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U.S. gave Iraq chemical weapons?

Many sites make the claim that the United States gave chemical weapons to Iraq.  Here are findings.
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Don't miss this article at The New American

Listen to the very beginning of President Bush's speech on the war resolution. Indeed, our President pronounces nuclear as nuke you lair. That is the leader of our nation, the same leader who goes across the ocean to speak to Prime Minister Tony Blair, and mispronounces the word nuclear.

Find resources here: whitehouseofficial audio and transcript

Today at the White House, Oct. 8, 2002
President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat
As the United States Congress prepares for an historic vote on a resolution on Iraq, President Bush tonight provided a comprehensive assessment of the threat Saddam Hussein's regime poses to the security of the United States and the World and our commitment to confront it.

transcript President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat Remarks by the President on Iraq

Cincinnati Museum Center - Cincinnati Union Terminal Cincinnati, Ohio

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  • WORLD ORDER Andrew Goliszek TOR 1998
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    ReviewWorld Order

    Another book due out soon

    SecretHistory of Human Experimentation

  • ARMAGEDDON, OIL, AND THE MIDDLE EAST John F. Walvoord Zondervan 1974, 1990
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  • Unseen Hand - An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History Ralph Epperson

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    World Net Daily: right to conquest!

    Read the full exchange at: world net daily

    I found it very disturbing that Farah admonished Margolis (who used the terms extreme right neo-conservatives )for "calling names" and then he himself proceeded to call names (Sounds like old left rhetoric), and admonish the other guy yet again.

    Please watch rebroadcast of C-Span today Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002

    There was a heated response from Republican Congressman Joe Wilson when Democrat Congressman Bob Filner noted that our history includes having supplied biological and chemical weapons to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq confrontation over a decade ago.

    Wilson emphatically said that was an untruth and that Filner was anti-American for even suggesting the United States did such a thing.

    Contact your own Representative in Congress for the truth.

    Resources are being collected. See Newsweek Issue for September 23, 2002 "How Saddam Happened "

    Rense reference NewsweekHow we helped create Saddam

    Newsweek Sept. 23 Issue Cover Package: Target: Iraq

    search Newsweekcreate saddam

    NewsweekHow Saddam Happened

    It is hard to believe that, during most of the 1980s, America knowingly permitted the Iraq Atomic Energy Commission to import bacterial cultures that might be used to build biological weapons. But it happened.


    According to information obtained by the AGWVA, there is irrefutable evidence to show that the Unites States government provided and encouraged Iraqs use of chemical weapons. The United States Department of Commerce and The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) provided at least 80 shipments of biological agents that were not attenuated (or weakened) and were capable of reproduction. These shipments included such virulent agents as Anthrax, West Nile Virus and Clostridium botulinum (S.R.103-900, May 25, 1994, pg. 264).

    Friday September 27, 2002 The Guardian

    The US government says that Saddam Hussein is a war criminal, a cruel military despot who has committed genocide against his own people. That's a fairly accurate description of the man. In 1988, he razed hundreds of villages in northern Iraq and killed thousands of Kurds. Today, we know that that same year the US government provided him with $500m in subsidies to buy American farm products. The next year, after he had successfully completed his genocidal campaign, the US government doubled its subsidy to $1bn. It also provided him with high-quality germ seed for anthrax, as well as helicopters and dual-use material that could be used to manufacture chemical and biological weapons.

    resign group saysRumsfield

    The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) called for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. In response to questioning by Sen. Robert C. Byrd, (D-WV), Rumsfeld denied any knowledge that the United States had shipped biological weapons to Iraq during the 1980s. Rumsfeld was addressing the Armed Services Committee last week, when he stated that he had no knowledge of any such shipments and doubted that they ever occurred.

    There is no disputing the evidence that the U.S. provided bacteria and viruses as evidenced by Senate Report 103-900, United States Dual-Use Exports To Iraq And Their Impact On the Health of The Persian Gulf War Veterans, dated May 25,1994, chaired by Sen. Donald Riegle (D-MI) of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. This Senate report was available to all senators and listed among other items, Bacillus Anthracis, (anthrax) Clostridium botulinum, and West Nile Fever Virus as pathogens that were shipped to Iraq in the 1980s with the full knowledge of the Department of Commerce and the CDC.


    There is no question that the Secretary of Defense must be informed and up to date with information about a potential military enemy and his military capabilities. Mr. Rumsfelds statements demonstrate that this is clearly not the case.

    If our Secretary of Defense is unaware of the sales of biological materials to a country with which we are about to go to war, or if he is in denial over the fact that these sales occurred, the AGWVA believes that he represents a clear and present danger to the lives of our military, our country, and the American people, and should be considered a serious threat to the national security. It is for this reason that the AGWVA calls for his resignation and removal from office.

