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Mr. President 

Question to the President

Mr. President:
According to an article by editor-at-large Robert Plunket in Sarasota Magazine concerning the day of September 11, 2001 and your visit to the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota Florida,

Linda Carson from Channel 40 had been one of the two or three pool reporters with you in the Mrs. Daniels' second grade classroom when White House aide Andrew Card whispered into your ear news that a second plane had hit the twin towers and that it was now presumed to be a terrorist attack. The time Mr. Card told you of the second plane crash was approximately 9:07 a.m. according to another reporter, Bill Sammon, author of the book, FIGHTING BACK, who was also present at the school that morning.

According to Plunket, Ms. Carson,

Linda described to Rebecca and me (Plunket) what had happened next. Mr. Bush absorbed the news without changing his expression. For the next six minutes he let the second graders and their reading lesson proceed. He seemed to be going in and out of focus. At one moment he would listen carefully and smile at the kids, then a faraway look would come into his eyes as he stared out into the distance, the horrible implications of what he had just heard going through his mind. Finally the kids put away their readers. As the President complimented them, aides descended on him. A reporter called out a question about the attacks. The President held up his hand. "Well talk about that later," he said, not wanting to alarm the children.

Mr. President, my questions to you are: Is Ms. Carson correct in stating you "seemed to be going in and out of focus" and if so why did you not take any action during that time of approximately 6 minutes duration from 9:07 a.m. to about 9:13 a.m. (when you then went into a holding room) to protect the United States of America and the children when you knew at the time from Mr. Card that "America was under attack?"