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Bush Early Timetable

One detail that cannot be denied.  There was a special phone placed in the holding room at Booker School a couple of hours before the President was due to arrive.  Was this exact same security measure taken the previous day, September 10, 2001?

Bush began the morning of September 11 with a jog around Colony Beach Resort.

For the next hour Bush met with a stream of advisors in his penthouse suite.

He received his usual CIA briefing, although he would have to wait until the next day to receive a special briefing that his staff had just completed on how to dismantle the al Qaeda terrorist network headed by Osama bin-Laden in Afghanistan.

As he prepared for his education speech in the penthouse suite, Bush also received informal updates on overnight political developments.

He was given a thick sheaf of articles, columns, and editorials that had been reprinted from the morning newspapers, including the Washington Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and the Washington Post.


september11news - On the morning of Sept. 11, while at a school in Sarasota Florida, President George W. Bush is told of the 2nd attack on New York City. - September 11, 2001 - WORLD TRADE CENTER CRASH COVERAGE - President Bush's Chief of Staff Andy Card whispers into the ear of the President to give him word of the plane crashes into the World Trade Center, during a visit to the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Fla., Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001 (Associated Press) - September 11, 2001. Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispers the news to President Bush in Sarasota, Florida.

Bush hears news in Sarasota - Photo: AP In Sarasota, as President Bush had been reading for children at Emma E. Booker Elementary, his chief of staff, Andrew Card, interrupts to tell him about the attack on the Trade Center. Bush briefly turned somber but then resumed reading.

The presidency of George W. Bush will be defined for all of history by only a few minutes the morning of September 11, 2001.

In shock within minutes after hearing news reports on television, on a radio, or on the internet, the American people were mesmerized by the images shown within minutes of the first plane crash

One plane crashes into the World Trade Center.

A second plane crashes into another of the twin towers.

Captured for all of history are a mere few minutes in the President's morning which define the presidency of George W. Bush.

The beginning of these few minutes is approximately 9:05 a.m./9:07 a.m. when Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, leaned over to whisper in the President's ear news that a second plane had crashed into the twin towers in New York.

The ending of these few defining minutes is approximately 9:13 a.m. when President Bush is reported to have exited the second grade classroom of Mrs. Daniels.

If it were not for a single photograph, Americans might not be aware that the President of the United States of America was sitting in a chair in a classroom in Sarasota, Florida when he learned that America was under attack.

But Americans are aware of the photo, and the captions underneath the photograph because that photograph was featured on hundreds of print newspapers, all over the world.

Only later solely due to a Washington Post series starting Sunday, January 27, 2002 does America know that at that point in time, Bush himself admits that he made up his mind we were going to war.

Only later, one year later, to the day, is the public aware that Andrew Card I think he understood that he was going to have to take command as commander-in-chief, not just as president.

And exactly one year later, to the day, the public is now aware that at approximately 9:07 a.m., after Andrew Card whispered the news of the second plane crash to him, Bush himself, knew we were at war.

What was going through Bushs mind when he heard the news?

Were at war and somebody has dared attack us and were going to do something about it, Mr. Bush recalls. I realized I was in a unique setting to receive a message that somebody attacked us, and I was looking at these little children and all of the sudden we were at war. I can remember noticing the press pool and the press corps beginning to get the calls and seeing the look on their face. And it became evident that we were, you know, that the world had changed. - Bush On 9/11: Moment To Moment
Sept. 11, 2002
This is the presidents story of September 11th and the week America went to war. 60 Minutes II spent two hours with Mr. Bush, one, on Air Force One and another in the Oval Office last week. Even after a year, the president is still moved, sometimes to the point of tears, when he remembers Sept. 11.

2002Jan26 - 10 Days in September

News From New York: In Florida, Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card, Jr. tells Bush about the second trade center attack. "I made up my mind at that moment that we were going to war," the president recalled later. (File Photo/Doug Miles - AP)

Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card, Jr. tells Bush about the second trade center attack. "I made up my mind at that moment that we were going to war," the president recalled later.

While understandably, the focus of the media that day was not fully on Bush's schedule for the morning, the focus now should be on his most immediate action after learning that America was under attack.

There were dozens of news reports in the aftermath of the morning attacks which refer to these few minutes of time after Bush was informed America was under attack.

