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Visas and IDs
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28 October 2011
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9/11 Commission Report, Radar, Theories and more

History Channel WTC Rise and Fall of an American Icon
several members of 911 Commission were interviewed in the documentary
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9-11 Commission), an independent, bipartisan commission created by congressional legislation and the signature of President George W. Bush in late 2002, is chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. The Commission is also mandated to provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.
Kean makes the statement about some of the visas weren't signed!  the documentary displays images of documents - visas - and appearing on one very clearly is the name of
Flight 77 Tape of Ong and Sweeney is played before Commission, the History Channel Documentary states. 
Excerpts are given in the documentary.
8:25 AM Recording heard but trouble locating the plane, turned off transponders, Kean says, as soon as the transponders were turned off, we lost radar, there was no radar.
Visas Informational Material:
Deporting The INS; Granting visas for terrorists after 9/11 could be the last gaffe for the Immigration Service

U.S. Senator Mark Dayton calls NORAD liars

Feb 8, 2004
gotta watch "The Seige"

Wonder whether Bill Clinton watched this film upon its first release?

Will we ever find out if anybody in any presidential administration watched this movie and caught the mention in the very first segments that "terrorists" who got into the country were on an FBI "WATCH LIST."

How'd they get into the country then? "student visas."

Yep, somebody was smart enough to craft this tale of fiction.

Why weren't they a consultant to the FBI?


Al-Ahram Weekly On-line
5 - 11 November 1998
Issue No.402

In a cross between a John Le Carre Novel, the US/Japanese citizens experience of WWII and the WTC bombing, THE SEIGE was entertaining from start to finish. Well directed and well acted, it played upon America's nationalistic pride, its ignorance of Isalm and our distrust of anyone or anything we don't understand. ...

movie reviews for "Bruce-Willis

Holes in the Radar Team 8 Plus

The Millennium Plot is mentioned in the History Channel documentary WTC:  Rise and Fall of an American Icon
Sandy Berger is shown testifying..
President Clinton wanted to launch more attacks, after we bombed in
Afghanistan, there was flak in Congress, wag the dog, this is Clinton wanting to divert attention... says Richard Clark.

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