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This is not a conspiracy theory
an enterprise of citizen mom

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory investigates...

This is not a Conspiracy Theory was started to explore the fact of one item:  George W. Bush was seated in a classroom of students the morning of September 11, 2001 when he learned that a "second" plane had hit the world trade center and was additionally told "America is under attack.  "
This is not a Conspiracy Theory wanted to learn as accurately as possible the length of time George W. Bush remained seated in the classroom listening to children read after he was told of this second plane crash and that America was under attack.

Our findings show President Bush remained in the second grade classroom for approximately six minutes after being told by Andrew Card that a second plane had crashed into the world trade center and America was under attack.
We found information from three pool reporters on the scene in the classroom the morning of September 11, 2001
In particular, Bill Sammon, in his book, FIGHTING BACK, indicates the six-minute time frame, and notes George Bush was told Don't Say Anything, Yet written on a card and displayed from the back of the room.
Ann Compton also reported a six-minute time frame.
Linda Carson from Channel 40 reported to Robert Plunket
who wrote of the experience in his piece
I saw Linda Carson from Channel 40. She had been one of the two or three pool reporters with the President in the classroom when White House aide Andrew Card whispered into the President’s ear that a second plane had hit the twin towers and that it was now presumed to be a terrorist attack. Linda described to Rebecca and me what had happened next. Mr. Bush absorbed the news without changing his expression. For the next six minutes he let the second graders and their reading lesson proceed. He seemed to be going in and out of focus. At one moment he would listen carefully and smile at the kids, then a faraway look would come into his eyes as he stared out into the distance, the horrible implications of what he had just heard going through his mind. Finally the kids put away their readers. As the President complimented them, aides descended on him. A reporter called out a question about the attacks. The President held up his hand. "We’ll talk about that later," he said, not wanting to alarm the children.
The Day that transformed the presidency
New York Times September 16, 2001
Bush has not said why he lingered in the room for another six minutes, but it was a testament to either his calm or his acting ability. At 9:12, he abruptly retreated, speaking to Cheney and New York officials...
Our exclusive findings have finally been able to be supported by the video postings which note time-elapse of 6 minutes from the time Bush was interrupted by Andrew Card and the time Bush was approached again, and rose to leave the classroom
Many sites now do note a time of 7 minutes.  That's most likely because Michael Moore uses the 7 minutes in his film Farenheit 911.

When the NBC series, "Homeland Security" aired it featured part of the chronology of 9/11.  
Why didn't the movie include any actual footage of George W. Bush at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School seated in a second-grade classroom when Bush learned of the 2nd plane crash into the World Trade Center? 
This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory reveals why on this site.

An inescapable fact that is not well known to the American public about the morning of September 11, 2001:  Upon learning from Andrew Card that a second plane had crashed into the Twin Towers in New York, President George W. Bush remained seated in a chair in front of a classroom of second graders.  The children were practicing reading a lesson, all part of the scheduled trip Bush took in Florida to promote his educational program, No Child Left Behind.
Info about notice of the President's two-day tour to promote education program.
What Bush was told when Andrew Card whispered in his ear:
He was to go there, read a book to some assembled children, give some very general remarks on the importance of reading and education and fly back to Washington. It couldn't be simpler. Before he goes to sit with the children to read, he is made aware that the first jetliner has struck the first tower in New York City.

His instincts are to think this is not an accident, but nobody knows, and it's a very cautious internal White House reaction. The Chief of Staff Andrew Card approaches from his right, leans down and says the following words: "The second plane has hit the second tower."