Associated Press - published September 11, 2001 By VICKIE CHACHERE, Associated Press Bush hears news in Sarasota (St. Petersburg Times)

The first sign something was wrong Tuesday came just before the president stepped into a second grade class at Emma E. Booker Elementary School. Minutes later, he politely excused himself and set to the business of managing a national crisis. "This is a difficult moment for America," Bush told the children who had waited nearly two hours to see him. Florida Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan said he was standing next to the president when the first word of the attack came. Until then, Brogan said it had been a routine presidential visit. Brogan said that all he knew at first was there was trouble in New York and clearly it was bad. He said the president wanted to stick to his schedule of promoting his reading initiative and after a few moments of conferring with his chief of staff spoke briefly to a classroom of second-graders who had prepared to read him a story about a goat. Bush then went on to the school's library where scores of children, their parents and local officials had been waiting despite the delay.

abcnews - Terror Hits the Towers
How Government Officials Reacted
to Sept. 11 Attacks

The ABC News report not only suggests jets were scrambled prior to the first plane crash, the report states that military jets were scrambled.

It is for this reason, military jets were scrambled, that the minutes President Bush remained in the second grade classroom are of such importance in the history of our nation.

At 8:52 a.m. ET, ABCNEWS' Good Morning America broke in with a special report showing flames coming out of the World Trade Center. "You can see quite a lot of damage," ABCNEWS' Don Dahler said minutes later from near the scene. "If it was an airplane, it had to be huge." At the time, President Bush's motorcade was arriving at the Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Fla., for a planned event when the pagers of his aides erupted in a cacophony of beeps and tones. "Before the president goes into the school, [presidential adviser] Karl Rove and I and some others were standing there and informed him of this," said Dan Bartlett, assistant to the president for communications. "The president was surprised," said Ari Fleischer, the White House press secretary. "He thought it had to be an accident." The president ducked into an empty classroom and called his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, and asked her to keep him informed.

Note the ABCNEWS article quotes Dan Bartlett who says he and Karl Rove and others informed Bush of the first plane crash.

Keep that in mind, because the President of the United States tells two different audiences something quite different when asked how he learned of the first plane crash.

Others recall precisely where they were and how they learned about the events the morning of September 11.

Where Were You - When you first learned of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon?

Also, note the ABCNEWS report says the president ducked into an empty classroom.

While it is accurate the classroom was empty, that classroom had been prepared for the President's visit with a secured telephone.

What we need to discover in light of such pre-preparation for a president's visit is to determine whether Bush had this same preparation for the previous day's visit to another elemenatary school.

abcnews - We Have a Hijacked Aircraft

We Have a Hijacked Aircraft

However, shortly after 8:30 a.m. ET, behind the scenes, word of a possible hijacking reached various stations of NORAD, the North American Air Defense Command, which was conducting training exercises and therefore had extra fighter planes on alert.

"First thing that went through my mind was, 'Is this part of the exercise? Is this some kind of a screw-up?'" said Air Force Maj. Gen. Larry Arnold, who was at a command center at the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

But the truth soon became evident.

"I picked up the line and identified myself to the Boston Center controller," said Air National Guard Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins, the mission crew chief for the exercise. "He said, 'Uh, we have a hijacked aircraft and I need you to get some sort of fighters out here to help us out."

Air Force Col. Robert Marr, who along with Deskins was at the National Guard's Northeast Air Defense Sector in Rome, N.Y. also known as NEADS got permission from Air Force Maj. Gen. Larry Arnold to scramble jets from Otis Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts, and they would be in the air headed toward New York by 8:52 a.m. ET.

Keep in mind, other reports say a call from Rice awaited Bush's arrival at the school.

The ABC News report says: The president ducked into an empty classroom and called his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, and asked her to keep him informed.

petehamill - Bush was briefed about the first plane crash before he went into the classroom.

This report by Jake Tapper says there was a call waiting for Bush at the school.

salon - Bush, challenged
Jake Tapper Sept. 11, 2001 | WASHINGTON

But on his way from the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort to Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Fla., Tuesday morning, President George W. Bush was told that when he arrived someone would be on the phone for him.

There was. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. She had some news. A plane had crashed into the World Trade Center

According to Bill Sammon, in his book, FIGHTING BACK, the limo was a Cadillac. (page 38.)

This report says the president got a call while in the motorcade. - Bush was driving to the school in a motorcade

Bush was driving to the school in a motorcade when the phone rang. An airline accident appeared to have happened.

OK, now don't these reporters wonder who called and exactly when?

And don't they wonder why the President himself in December, 2001 told an audience in Orange County that he saw the first plane crash on television in a hallway at the school.

Bush could have just as easily said to the town hall audience, I learned about the first plane crash from my aides. I saw what everybody else saw on tv later.

News reports all confirm, the president stayed in the classroom after he was informed America was under attack.

This article gives a reason why the president stayed in the classroom with the second graders, reading, (he thought the second plane crash was an accident) however, we know that reason is not a valid one, since it was later revealed what the president was told by Card. Also, we know that Bush gave a short speech still at the school at a certain point in time. That point in time was precisely 9:30 to 9:31 a.m.

washingtonpost - Bush had received the first news of the attack at 9:07 a.m., three minutes after he had stepped into a classroom to hear 18 second-graders show off their reading skills when his chief of staff, Andrew H. Card Jr., leaned over and whispered to him. Bush, whose eyes had been sparkling, looked suddenly grim. That was when officials still thought the crash at the World Trade Center was an accident, and he went ahead with the photo opportunity.