    Riegle Report

    U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual Use Exports to Iraq and their Possible Impact on the Health Consequences of the Gulf War

    A Report of Chairman Donald W. Riegle, Jr. and Ranking Member Alfonse M. D'Amato of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs with Respect to Export Administration

    Records Show U.S. Sent Germs to Iraq

    Tuesday, October 1, 2002
    Iraq's bioweapons program that President Bush wants to eradicate got its start with help from Uncle Sam two decades ago, according to government records getting new scrutiny in light of the discussion of war against Iraq. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent samples directly to several Iraqi sites that U.N. weapons inspectors determined were part of Saddam Hussein's biological weapons program, CDC and congressional records from the early 1990s show. Iraq had ordered the samples, claiming it needed them for legitimate medical research. The CDC and a biological sample company, the American Type Culture Collection, sent strains of all the germs Iraq used to make weapons, including anthrax, the bacteria that make botulinum toxin and the germs that cause gas gangrene, the records show. Iraq also got samples of other deadly pathogens, including the West Nile virus.

    The documents are available at:



    Please obtain official transcript from C-Span. Unofficial transcript Lawrence Wright, C-Span guest, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2002

    L. Wright: there was a group of Israelis arrested on 911. A woman in New Jersey who looked out and heard some commotion. She looked down and there were people on a moving van videotaping themselves.

    She looked down and got the license plate number. It turned out to be all Israelis. When the nationality was discovered, it turned to counter-intelligence, and possibly being in (sic) some Hamas cell.

    It's not a rumor. It was an ABC report and people have been talking about it on Israeli talk shows. I'm repeating what actually happened. They were under interrogation and deported.

    End excerpt unofficial transcript.

    Best Resource found for confirmation of story

    The White Van: Were Israelis detained on Sept. 11 spies

    Article title: The White Van: Were Israelis detained on Sept. 11 spies?

    Where was President Bush the morning of September 11, 2001 and what was he doing after he was informed by Andrew Card that a second plane - hijacked - had crashed into the World Trade Center

    talk Bush where

    I include the next site because the article is an excellent one. However, successive pages clarify the organization is Democrat oriented. I remain registered as of No Party. I distrust both major political parties. I am skeptical of Green Party, and I'm wary of the Libertarian Party since they support a call for a second Constitutional Convention. More about that soon. For now, information for an informed citizenry is here at An educated citizenry is the most powerful force in our Constitutional republic.

    Move On excellent analysisSELLING THE WAR ON IRAQ

    e-mail to C-Span guest, Lawrence Wright, The New Yorker, Staff Writer and host, whoever, Wednesday, September 18, 2002, 9am ET:

    Concerning the detaining of men photographing World Trade Center/acting suspiciously on 9-11 which Wright says is confirmed information. It is.

    Several websites have documentation with saved files. Check out

    Here is an article which refers to the situation within a larger situation of 60 detainees:

    Washington Post Company
    60 Israelis on Tourist Visas Detained Since Sept. 11
    Government Calls Several Cases 'of Special Interest,' Meaning Related to Post-Attacks Investigation

    John Mintz

    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, November 23, 2001; Page A22
    Please check out the story and have guests who can go into more depth concerning this entire situation.

    AP Israeli spying story an Urban Myth according to Justice Department

    Israeli art student spies files

    Urban myth, my ass! More proof of conspiracies -- spies, legislators and KSU

    Update: The spies who came in from the art sale

    Monday, Jan. 28, 2002 Book Has 'Explosive Implications' for U.S.-Israeli Ties

    Book Has 'Explosive Implications' for U.S.-Israeli Ties

    "There's a lot of talk about an Israeli role" in Chinese spying during the Clinton administration at Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, revealed in Gordon Thomas' new book, "Seeds of Fire," United Press International reported today.

    The book has "explosive implications" for U.S. relations with Israel, UPI says.

    Thomas previously wrote "Gideon's Spies," an acclaimed history of the Mossad.

    "Seeds of Fire" is likely to doom new Israeli efforts to free spy Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. naval intelligence officer serving a life sentence for betraying his country, UPI says.

    According to the wire service:

    "Former (and probably next) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, scheduled to be in Washington this weekend for a conservative conference, will be lobbying hard for Pollard, and wants to take up the matter with President Bush in person.

    "Now 47, Pollard was arrested in 1985 outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, where he was heading to claim political asylum. Two years later he was sentenced for passing thousands of pages of classified data, including satellite pictures, raw intelligence and material that help Israel counter U.S. electronic surveillance techniques.

    "Despite repeated pleas to the White House by Israel to free him, Pollard has always found his release blocked by strong objections from U.S. intelligence agencies, but Netanyahu apparently hopes that the intense U.S.-Israeli intelligence cooperation in the war on terrorism could change that. Unlikely," concludes UPI, because of Thomas' new book.

    Talk Across Town Citizen View  Items Change

    1.   President George W. Bush Education Policy and "nuke u lair" war

    2.   Spins of Congress...

    3.   Letter to Congressman Murphy

    4.   Letter to Senator Biden

    5.   Don't forget the New World Order

    6.   Does President Bush Know History, or what

    PresidentGeorge W. Bush Education Policy ...

    The Bush Education policy is dangerous. Beware the unfunded mandates on the states. These mandates are unconstitutional. The U.S. Constitution doesn't authorize the federal government to usurp powers held by the people and by the states.