source CNN Presents: "America Remembers, Part 1" Aired August 17, 2002 - 20:00   ET
Most people simply don't have the time to sort through hundreds of news articles to try to determine the truth of reports.  Several of these reports have stated President Bush took immediate action upon learning that America was "under attack."
History that is inaccurate is not history.  History that is inaccurate is a lie.
President Bush was told of the first plane crash into the World Trade Center within minutes of the tragedy. 
Reports vary whether Bush learned of the first plane crash while in the motorcade on the way to the elementary school where Bush had a tight schedule, or whether he learned of the first plane crash upon his arrival at the school building.  Another fact is confirmed from sources:  Bush talked to Condoleeza Rice on the telephone in the school building.  The telephone had been secured by Secret Service agents hours prior to the president's appearance.  The telephone was located in a room close to the second grade classroom where President Bush was to listen to children practice reading.  At one point according to Washington Times White House correspondent, Bill Sammon, in his book, Fighting Back, Bush drafted immediate emergency funding for New York City.  That "action" occurred prior to President Bush entering the second grade classroom.  To even the least curious, that action has to be of enough merit for investigation because that action - taken before President Bush was informed of the second plane crash - makes one wonder - how did Bush know the extent of any damage to the World Trade Tower - if any - since Bush reportedly considered the plane crash to be an accident - or as he stated himself - pilot error.
There are many disturbing aspects concerning the media on the scene first-hand reporting.  How could there be so many different versions of the same event? 
From my research, there were 3 pool reporters in the second grade classroom.  It appears from further research, the 3 reporters subsequent reports are off by a minute or two concerning when Bush entered the second grade classroom, and when Bush exited the classroom.
Another troublesome aspect of the situation of the media reporting on the President's visit prior to his even entering the school building is exactly when he got in the Presidential limosine that was to take him to the Emma E. Booker Elementary School.  It simply isn't that difficult to verify the exact time.  Yet news reports have varying times off by as much as five minutes.
One report even states that Bush was running a few minutes late for his schedule!  Another has him arriving at the school with time to spare.  Which is it?  Was Bush late for his scheduled day, or was he on time, or even early?
But the most devastating aspect of the media's reporting is their indifference to finding out whether President Bush was informed at any time that morning before Card whispered news of the second plane crash - planes were hijacked. 
If President Bush learned before he went into the second grade classroom that a plane or an undetermined number of planes had been hijacked, his "inaction" in the second grade classroom after Card whispered news of the second plane crash is not only curious, is not only suspicious, it is potential treason.
The inaction of President George W. Bush in the minutes after hearing that America is under attack is historical truth.
Bush did not take immediate action after learning another plane had been used to crash into the World Trade Center - an act of what can only be called "war."
At the moment Bush learned of this second crash, Bush became commander-in-chief.
Yet, as commander-in-chief, Bush took no immediate action in response to the whisperings of Andrew Card:  America is under attack.
That inaction is potential treason.  Yet no journalists are asking even the most basic questions.  They are not asking the precise time that morning when Bush was informed that one plane, or two, or 4, or 9 had been hijacked.
What did Andrew Card whisper to President Bush during the reading session?
"America is under attack."
How did President Bush handle what Card told him?
President Bush remained seated in the second-grade classroom, permitting the children to continue practicing their reading exercise.
Meanwhile, how many children were left behind by this president aboard four hijacked planes?
As the year 2007 is winding down, it's October 13th as I revise, my thoughts have continued along these lines.
How would President Bush have known that nuclear warheads weren't poised to supplement the "hijacked" airplanes?
This is what has gotten lost in all of the focus on the "hijacked" planes.  President Bush is told America is under attack.  He is given no other information.
How would he know that for instance a foreign country hasn't mounted an all out attack?  Such could hijack successfully, but could also begin an air attack using its own military might.
Granted, NORAD was reportedly more readied for an attack of that sort from outside of the country, but President Bush didn't know whether or not there were other means of attack being used.
He did know America was under attack for several minutes before he took any action.
For those six minutes, President Bush can be said to have abrogated his duty to be Commander-in-Chief.

Found this resource through Google just today (10/13/2006)
The videotape we've been awaiting.
Why didn't George W. Bush pick up the book before Card whispered in his ear, America is under attack?
Because the children had not yet started reading from the book!  They were reading quick words - listed on an easel - as the teacher was pointing.
How much time elapsed (per videotape) from the time Card whispered America is under attack to the time George W. Bush ended the session?
We still can't determine that as it appears entire footage is not contained in this videotape.  (see Memory Hole)

Not surprisingly, many people continue to believe that George W. Bush was told of the first plane crash at the time Andrew Card whispered in his ear.
For the regular man or woman on the street that misbelief is excusable.  For any media persons in this nation that misbelief is not excusable.
The facts simplified:
George W. Bush was informed of the first plane crash prior to his motorcade arriving at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School.
Title of the story:
The Pet Goat

The following report is the major reason This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory was written.  The report is simply inaccurate, and it has not been corrected.  Many, including noted television and radio talk-show host, Fred Honsberger, mistakenly still believe that George Bush didn't know of the first plane crash before he entered the second grade classroom of Sandra Kay Daniels.  However, as is shown by resources provided, George W. Bush had been informed of the first plane crash - the first news - either en route to the Emma E. Booker school or upon arriving at approximately 8:57 a.m. or so.  Reports vary even concerning the time the vehicle left the resort where Bush had been staying.  But it is clear from numerous other reports and from Andrew Card himself:  when Card leaned over to interrupt Bush and whisper in his ear, he apprised Bush of a second plane crash and that America was under attack.
Report:  Washington Post Mike Allen Bush Reacts to Attacks, Moves to Nebraska
Tuesday, September 11, 2001; 4:36 p.m.

