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This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory
Timetable G.W. Bush 911
Paul Craig Roberts: Real-time live-feed didn't happen
Mike Rogers: Conspiracy Theorists Same No OBL Photo Released GWB had something to do with 9/11
Paul Craig Roberts: Osama bin Ladens Useful Death
Paul Craig Roberts: Osama Bin Laden Second Death
Classified Document Obscured in Real-Time bin Laden Kill Watch Photo
28 October 2011
A Scanner Darkly
Clinton Culpable
The Order
Analysis The Shoot-Down Order
Fiction Scenarios
Nothing... would have changed the course of history
Alive 9/11 hijackers and BBC News
Poll Find
North American Union
9/11 Bush not really the President
End of Serenity Photo
TWA Flight 800
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A republic, if you can keep it
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George W. Bush Mock War Crimes Trial
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Balance: Questioning Conspiracy Theories
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Timetable G.W. Bush 911
This is Not A Conspiracy Theory
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Bush in Second Grade Classroom
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Bush Early Timetable

Timetable contains supportive links


Bush-No-TV-Don't-Say-Anything-Yet Timeline compiled from reviewing:

  • links on this page
  • Bush stated recollections about when and how he learned of the first plane crash
  • Washington Post series, 10 Days in September
  • Bill Sammon's book, FIGHTING BACK
  • Suddenly, a time to lead
  • timelines from different sources
    Over 1200 links
  • Bush Reading 9@11 links
  • Find Truth About links
  • Narrow Down Facts links
  • Net The Truth links
  • Talking About links


    7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. briefing one hour
    8:39 a.m. to 8:46 a.m. Bush enters Cadillac limosine (times vary) enroute 9 miles to EE Booker school reports: told someone would be on phone for him reports: in a motorcade when the phone rang
    8:52-55 a.m. Arrival at EEB school reports: told about 1st plane crash
    8:52-55 a.m. to 9:03/9:05 a.m. Bush in holding room (no TV) talks on secure phone to Rice Bush in classroom holding room drafts emergency funding for New York
    9:03 a.m. to 9:07 a.m. enters 2nd grade classroom 9:03-9:04 a.m. children reading practice
    9:07 a.m. Andrew Card whispers second plane crash America under attack
    9:07 to 9:13 a.m. Card whisper, Bush seated 6 minutes Bush sitting while children reading Message flashed on notepad Card to Bush from back of room Don't Say Anything Yet
    9:13 to 9:30 a.m. Bush enters adjacent classroom holding room Bush views TV replays Bush talks on phone Bush writes notes on white paper
    9:30 a.m. Bush addresses Booker audience
    9:31 a.m. to 9:57 a.m. enroute to airport Bush issued the grounding of all flights in the country order from his car boards Air Force One
    9:57 a.m. to ? 9:55 a.m. Bush was in Air Force One talks to V.P. Dick Cheney agrees with advice of V.P. Dick Cheney shoot-down order
    10 a.m. The Pentagon insists it had air cover over its own building
    10:30 a.m. By 10:30, a call had come to the White House that "Air Force One is next." "They pretty quickly made the decision to scramble aircraft"
    10:38 a.m. after Pentagon had been struck Bush order shoot down a passenger airliner