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Senators still don't ask any questions

A recent find

Oh ghoody, there's Senator Charles Schumer, going to introduce an amendment to prevent those on terrorist watch lists from obtaining possession of a firearm.  He wants the Administration to take a look at this legislation that would change the law.
Yeah, you go for it Sen. Schumer, those stupid terrorists are really gonna use their own names to acquire drivers' licenses, gun registration and purchase of a gun - they are not going to use any fake or stolen identities - and they surely won't be able to think of any way to use new medical and artificial intelligence technology to change their eyes (hmm, now that would make a great novel) - cause no, there's no way they could make "fake" eyes, is there...
To prevent a fake eye from being used to fool the system, these devices may vary the light shone into the eye and watch for pupil dilation.
Oh my there's Senator Arlen Specter citing the terrorist who wanted to learn how to take off and fly an airplane, but not how to land a plane.