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Public meeting set for Tuesday on KOZ issue Monday, May 5, 2003
By Mark Hofmann
... Sileo said the scheduled public meeting wasn't just for Gearing's KOZ request, but to also get public opinion about the Fayette County Redevelopment Authority's offer of 10 KOZ acres from their 110 acres to the city
PA TAXATION MANUAL See section on KOZ doesn't really address how KOZ legislation is constitutional.
Fay Penn 10 Year's Watch NOTE:  2001 study Regional Tourism Cable TV Channel Wonder who will get this gig?
In 2002, Fay-Penn initiated a tourism development project to study the feasibility of creating a regional cable tourism channel. The findings from the study resulted in Discover Pittsburgh Country Travel Video Guide Pgh. Post-Gazette
Notice ComCast Cable Communications, LLC
How much for the Discover Pittsburgh Country program from Rendell?  $250,000 and counting.
The Fay-Penn Economic Development Council, Uniontown, began the project through a study in 2001 on the development and financial feasibility of establishing a regional promotional tourism channel.  The channel operates as Discover Pittsburgh Country and provides a cost-effective marketing opportunity to promote the region to visitors.  It can be seen on Comcast Video on Demand that is currently in 350,000 homes reaching approximately 750,000 residents mostly in Allegheny County.  Future plans include expanding the service to other cable providers in southwestern Pennsylvania. ...

House Bill 2498 - passed overwhelmingly in both the state House (194-1) and Senate (47-0) - amends the Pennsylvania KOZ Act to ensure that even more challenged neighborhoods will be able to take advantage of this powerful community- revitalization effort. The new law takes effect immediately.

National magazine rates Ridge Administration tax-free KOZ program No. 1 in nation