Bush sat with his hands folded and his legs crossed, with a bemused look. The second-graders read so well that Bush said, Really good readers! Whoo! This must be sixth-graders.

There is one inescapable fact. Our country has in place what are known as AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS. These professionals are trained to watch for "problems." At some point in time, another inescapable fact, air traffic controllers were aware that American Airlines flight AA 11, en route from Boston to Los Angeles, had veered off-course.

Some reports say that the controllers knew about the off-course Flight 11 about 8:18 A.M.

And so questions arise, when was the president notified that there were one, two, three, four, and possibly more, hijacked airplanes crisscrossing the United States? The timing is everything in view of articles which assert there just wasn't enough time for successive flights after the WTC hits to be "intercepted" or the command given to shoot any down. Yet, the timeline of events that day shows that there was a large amount of time from the second plane hit into WTC and the Pentagon crash and the Flight 93 crash in Pennsylvania. It becomes rather puzzling to learn also that there are in place procedures to follow when alleged hijackings occur, and that not one of these procedures was followed on this day, at least not to any successful or preventive conclusion!

What we have is an official excuse that there just wasn't enough time to intercept ANY ONE OF THE FOUR PLANES, or escort any one of the planes away from inhabited areas!

When such an explanation is given, it is the obligation of the media to discover the veracity of the official explanation.

It becomes imperative that the media find out:

  • the exact time of the president's knowledge of the first plane crash

  • knowledge by Bush of the possibility that the first plane was a HIJACKED plane and that was why he wanted to be kept informed by Rice

  • the details of a briefing which is reported to have occurred in August, 2001

  • the details of a briefing for an hour before Bush left for the school - September 27, 2001 Rumsfeld: Flying safe despite shoot-down policy

    "The president, the secretary of defense and the combatant commanders are never more than a minute or two away from a secure phone... Very, very senior people are able to address a matter in real time and ask the right questions and make the right judgments," Rumsfeld said.

    On September 11, after it became clear that the United States was under terrorist attack, President Bush authorized the shoot-down of any commercial jet that entered unauthorized air space and refused to turn around. The military never shot at any of the four hijacked jets because they crashed before fighter jets could take any action.

    So we all must ask, when did it become clear to President Bush that the United States was under terrorist attack?

    Obviously, not during the six minutes President Bush remained sitting in Daniels' classroom.

    Yes, hindsight is helpful. But here you are, a president of the United States. It just isn't every day that an airliner crashes into any building in this country.

    You ask your National Security Advisor to keep you informed. Within 4 minutes of entering the second grade classroom to have second graders practice reading, you are informed.

    America is under attack.

    There is no reaction from President George W. Bush. That's right. You can see it for yourself in the abcnews videotape.

    At 9:05 a.m. or 9:07 a.m. - there is no, stop the presses, what in the hell is going on in this country? A second crash into the WTC? Is there a plane flying over this school building? That's New York, but hey, Andy, I am here, I am the prez. Are they gonna come here?

    What action does President Bush take after learning America is under attack?

    According to many more reports than not, the president remains in the room with the school children and he listens to them read a story about a pet goat. - Videos: Sept. 11, 2001 - This article appeared in the Dominion Post Newspaper on September 11, 2001.

    President Bush was on his way into a classroom to hear second graders read an idyllic tale from a children's storybook when White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispered in his ear. The president, smiling broadly as the children read, raised his eyebrows and sat down, a bemused smile on his face as the children of Emma E. Booker Elementary school read--the full extent of the situation in New York apparently not clear yet. Minutes later, Bush left the classroom and appeared at the school's library, where guests and children had gathered to here him talk about literacy. Instead, a solemn president shocked them with the announcement that America was under siege. ''Ladies and gentlemen, this is a difficult moment for America,'' Bush told the hushed audience. ''Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center, in an apparent terrorist attack on our country.'' ''I am going to conduct a full-scale investigation and hunt down and find those folks who committed this act,'' Bush vowed. ''Terrorism against our nation will not stand.'' With that, Bush asked for a brief moment of silence and then abruptly left--headed to Air Force One and an undisclosed location near Washington.

    So after Card whispers in his ear, "under attack," the president remains seated, allows the kids to continue reading, makes a comment about the children being such good readers it's like they are in sixth grade.

    sptimes - At 9:05 a.m., the White House chief of staff, Andrew Card Jr., stepped into the classroom and whispered into the president's right ear, "A second plane hit the other tower, and America's under attack."