Bush had received the first news of the attack at 9:07 a.m., three minutes after he had stepped into a classroom to hear 18 second-graders show off their reading skills when his chief of staff, Andrew H. Card Jr., leaned over and whispered to him. Bush, whose eyes had been sparkling, looked suddenly grim. That was when officials still thought the crash at the World Trade Center was an accident, and he went ahead with the photo opportunity.

Bush sat with his hands folded and his legs crossed, with a bemused look. The second-graders read so well that Bush said, Really good readers! Whoo! This must be sixth-graders.

Bush asked his standard question about whether any of the children read more than they watch television, and was pleased to hear that some do. Their reading included the phrase more to come. Bush asked, What does that mean, More to come?

One of the pupils said, Something else is going to happen.

Bush said, Thats exactly right.

As he consulted advisers and prepared his statement, the larger audience of pupils in the media center stood calmly. As word spread about what had happened, teachers patted each others shoulders.

A school official came to the microphone and asked the children to be patient, telling that Bush was doing what presidents do.

Bush had begun his morning at about 6:30 a.m., running 4.5 miles during a 42-minute stop at a golf course near the Longboat Key resort where he spent the night. It was dark when he started. He ran with a reporter, Richard Keil of Bloomberg News, and both were sopping wet after keeping a 7 minute 20 second pace. A Secret Service agent ran with them, and they were trailed by three golf cartsa reminder of the extraordinary apparatus that follows the president even at an ordinary moment.

The small, rotating pool of reporters that travels with Bush boarded Air Force One. The bulk of the press corps remained behind at a transmission center, the press charter grounded along with the rest of the nations air traffic.

End Excerpt.  See full report here.

Link to books about... not an endorsement.

Telephone call-in to Honsberger Live in response to question on-air.

There should be a full investigation of the events of September 11, 2001.  As important is an investigation of the several minutes wherein G. W. Bush remained in the second grade classroom at the Emma E. Booker Elementary School that morning after learning from his aide, Andrew Card, that a second plane had crashed into the World Trade Towers in New York, and that America was "under attack."
The Bush Administration and President Bush should forward immediately the details of the briefing Bush received before he left for the school.
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known
as the 9-11 Commission
The Commission held its fourth public hearing on October 14. Transcripts are now available

Following report mentions:
briefing Bush held morning of September 11, 2001
time of briefing 8 a.m.
reporter commentary about the briefing
The question that arises is:  If this reporter learned what the briefing did not include, why can't the 9/11 Commission, and eventually, we all, learn what the briefing DID INCLUDE.
Report:  Telegraph Group Limited Revealed: what really went on during Bush's 'missing hours'
By William Langley
(Filed: 16/12/2001)
Now, on the morning of his 234th day in office, a light, warm breeze was slipping in from the ocean, and, after breakfast, Bush led his Secret Service crew on a four-mile run around the nearby Serenoa golf links.

On his return to the Colony, the President showered, changed into a lightweight, dark blue suit, and, still glowing from the morning's exertion, sat down for the first routine intelligence briefing of the day. It was 8am.

Fourteen hundred miles away, American Airlines Flight 11 was taking off from Boston's Logan International Airport bound for Los Angeles, with 81 passengers and 11 crew aboard. It would be followed 14 minutes later by the departure, from the same airport, of United Airlines Flight 175, also LA-bound, with 56 passengers and nine crew.

The President's briefing appears to have included some reference to the heightened terrorist risk reported throughout the summer, but contained nothing specific, severe or imminent enough to necessitate a call to Condoleezza Rice, his 47-year-old National Security Adviser who, at the same moment, was travelling through the rush hour traffic from her home in north-west Washington to her office at the White House.

See full report here:


Bill Sammon article Suddenly, a time to lead
By Bill Sammon
cached use select all to view

Part I: Suddenly, a time to lead

By Bill Sammon

Update October 31, 2003

Cato Associate Policy Analyst James Bovard will be on C-SPAN's "Booknotes" to discuss his new book Terrorism and Tyranny on Sunday, November 2. The show airs at 8pm and 11pm ET.

Duplicated for your information:

Syndicated Columnist Charley Reese: "If you want to know what is really going on in President Bush's War on Terror, read "Terrorism and Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice, and Peace to Rid the World of Evil," by James Bovard. What is so valuable about Bovard's work is that it is just plain, fact-based, footnoted reporting. He is not a polemicist, and you will find no shrill arguments, no straw men, no rants, no name-calling such as you find in most of the quickie political books that people grind out these days. Instead, you get a sober recitation of the facts set within a philosophical framework that exactly matches that of the Founding Fathers." (September 8, 2003)

More here 

James Bovard with links to recommended books

Update August 8, 2003

The September 11 report raises more questions about the White House

By John W. Dean
FindLaw Columnist
Special to
Thursday, August 7, 2003 Posted: 2:24 PM EDT (1824 GMT)

(FindLaw) -- The recently released Report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry Into The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11, 2001, and its dismal findings, have been well reported by the news media. What has not been widely reported, however, is the inescapable conclusions that must be drawn from a close reading of this bipartisan study.

