

contact PA State Department - elections bureau for information about the status of election laws and regulations regarding Voter Identification for First Time Voters, Provisional Ballots, Absentee Ballots, domestic and overseas.

Who can register to vote?

Be cautious when review post

Hack cracked
Board of Elections Web site leaves Social Security numbers vulnerable

October 24, 2006
For at least the last six years, a loophole in the Chicago Board of Elections Web site has exposed the Social Security numbers and birth dates of more than 1 million registered voters to anyone with a computer, a Web connection and rudimentary programming knowledge...
Compare that and 3 other articles with ABC NEWS article  Chicago Voter Database Hacked by Jake Tapper and Rebecca Abrahams
Net the truth online blog

Myth or Fact 2006 Election Pennsylvania
Discussion here

What's new?  
Info of use from PA DOS!
Brennan Center releases late June 2006 report that slams electronic direct recording voting machines.  Diebold disputes the findings in the report. 
Find information on the debate here at Vote Fix.
Any problems are theoretical, says Diebold, according to Fox News Fox 'n Friends.  (July 3, 2006)  More on this issue and others

New Info
Guidelines for Poll Watchers and PA:  Poll Watchers and Judges of Election
Informational site (with a particularly liberal slant, perhaps?)

Powerful Information 1000s of Links
Citizen Mom Blog information-filled blog with links
Net the Truth Online Blog includes information and discussion of national, state and international issues with the intent to discover truth with links

Board Discussion Posts (Ongoing Forum)

(tracked by Vote Fix)
Think paper trails will make elections secure? It’s not that simple
ASK THIS | February 01, 2006

Vote security | Accurate voter lists: still a goal, not a reality
Expert Roy Saltman on the history and current status of voter registration, including fraud, inaccuracies, laws promoting enfranchisement and what needs to be done
Equal Vote Blog Dan Tokaji Election Law @ Moritz

Vote Fix Daily Developments (new postings welcome)
local, State, National Election News (check 100s of informational links)

Pennsylvania Keystone Opportunity Zones (unconstitutional)


PA Election Project Info


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