    The Bush plan is nothing less than a power grab. Monies taken from the federal budget and put into new education so-called requirements are not able to be spent on those things the federal government does have within its domain.

    The federal government is limited in its functions, however, one of the major things the federal government should be responsible for includes the security of this nation. Yet, we are led to believe that the FBI just didn't have the technology prior to September 11, 2001 to be fully prepared for an assault on this country. It's no surprise that the federal government is in the many trillions of dollars deficit.

    They spend taxpayers' monies on things they should not be involved with and then expect to also spend on operational entities which they claim are not up to speed.

    Bush on "nuke u lair" war.

    Any student in elementary school listening to the President's speech last night during prime time turned to his/her parent/s or caretakers and said: That's not how to say, nuclear. The man made the United States of America look stupid. Yes, that's right, stupid. He can't even pronounce the worst weapon ever manufactured in this country!

    President Bush says only what he reads on a telepromter. His mannerisms while he is speaking are way off. He is too practiced.

    All of that aside, what did the President actually say about a sort of timeline for action? To be honest, I'm not too sure. Is he willing to wait for the United Nations to take a vote on a new resolution for Saddam? Or not?

    One thing the President really really really wants? So obvious, a resolution from Congress that gives him and solely him the power to determine when and if and why to go get Saddam and oust the Saddam regime.

    Yet, our Constitution is clear, very clear. Congress has the power to declare war. Only Congress.

    Any Congressman or Congresswoman or Senator who votes to hand over this power to Bush is going against the oath of office sworn to upon taking office in the Congress of the United States.

    Do not be silent now. Call toll free number that is directed to the Capital switchboard 1-800-648-3516 and ask for your representative or senator. Express your opinion.

    Let's let them know that we are an informed and educated citizenry. We know what the Constitution says. We will not be led to a frenzied emotional state of mind by a President who clearly doesn't want to act according to Constitutional mandates.

    Senator Robert Byrd's remarks are the most pertinent - don't miss them. Use his comments to help make your own case.

    Donahue for Oct. 3, 2002

    DONAHUE: He is a man who says what he thinks. He is president pro tem of the Senate, Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Watch this. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

    BYRD: Im not going to continue to be silent. The blood of our sons and daughters, our soldiers, sailors and airmen, have far more value than a few votes in a ballot box. For the first time in the history of the republic, the nation is considering a preemptive strike against a sovereign state. And I will not be silent.

    BYRD: The Constitution gives to the elected representatives of the people in Congress the power to declare war. Here we are, in a situation where this administration is seeking to have Congress walk away from its constitutional duties and concede the powers of peace or war to the president of the United States. This can be a Republican president or a Democratic president. This is what were about today, to do in this position. Were about to abdicate our responsibilities under the Constitution to declare war or peace, and hand it over, lock, stock and barrel, to be determined by one man, the president of the United States.

    BYRD: This administration has been unable to show the evidence, which is today and current, which is different from what this administration knew three months ago, six months ago, a year ago. And yet the administration, based on no new evidence that there is an immediate, impending threat to the United States or its military forces-the administration is pushing us, the Congress, into a decision, in an atmosphere that is super-charged with politics. Asking for a vote before the election, that is wrong.


    BYRD: Yes, because when the elected representatives of the people in Congress vote on war or peace, they should be able to focus their full attentions on that matter, and vote on the merits of that matter. Not be distracted by an election that is imminent, which may impair their chances for reelection. That situation in which members are forced to vote just before an election taints the decision by the Congress. Because it is not a decision that is based with clear and focused reflection on this matter of war and peace, which is so great, so weighty, with respect to the American people and their future. There need to be questions asked. We need to ask questions. The American people need to have their questions answered. Because it is a golden treasure, the American people, is going to be spilled if Congress makes the wrong decision. And if we make this decision on this resolution as it is now written, we will have abdicated our responsibilities as members of Congress under the Constitution, to make this one decision, which is the most weighty of all, war or peace. And we will have done it in an atmosphere that is charged with politics, super-charged with politics. That is not in the best interests of the American people. DONAHUE: It will also be done preemptively. BYRD: Thats the new Bush doctrine. Nobody questions the Constitution with respect to the inherent powers that it gives to the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States, to repel an immediate, unforeseen attack on the United States or its military forces. Nobody questioned his inherent power to do that. The framers intended for him to have that inherent power.

    READ THAT AGAIN. Nobody questions the Constitution with respect to the inherent powers that it gives to the commander-in-chief, the president of the United States, to repel an immediate, unforeseen attack on the United States or its military forces. Nobody questioned his inherent power to do that. The framers intended for him to have that inherent power.

    So, the President, this president, any president, has the authorization to do what is necessary as commander-in-chief. He has that inherent power to act. We must question then, why hasn't this president acted? Why does he need Congress? If Bush has special advice, special intelligence about an imminent threat to this country and its people, then he should act on that intelligence. He doesn't need Congress to give him more and greater power than the Constitution allows.

    If the United States is attacked somehow and some way by Saddam, whose fault will it be? Not mine, not yours, not Congress', but this President, if indeed he has on the advice of his national security advisors and military information that Saddam poses an imminent threat today.