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This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Flights and Passengers

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2006 Questions Remain

Site discussion of Flight 93 includes long listing of resource links

It is of extreme importance to question this photograph

Four years after September 11, 2001, questions continue to arise which remain unanswered by the 9/11 Commission.
The History Channel runs its documentary The Rise and Fall of an American Icon, every so often and as it does, more questions arise.

8:46 AM First plane strike 92 Passengers aboard Flight 11
9:03 AM Second plane strike 68
Command center set up in WTC 7.
10:28 television mast atop other building collapse
WTC buildings 4, 5, 6, ablaze
3,000 individuals removed, escaped
7:45 PM 78 officers missing and 200 firefighters are dead.
10 PM assures no chemical or biological agents were aboard!
Question:  Why wasn't this a concern when operations were set up which included Mayor Guliani in the morning in WTC 7?
5;20 WTC 7 blazing for 5 hours collapses

CNN Chronology September 12, 2001 Posted: 12:27 PM EDT (1627 GMT)
 Note Passengers and Crew

11:18 a.m.: American Airlines reports it has lost two aircraft. American Flight 11, a Boeing 767 flying from Boston to Los Angeles, had 81 passengers and 11 crew aboard. = 92

 Flight 77, a Boeing 757 en route from Washington's Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles, had 58 passengers and six crew members aboard. Flight 11 slammed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. = 64

11:26 a.m.: United Airlines reports that United Flight 93, en route from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, has crashed in Pennsylvania. The airline also says that it is "deeply concerned" about United Flight 175. = not given

11:59 a.m.: United Airlines confirms that Flight 175, from Boston to Los Angeles, has crashed with 56 passengers and nine crew members aboard. It hit the World Trade Center's south tower. = 65

CNN Chronology September 12, 2001 Posted: 12:27 PM EDT (1627 GMT)

11:54 p.m.: CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Sesno reports that a government official told him there was an open microphone on one of the hijacked planes and that sounds of discussion and "duress" were heard. Sesno also reports a source says law enforcement has "credible" information and leads and is confident about the investigation.

The History Channel's WTC Rise and Fall of an American Icon documentary reports on 37 Flight 93 passengers, does not state how many crew.

Flight 93:  Voices From the Sky

Radio transmissions between United 93 and an air traffic controller in Ohio include sounds of blood-curdling screams. The hijackers themselves take the microphone, speaking over the open airwaves, as they pilot the plane toward what would be its final destination, the Pennsylvania earth...