Obviously, Republicans were not going to let Democrats say what needed to be said, or maybe Democrats did not want to politicize the matter. But since the facts could not be ignored or suppressed, they reported them without drawing certain obvious, not to mention devastating, conclusions.

Bluntly stated, either the Bush White House knew about the potential of terrorists flying airplanes into skyscrapers (notwithstanding their claims to the contrary), or the CIA failed to give the White House this essential information, which it possessed and provided to others.

Bush is withholding the document that answers this question. Accordingly, it seems more likely that the former possibility is the truth. That is, it seems very probable that those in the White House knew much more than they have admitted, and they are covering up their failure to take action.

The facts, however, speak for themselves.

More at FindLaw...

So says Mort Halperin, during Aug. 8, 2003 discussion broadcast on C-Span, hosted by AEI on the issue of "prosecuting terrorists."  ... you're gonna have a fair trial," he repeated.
Maybe AEI will have the transcript on website
That's nice to know, isn't it.  Aren't we all just feeling secure today, knowing that - what track record do American courts have regarding fair trials when those are "public?"  Now what track record do we have regarding fair trials when those are conducted in "secret?"
Hmm, we will never know the track record of fair trials conducted in secret?
Because they will be secret. 
These people are just unbelievable.
Panelists included:
Michael Chertoff, Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
Search for who he was and what he did previously to this confirmation
William Haynes, Defense Dept. General Counsel
was sworn in as the general counsel of the Department of Defense, May 24, 2001, during a ceremony at the Pentagon, Washington, DC
search results
Mort Halperin
Melanie Kirkpatrick Wall Street Journal
John Yoo, AEI
Look em up.
Anyway, here's another good find...

St Andrews Expert Testifies at 9-11 Hearing 11 Apr 2003
The first hearing of the 9-11 Commission also known as The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States was held over 2 days last week (March 31st and April 1, 2003) in New York.

The Commission is a bipartisan body created by Public Law with the mission to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the events of September 11, 2001, including the state of American preparedness for, and immediate response to, the terrorist attacks upon the United States.


May 9, 2003

Sen. Graham we demand you release information concerning Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of September 11.

Show us the details, we can then make our own informed decision about what President G. W. Bush may or may not have known prior to that disastrous day.

Prez Wannabe Graham Eyeing Evidence - That Bush Blew 9/11

We are not a constitutional democracy as Mort Halperin just stated on C-Span broadcast of AEI panel discussing military tribunals, enemy combatants, prosecuting terrorists, etc.  The U.S. is a complex republic!  Very important difference between a democracy and a republic.
More about this soon.
Thankfully, Ron Paul's webpage sets the record straight.
Throughout the presidential election controversy, we have been bombarded with references to our sacred "democracy." Television and radio shows have been inundated with politicians worried about the "will of the people" being thwarted by the courts. Solemn warnings have been issued concerning the legitimacy of the presidency and the effects on our "democratic system" if the eventual winner did not receive the most popular votes. "I'm really in love with our democracy," one presidential candidate gushed to a reporter. Apparently, the United States at some point become a stealth democracy at the behest of news directors and politicians.
The problem, of course, is that our country is not a democracy. Our nation was founded as a constitutionally limited republic, as any grammar school child knew just a few decades ago (remember the Pledge of Allegiance: "and to the Republic for which it stands"...?). The Founding Fathers were concerned with liberty, not democracy. In fact, the word democracy does not appear in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. On the contrary, Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution is quite clear: "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican Form of Government (emphasis added). The emphasis on democracy in our modern political discourse has no historical or constitutional basis.

President Bush at Booker School (AP)
Approximate Time: 9:04/9:07 a.m.

According to the Orlando Sentinel
The 16 schoolchildren sat in the front row of history when White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card entered Kay Daniels' room from an adjoining classroom, walked up to the president and whispered into his ear, "A second plane has hit the World Trade Center. America is under attack."

Full name:
Email address:

Our site mentioned here

Bush told:  a second plane hit World Trade Center, America is under attack.

America is under attack
Mr. President: America is under attack

morning September 11, 2001
Approximate Time:  9:04/9:07 a.m.EST

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