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This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Alive 9/11 hijackers and BBC News

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Hijacking suspects Flight 175: Marwan Al-Shehhi, Fayez Ahmed, Mohald Alshehri, Hamza Alghamdi and Ahmed Alghamdi

Flight 11: Waleed M Alshehri, Wail Alshehri, Mohamed Atta, Abdulaziz Alomari and Satam Al Suqami

Flight 77: Khalid Al-Midhar, Majed Moqed, Nawaq Alhamzi, Salem Alhamzi and Hani Hanjour

Flight 93: Ahmed Alhaznawi, Ahmed Alnami, Ziad Jarrahi and Saeed Alghamdi


Rewards for Justice:

Waleed Al Shehri

 flight 11

Abdulaziz Alomari

Flight 11

Abdulaziz Al Omari

Saeed Alghamdi

Flight 93

Khalid Al Midhar

Should somebody do a video of the alive ones, maybe they will get the 25 million.


BBC News

We've found an October 27, 2006 blogged BBC editorial entitled "9/11 Conspiracy theory by Steve Herrmann which refers to the original BBC News article "Hijack suspects alive and well" September 23, 2001 . The editorial says the September 23, 2001 story has been "cited ever since by some as evidence that the 9/11 attacks were part of a US government conspiracy..."

 well of course it's been cited as evidence the 9/11 attacks were part of a US government conspiracy, what did the BBC News expect?

Maybe, they knew precisely what to expect. The editorial further notes BBC News made a change in a caption referring to one of the hijack suspects. The rest of the article was left intact in the archive. ..

Read Net the Truth Online blog for a lengthy treatment of this subject.


Thursday, December 07, 2006
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Project Censored references Griffin's book, not BBC News report

Some 9/11 Terrorists Still Alive? And Other Troubling Inaccuracies
By Chris Kyle

In the 9/11 Commission Report, the original list of hijackers is repeated, and their pictures are presented. However, at least six of the named hijackers are confirmed to be alive. Waleed al-Shehri is reported to have been on American Airlines Flight 11, which hit the North Tower. Yet he was interviewed by a London based Arab-language daily, Al-Quds al Arabi, after September 11, 2001...

If the BBC News according to its September 23, 2001 report (which it has not retracted as being wholly inaccurate) has information of the whereabouts of any of the depicted, it is injustice to all who died on September 11, 2001 to suppress such information five years, ten years, later.

BBC Editorial 5 years later 9/11 Conspiracy theory by Steve Herrmann

Don't miss this article: Excerpt: Saturday, 22 September, 2001, 20:41 GMT 21:41 UK Hijack 'suspect' alive in Morocco By David Bamford in Rabat

 A Saudi-Arabian aircraft pilot who was named as one of five suspects on board one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Centre, has turned up alive and well in Morocco. The man, Waleed Al-Shehri, has told Saudi journalists in Casablanca that he had nothing to do with the attacks on New York and Washington, and had been in Morocco at the time...


One of those five names was Waleed Al-Shehri, a Saudi pilot who had trained in the United States. His photograph was released by the FBI, and has been shown in newspapers and on television around the world.

That same Mr Al-Shehri has turned up in Morocco, proving clearly that he was not a member of the suicide attack. He told Saudi journalists in Casablanca that he has contacted both the Saudi and American authorities to advise them that he had nothing to do with the attack.

He acknowledges that he attended flight training school at Dayton Beach in the United States, and is indeed the same Waleed Al-Shehri to whom the FBI has been referring. Confusion But, he says, he left the United States in September last year, and became a pilot with Saudi Arabian Airlines, and is currently on a further training course in Morocco. He says he was in Marrekesh when the attack took place. Mr Al-Shehri's case is not the first in which there has been apparent confusion as to the identities of the hijackers who commandeered the four planes on 11 September.

Mr Al-Shehri said he has now been interviewed by the American authorities, who apologised for the misunderstanding.

Doubt arises on identities of hijackers

Investigators backtrack to pin down names, histories of terrorists; New suspect held in Chicago; Translation under way of 'what little dialogue' on Flight 93 recorder
Sun National Staff
Originally published September 21, 2001
WASHINGTON - FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said yesterday that the identities of several of the suicide hijackers now are in doubt, complicating the work of investigators trying to create intricate personal and financial profiles of the attackers.

