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Compensation for Tax Collectors

Note:  Write-in candidate was unavailable by phone to the reporter to comment on the issue.

Majority of candidates support pay increase
By Judy Kroeger
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A majority of candidates for Fayette County commissioner support an increase in compensation for the county's tax collectors.

Members of the Fayette County Tax Collectors' Association held a private forum Tuesday in which each candidate discussed his or her position on compensating the elected taxpayers. Commissioners voted unanimously to lower tax collectors' rates from a 3.5-percent commission to $1.50 per bill, a change that took effect in 2006.

The county paid tax collectors $463,375 in 2005 under the 3.5-percent commission and $126,671 in 2006 with the $1.50 per-bill rate.

State law allows commissioners to change tax collector compensation every four years. The state average is $2.50 per bill, which the Fayette County Tax Collectors' Association supports.

All the candidates discussed their positions on tax collector compensation after the forum, except for write-in Bob Foltz, who has an unlisted number...



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