    The president blanched. But he stayed put, occasionally arching his eyebrows at the children. "Really good readers, whew," he said. "This must be sixth grade."

    Yet, the president does not take the time to order all planes grounded and a shoot down while he stayed put

    What did Bush know about the first plane crash before he sat down in a chair to have children read?

    Note: The following article from the Washington Post was a report on the date of September 11, 2001!

    Stunned Bush: 'A difficult moment for America'
    News of disasters interrupts visit to Florida school
    By MIKE ALLEN / Washington Post

    ...Mr. Bush had begun today about 6:30 a.m., running 4.5 miles during a 42-minute stop at a golf course near the Longboat Key resort where he spent the night. It was dark when he started. He ran with a reporter, Richard Keil of Bloomberg News, and both were sopping wet after keeping a 7-minute, 20-second pace. A Secret Service agent ran with them, and they were trailed by three golf carts.

    At 9:04 a.m., before his speech, Mr. Bush went into a classroom for a brief reading demonstration. He smiled when he saw the 18 children. At 9:07 a.m., his chief of staff, Andrew Card, leaned over and whispered to him. Mr. Bush's face suddenly went grim.

    At that point, officials apparently thought the crash was an accident. Mr. Bush sat with his hands folded and his legs crossed, with a bemused look. The second-graders read so well that Mr. Bush said, "Really good readers! Whoo! This must be sixth-graders."

    Mr. Bush asked his standard question about whether any of the children read more than they watch television, and was pleased to hear that some do. Their reading included the phrase "more to come." Mr. Bush asked, "What does that mean, 'more to come?' "

    One of the pupils said, "Something else is going to happen."

    Mr. Bush said, "That's exactly right." - Stunned Bush: 'A difficult moment for America'
    09/11/2001 By MIKE ALLEN
    Washington Post News of disasters interrupts visit to Florida school - Videos: Sept. 11, 2001 - What Bush did - Then, at 9:04 a.m., while Bush met with second-graders, staff chief Andrew H. Card Jr. whispered in his ear that a second plane had struck. Bush's sunny countenance went grim. After Card's whisper, Bush looked distracted and somber but continued to listen to the second-graders read and soon was smiling again. He joked that they read so well, they must be sixth-graders.

    After Card's whisper, Bush looked distracted and somber but continued to listen to the second-graders read and soon was smiling again. He joked that they read so well, they must be sixth-graders.

    After huddling with advisers, Bush entered the school's media center for what was to have been an education speech. He looked stunned, but by the time he reached the podium, he was composed and at 9:30 a.m. delivered the chilling news of "an apparent terrorist attack on our country." - Where was Bush - Special report

    Inescapable facts. We have air traffic controllers and we have procedures for those controllers to notify the FAA and for the FAA to notify the government of the United States of America when there are hijacked airplanes.

    The entire world, at least those who turned on radio or television between 8:40 a.m. and 8:48 a.m. were aware that two airplanes crashed into WTC.

    Read the transcript from CNN. Surely, Andrew Card who informed the president that America was under attack, knew that air-traffic controllers were monitoring all air traffic with a keen attention to any others that might be off-course.

    Another and another plane veered off-course. And we still have alert air traffic controllers.

    Many articles refer to the first two crashes, then, say, a short time afterwards, another plane crashed into the Pentagon.

    ...An inferno erupted when two jetliners crashed into the Trade Center's twin towers and caused the buildings to collapse, imperiling up to 40,000 people who worked there.

    A short time later, another plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington where up to 800 people remain Tuesday night.

    This simply isn't the truth. It wasn't a short time afterwards!

    The plane that hit the Pentagon slammed into the building some 40 minutes after the second plane crash! - What Andrew Card says the President said when learning of the first plane crash

    Card, a Holbrook native and former Massachusetts state representative, made his comments during a speech before the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce lunch. - "VICE PRES. CHENEY: Didn't circle it, but was headed on a track into it. The Secret Service has an arrangement with the F.A.A. They had open lines after the World Trade Center was... "

    When Bush was informed of the first plane crash, according to Sammon, before arriving at the school building, and by Andrew Card, what was Bush's action that showed him for what he is?

    There was no reaction.

    He did not gather a few of his aides together and for instance, bow his head.

    He didn't say much, either, that would show how caring he is, even if he didn't yet know the full extent of the crash, by remarking, hope there weren't many people aboard the plane

    He doesn't even wonder if it could be an attack. There is precedent for thinking that an unusual event such as a plane crash into a New York skysraper could be an attack.

    DailyNews - 1945 Plane Crash Rocked NYC

    The last time a plane crashed into a New York City skyscraper was July 28, 1945. A U.S. bomber flying through thick fog at about 200 mph crashed into the Empire State Building, one of the most recognized structures in the world.