There also were signs of progress in the extensive inquiry into last week's attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In Chicago, the FBI arrested a man with possible ties to fugitive Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden whom police were looking for earlier this week in Detroit.
Determining the hijackers' identities, though, remains a crucial step for investigators. The FBI released the names of 19 alleged hijackers last week, but that list quickly was called into question by news reports from the Middle East, where several of the men named - some of them pilots - were said to be alive.

Speaking at the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, Mueller told reporters that while the names of several suspected hijackers did match names on the airline passenger lists, "We have several others that are still in question.",0,5638651.story?coll=bal-attack-utility

FBI: We Know Who Hijackers Were

WASHINGTON, Nov. 2, 2001
AP) The FBI has resolved questions about the identities of the 19 hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 attacks and has discovered places outside the United States where the conspiracy was planned, FBI Director Robert Mueller said Friday.

Saudi Arabian officials and others have questioned whether some of the hijackers identified by the FBI in the weeks after the attacks used stolen identifications. Mueller said those questions have been answered.

"We at this point definitely know the 19 hijackers who were responsible," he said. "We have been successful in working with our foreign counterparts in identifying places where the conspiracy we believe was hatched as well as others who may have been involved in the conspiracy."

Mueller provided no new information on the hijackers' identities beyond his statement at a briefing Friday for reporters. Neither did he name any of the places abroad where authorities now believe the conspiracy was initiated, or any of the other conspirators.

Attorney General John Ashcroft said last month that three of the leaders of the hijackers and three accomplices were part of a terrorist network that operated at least since 1999 in both Hamburg, Germany, and in the United States.

German authorities previously issued international arrest warrants for the three alleged accomplices, Said Bahaji, a German national, Ramsi Binalshibh, a Yemini national, and Zakariya Essabar of Morocco. All three left Hamburg shortly before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Ashcroft said the three had extensive connections to Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi, the suspected pilots of the hijacked planes that crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, and Ziad Jarrah, suspected of flying the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

Authorities in Spain and the Czech Republic have been investigating trips Atta made to both countries earlier this year. Czech officials said Atta met with an Iraqi intelligence agent in Prague in April.

Mueller said the FBI has developed 420,000 leads since Sept. 11, in the investigations of both the hijackings and the mailing of anthrax-laced letters. He issued a new plea to the public for help in solving both cases.

9/11: Wild Conspiracies and Rational Concerns

By Joshua Holland, AlterNet
Posted on June 5, 2006, Printed on June 5, 2006

According to a recent Zogby poll, less than half of all Americans agree that "the 9/11 attacks were thoroughly investigated and that any speculation about U.S. government involvement is nonsense."...

Indeed the place to start considering the events behind 9/11 is to look at the federal government's official version of what happened and see if it's accurate. If there are holes or serious flaws -- and there are -- then we should try to get an accurate version of what happened and proceed from there.

Let's start with a simple fundamental problem with the 9/11 report:

We may not know who all the hijackers really were.

Three days after the attack, the FBI released the names of those infamous 19 hijackers (photos here).

But the following was reported, not on some fringe website, but by the BBC on Sept. 23:

see BBC News article

But if you go to the 9/11 Commission report, and look at pages 38 and 39 in section seven (PDF) you'll see the same 19 hijackers without any suggestion that there's a doubt about their identities. Mueller later said all the doubts were resolved, according to CBS. But what about the guys who are saying that the rumors of their deaths have been greatly exaggerated?

In my research for this article, I went through several websites dedicated to debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories, but was unable to find anything disputing the BBC story (and anyone who has contrary evidence is invited to send it to me or post a refutation in the comments section of this article).

Besides the doubt around the identities of the hijackers, there were also two passports belonging to the hijackers that were supposedly found, intact, near the World Trade Center. That was reported by the Associated Press (citing CBS News) and the British newspaper, the Guardian.

There's a pretty clear dividing line between the idea that the Bush administration's ideologues used the attacks of 9/11 to consolidate power and the idea that they participated in those attacks. The former is a fairly mainstream liberal critique; the latter is rank conspiracy theory, unsupported by any serious evidence.

Paul Craig Roberts

(2) The belief that Muslims pulled off the attacks is based on the concreteness of the 19 names identified as the hijackers by the FBI. The fact that the FBI attests to the identity of the hijackers is the source of the official story’s credibility.

