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When the government is caught in a lie, it is absolutely reasonable to never trust the government again.
The United States government has lied about Gulf War Syndrome.  For years, the government denied there was any such syndrome among Gulf War veterans

Military Readies - For Gulf War Illness
Thursday, March 20, 2003
Precautions, Monitoring Already In Place for Iraq War Troops
By Daniel DeNoon
Thousands of veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War remain disabled from mysterious medical problems now known as Gulf War veterans' illnesses. What happened? Nobody knows. And there's no way to be sure it won't happen again.

Despite more than a decade of study, nobody knows what causes gulf war illness. There's no cure -- and no sure way to prevent it, says Matthew Hotopf, MD, PhD, senior researcher at the Gulf War Illnesses Research Unit of Guy's, King's, and St. Thomas' School of Medicine, London.

Symptoms of Gulf War illness are all over the map. They include disabling fatigue, sleep problems, trouble with memory and concentration, pain, intestinal complaints, and other medical problems. Because different patients have different symptoms, the old name of the malady -- Gulf War syndrome -- was changed to Gulf War illness.

SOURCES: Matthew Hotopf, MD, PhD, senior researcher, Gulf War Illnesses Research Unit of Guy's, King's, and St. Thomas' School of Medicine, London.

Nelda P. Wray, MD, MPH, chief research and development officer, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Kelley Brix, MD, assistant chief research and development officer, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Gulf War Vets - Webmaster: Gary Robinson

June 20, 1997 - Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., and more than 85 other lawmakers Friday called on a presidential panel studying the illnesses known as "Gulf War syndrome" to reassess its conclusion that the illnesses suffered by Gulf War veterans were not caused by their exposure to various chemical agents during their service in the 1991 war against Iraq.

In December 1996, the Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses released a report in which it concluded that "current scientific evidence does not support a causal link between Gulf veterans' illnesses and exposures while in the Gulf to the following environmental risk factors: pesticides, chemical and biological warfare agents, pyridostigmine bromide [an anti-nerve gas drug], infectious diseases, depleted uranium, oil well fires and smoke, and petroleum products."

DeFazio called the report "a coverup" and insisted that new evidence strongly suggested a direct link between Gulf War service and a range of symptoms suffered by veterans of that war, including headaches, memory loss, seizures fatigue and loss of balance.

Tuesday, 18 June, 2002 - Sharing the trauma of Gulf War syndrome
Veterans and their families outlined details of the debilitating Gulf War syndrome, which is said to have affected about 10% of the 50,000 British service personnel who served in the 1991 conflict.

They feel their appeals for recognition of the various illnesses suffered by many Gulf War troops, which has sometimes led to their premature deaths, have been ignored by the British Government.

Exposing The Gulf War Syndrome
by Pastor Dave Barley - The federal government has gone from many years of total denial of this deadly contagious disease, to the point that they started admitting there was a problem, to then admitting there might be as many as 20,000 Gulf War Vets who were exposed to some virus, to the poing that they are now admitting that there now may be anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 Vets.

If they lied about this disease and tried to cover it up, why should we think that they are coming clean with the American people now? Well, Captain Joyce Riley has uncovered some very startling facts concerning the governments knowledge and involvement, both in the creation of this deadly virus and the manner in which the Gulf War troops were exposed to this man created disease.

Conspiracy Theory and Truth Seekers

Many a conspiracy theory grows out of a legitmate basis. That is government lied, covered-up, and is caught in the lie or cover-up. There is dramatic proof of the lie or cover-up

Many a conspiracy theory grows out of an illegitimate basis. That is, the generalization that the government lies or covers-up. Some evidence may be presented, mixed in with little or no supportive evidence of the lie or cover-up.

It is reasonable to trust the conspiracy theorist when the theorist has proven with evidence the government cover-up or lie.

However, when the conspiracy theory grows out of a generalization, government lies, and the conspiracy theorist does not back up with proof that the government lied, it is reasonable not to trust the conspiracy theorist.

This site has become an exploration of some, not all, conspiracy theories.

A person seeking the truth could be a conspiracy theorist.

Which version of the conspiracy theorist may be determined by individual perspective.

Will the truth seeker become the kind of conspiracy theorist who uses generalizations, or one who presents documentation of a specific government lie or cover-up?

Will conceiving a conspiracy theory propel the truth seeker into an abyss of no-return?

Follow along.

Warning: Conspiracy theorists utilize the same exact rhetoric as George W. Bush has adopted to sell a war against Iraq.

You are either with us, or with them.

There is no middle ground to the conspiracy theorist. You either accept the theory, in full, as presented, without question, or you are with them.

That digging in is the downfall of conspiracy theorists, and it brings a smile to a government that lies.

September 11
Never forget


Many researchers have been generous with findings about Gulf War Syndrome.  Should you come across more, please contact us.

New Info

When the government finally releases all material concerning Gulf War Syndrome, we will accept it, better late, than never.