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This is Not A Conspiracy Theory 1000s links from 2001 onward site is precursor to this site  (remains up after all these years)(update Feb. 8, 2007)

Discrepancy 9/11 Watch:

History Channel, Monday, November 7, 2005 documentary on the 9/11 Hijackers, Inside the Hamburg Cell

the documentary presented a coded "message" which they claim said lollipop - a slash - two branches

The meaning was 9/11

History Channelsearch documentary list

However, the September 11 Commission
page 266 has this message reversed in its OFFICIAL report.

'According to Binalshibh, Atta used a riddle to convey the date in coce -- a message of two branches, a slash, and a lollipop, (to non-Americans, 11/9 would be interpreted as September 11.)  Binalshibh says he called Atta back to confirm the date before passing it to KSM.'


What's so important about the 1998 film, The Seige?
The characters discuss: 
Here's the kicker, guys--                 
Ali Waziri was on the terrorist watch list.   
How'd he get into the country?   
Here it is.  
Student visa.J -one.   
Now, where's the original?   
Probably in his passport.   
Where's the passport?   
It's in a million pieces...
The characters also discuss martial law, posse comitatus.
Reel to Reel displays a historical info segment about Abraham Lincoln being the first President to suspend habeas corpus, and goes on to say this was declared unconstitutional later in history.

The Sige aired on The History Channel Reel to Reel Sunday, January 19, 2006.  In-between commercials, a guest was asked to comment on the film.  (Purdue University, Randy Roberts) said in this movie everybody is the good guy.  Everybody is working together the CIA is on top of things, the FBI is on top of things, the President is on top of things... this movie couldn't have been made after 9/11 this way...
How accurate is the movie with the cooperation between the CIA and FBI?
Not much...
later, he says this movie should be put in the before 9/11 time capsule.  Basically, he said the movie in showing an out of control military and sympathy for the terrorists and the internment camp themes were far different than after 9/11...
9/11 Commission staff report

9/11 commission staff statement  No. 16  Text as submitted to Natl. Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon United States

G.W. Bush somber 9?11: I'm still attempting to find out whether similar security measures were taken for the President to have access to a separate room (with a secure phone set-up by Secret Service) in any school he visited prior to September 11, 2001. How about on September 10th?

Commentary on September 11, 2001 Slashdot


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