Considering the official story’s dependence on the identity of the hijackers, how is it possible for the official story to survive for 5 years after the BBC’s report (September 23, 2001) that a number of the alleged hijackers are alive and well?

According to BBC News World Edition, “Saudi Arabian pilot Waleed Al Shehri was one of five men that the FBI said had deliberately crashed American Airlines flight 11 into the World Trade Centre on 11 September. His photograph was released, and has since appeared in newspapers and on television around the world. Now he is protesting his innocence from Casablanca, Morocco. He told journalists there that he had nothing to do with the attacks on New York and Washington, and had been in Morocco when they happened. He has contacted both the Saudi and American authorities, according to Saudi press reports. He acknowledges that he attended flight training school at Daytona Beach in the United States, and is indeed the same Waleed Al Shehri to whom the FBI has been referring.”

Obviously, Waleed Al Shehri would not be alive if he had crashed an airliner into the World Trade Center. It would appear that the FBI’s confidence in the identity of the hijackers is more public relations than reality. As the FBI has been proven wrong about the identity of a number of the hijackers, how do we know the FBI is right about any of them?...

you tube report

Four 9/11 Hijack 'suspects' alive and well........? (

According to Wikipedia


 this old BBC article is wrong:

"Waleed and Wail were both mistakenly reported to have been found alive and well, by the BBC later in 2001."

Tracking the 19 Hijackers
What are they up to now?
At least 9 of them survived 9/11



Waleed and Wail were both mistakenly reported to have been found alive and well, by the BBC later in 2001. They were initially reported in error by a Saudi newspaper editor as the sons of Ahmed Alshehri, a senior Saudi diplomat stationed in Bombay, India. On September 16, 2001, the diplomat Ahmed Alshehri denied that he was the father of the two hijackers. Wail claims he did attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida - but was the victim of mistaken identity, since he used that training to secure his current position with a Moroccan airline company. Saudi Arabia has confirmed his story, and suggested he was the victim of identity theft.

Muhammad Ali Al-Shihri, the hijacker al-Shehri brothers' true father, was identified prior to September 17, 2001, and told Arab News that he hadn't heard from his sons in ten months prior to September 2001.[11] An ABC News story in March 2002 repeated this, and during a report entitled "A Saudi Apology" for Dateline NBC on Aug 25 2002, NBC's reporter John Hockenberry traveled to 'Asir, where he interviewed the third brother, Salah, who agreed that his two brothers were dead and claimed they had been "brainwashed".

Furthermore another article explains that the pilot who lives in Casablanca was named Walid al-Shri (not Waleed M. al-Shehri) and that much of the BBC information regarding "alive" hijackers was incorrect according to the same sources used by BBC. [12]

you tube loose change?
- Hijackers are Alive
Smith Magazine
http://smithmag net/2006/08/10/korey-rowe-the-loose-cannon-of-911/


"I Don't Want To Learn How
To Land The Plane, Just
How To Steer!"

by Jim Condit, Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
 Director, Network America Ewire List
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This text is the property of the author.

July 20, 2002 -- NA (Network America) e-wire.

"I Don't Want to Learn How To Land The Plane, Just How To Steer!"
Remember that Big Lie? As soon as the 9-11 terror attacks were pulled off, the Five Big TV Networks, -- acting in concert, of course, as always -- were filled with "news" reports about how those bad Muslim hijackers, who were "trained" at those interesting flight schools, had said to their American instructors (paraphrase):
"Hey, man, I don't need to know how to take off or land the plane, -- just teach me how to steer once I'm up there flying!"
It is quite a challenge to know where to start in explicating how terminally STUPID and IMPLAUSIBLE this part of the Big Media concocted 9-11 COVER story is.

In this Network America e-wire, we are about to present the testimony of an official of the W. Bush administration, Mr. Norman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation, as given before the Senate Commerce Committee on May 21, 2002. This testimony states that the only living member of the alleged 9-11 hi-jacker crew, Zacarias Mossaoui, never said any such thing to flight school instructors about not wanting to learn how to land the plane or take off. (Mossaoui is the guy taken into custody about 8 days before 9-11-2001, and who is now on show trial in Washington D.C. )

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