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Make your viewpoints known

Somehow, an article that was written after the January 5, 2004 meeting of board of county commissioners and published in the newspaper on the 6th, is now online with another date-tag.
Nonetheless, an important point was brought up concerning tax-exemptions and abatements that was nicely given some print space.  (hey, who knows, maybe they'll mistakenly upload the article that features Citizen _____ making comments about the controversy about electronic touch-screen voting machines.
Commissioners scrap independent tax assessment appeals board
By Paul Sunyak , Herald-Standard
Citizen _____ urged the commissioners to calculate the real estate taxes lost through tax abatement programs - such as the Keystone Opportunity Zone and the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Act (LERTA) - and to release that figure in future budget presentations.

______ said that such programs result in a tax shifting to other property owners, who deserve to know the extent to which they are subsidizing those programs.

While the FC Housing Authority has not yet requested to be awarded KOZ status for any of its properties, we need to continue watching as new development project begins... More public monies will be used in the county for development of projects when all units are not yet fully utilized, currently, with existing housing.

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The Housing Authority is seeking Hope Grants from the federal government for housing development..

Zimmerlink addresses inquiry results

Voice your opinions and viewpoints, but get the facts straight, or we are all discredited...
Zimmerlink never gets criticized

Joseph Hardy is among property owners taking advantage of tax-abatement programs such as LERTA through the Uniontown Area School district and Wharton Township.  Fayette County commissioners also must weigh in on LERTA reauthorizations, but not for specific projects.

2004 letter indicates Hardy threatened to disband authority

Uniontown Area School Board awards LERTA to projects in the district.  The members have also voted to authorize Keystone Opportunity Zones within its jurisdiction to namely Fay Penn Economic Development Council (a charity) and Gary Gearing, a local businessman who ran for county commissioner in 2003-4, and PA State Legislator for the 51st district in 2005 as part of PA Clean Sweep reform candidates.
It's doubtful Gearing is a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee...
Uniontown board proposal still over target

Uniontown school project advances
By Judy Kroeger
Sunday, January 28, 2007

Uniontown Area School Board is nearing consensus on a revised high school renovation project.

The nine members of the board met for six hours Saturday during a nonvoting workshop of the buildings and grounds committee.

Also participating in the workshop were architect Altman & Altman; construction supervisor Fairchance Construction; and the Foreman Group, hired to review Altman & Altman's plans and to suggest cost savings.

High school Principal Thomas Colebank offered suggestions for the most efficient use of the renovated facility.


Citizen group walks out of meeting

Uniontown Area High project still millions away
By Judy Kroeger
Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Uniontown Area School District board wants its high school renovation architectural firm, Altman & Altman, to go back to the drawing board for a third time.

At a work session Monday, the firm presented a plan that involves less new building and more renovation, but only shaves about $400,000 off the original proposal.

The district has $35 million available for the project.

Altman & Altman architect Ken Schrock said the revised plan includes renovating the old gymnasium and the 1910 building. The firm also recommended renovating the auditorium and the 1980 addition, and building a four-story classroom tower and a new kitchen and cafeteria.

Fairchance Construction pegged the total cost at $42,338,696.

The original plan -- tearing down the 1910 building, constructing a new gymnasium and four-story classroom tower and adding new student parking -- was estimated by Fairchance Construction to cost $42,801,937.