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Suspicious Purchase FayPenn Property for Hall of Justice and Rehabilition
Suspicious Multi-Million Dollar Pricetag for Possibility Government Controlled Education Will Work
Suspicious Timely Resignation Fay-Penn Executive Director
Suspicious Pretense by Chairman Ambrosini of 58 Acre vs Less Fay-Penn Development Park Acquisition
Suspicious Identification of Each Member of Prison Working Group
Suspicious Purchase FayPenn Property for Hall of Justice and Rehabilition
Suspicious Flooding or Non-Flooding of Fayette County Courthouse Parking Lot
Suspicious Advertisement: Truth About the New Fayette County Prison
Suspicious Awards in Layabette County
Suspicious Employment Recommendation from State Legislator
Suspicious Minds: Citizens for a Better Fayette County
Suspicious Voucher: As Named Reference, Rep. Mahoney Vouches Hire of Youth Not Political
Suspicious Out-of House Costs to Jail Overflow of Inmates Elsewhere
Suspicious Site Selection Process $33 Million Tag of Hall of Justice and Rehabilitation
Suspicious Claim Studies Reveal New $33 Million Building Only Way to Turn Lives Around
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This Site is Dedicated to Exposing Self-Serving Contollers
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Connection:  Fayette County commissioners adopted the Fay-Penn Economic Development Council as its lead economic development agency back in the 1990s.

For state grants to be conveyed to Fay-Penn for infrastructure development at any of its industrial, or business, parks, the first order of business is approval of the board of Fayette County commissioners.  Any requests by Fay-Penn for zoning changes for any of the development projects on Fay-Penn sites also need approval by the county Planning Commission/Department and municipal supervisors, and by the commissioners.

Each administration of the board of commissioners has had survey reports, engineering reports, site condition reports, available to them from the past decades, and including separate annual reports from Fay-Penn and reports of Fay-Penn's Keystone Opportunity Zone success, or rather lack thereof, for attracting manufacturing and industry to zones designated for tax-freedom for up to 10-years and counting.

The connection between Fay-Penn and the county is undeniable.

Connection:  Sleighter Engineering and Fay-Penn Economic Development Council

Fay-Penn Economic Development Council is investing $5.7 million to develop its latest acquisition, dubbed the Dunbar Township Business Park.

This is a current Sleighter Engineering project. Read the story here..


Herald-Standard and Sleighter Engineering

Sleighter Engineering dot com hosts an online Herald-Standard report which features the news of Fay-Penn's plans for an industrial park situated...

Fayette County Agenda Buzz February, 27, 2014  The two majority Democrat Fayette County Commissioners, Chairman Albert Ambrosini and Commissioner Vincent Zapotosky, voted to adopt a resolution in a special emergency held Wed., February 26, 2014 that would enable the board to enter into an agreement/negotiations with Fay-Penn Economic Development Council to purchase 58 acres of property the Council owns.  Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink voted Nay.

The property in question is located in North Union Township and Dunbar Borough, is situated across from the Fayette County fairgrounds, and near the Laurel Mall and the Meason House off Route 119.

Fay-Penn Economic Development Council, as the long-standing appointed and designated lead economic development agency for the county of Fayette, has purchased hundreds and hundreds of acres around the county for the past 2.4 decades.  Some amount of the properties Fay-Penn purchased, were designated for inclusion in PA Keystone Opportunity Zones.

Since 1999, Fay-Penn acquired additional acreage specifically with the intent to obtain KOZ designation for certain areas of the county proposing that such designations would attract new business into the area.

Aside from the poor and nonexistent successful track record Fay-Penn has with regard to attracting large manufacturing plants to locate operations in Fayette County, Fay-Penn has used the KOZ program for small incubation sites.

Nevertheless, Fay-Penn continues to publicize zero taxes for corporations and businesses to locate in Fayette County, one such is a Fortune 500 Company.

In the position as the county's lead economic development agency, Fay-Penn has - over the years - included county commissioners, legislators, and others among those always invited to their private board meetings.  Over the years, every commissioner has received updates and piles of reports from Fay-Penn.

Since its operation includes managing tax-free properties, in many cases, properties Fay-Penn purchased at county bargain prices, and the county commissioners have to a one, always conveyed any state or other grants that come to the county for infrastructure development of Fay-Penn managed business parks and so-called industrial parks to Fay-Penn, one would think county commissioners would have long ago, held Fay-Penn responsible for its poor and nonexistent success in attracting a single large manufacturing/industrial plant into any property anywhere in Fayette County. 

None have.  There has never been a single motion, or a continued series of motions to discontinue Fay-Penn's interaction with the county, nor has any commissioner provided a motion to rescind the KOZ program and its extensions over 1.4 decades.

Fay-Penn recently acquired the property located in Dunbar Borough and North Union Township that is to be the site of the new prison complex if negotiations/agreement are fulfilled by a 90-day process the board adopted to begin.

During the meeting, in response to questions from an attendee and Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink, Prison Working Group member, Jim Killinger (retired state police officer), indicated rather heatedly that the Fay-Penn site had been on the list of properties the Group had been considering as a site on which to construct the new prison complex.

Not only is this an easy matter to check, there has been a map and list available via the county website for months.

It is folly for commissioners supporting the location outside of the county seat, and the commissioner with a different view, to not have stipulated early on precisely which sites (24) were on the list initially.


Engineering firm connections

Report of unanimous approval by Dunbar Township Supervisors of rezoning change to light industrial for property Fay-Penn had purchased to develop into an industrial park...

Tribune-Review report

Dunbar Township supervisors unanimously supported a zoning change Thursday night that will pave the way for the Fay-Penn Economic Development Council to develop a 207-acre industrial park along Route 119 near the Pechin Road intersection.

If approval is received from the Fayette County Planning Commission and the Fayette County commissioners, the zoning will be changed from A1 agricultural to M1 light industrial to allow for the development of the industrial park. ...


If the new industrial park is developed in Dunbar Township, Jordan said, Fay-Penn officials hope that companies supporting the Marcellus shale gas drilling and manufacturing firms will continue to move into Fayette County, creating job opportunities for local residents.

"Fay-Penn has conducted early engineering studies for this industrial park," Jordan said. "We wanted to make sure that the township, school district and other agencies supported the project before we decided to go ahead with it. This park will be very beneficial to the township because the tax base will be going up. There will also be a lot of job growth, construction and site work."

Ron Cole, construction manager at Fay-Penn, estimated that it will cost about $2 million for Fay-Penn to develop the industrial park.

Before Fay-Penn spent millions of dollars on the project, Jordan said Fay-Penn officials wanted to make sure there would be no major issues with township and school district officials as well as township residents.

"We plan to make sure that we put a buffer zone to serve as a safety barrier next to the school (Dunbar Borough Elementary) so the students are safe, because there could be a school at that site for the next 50 years," said Jordan, who was born and raised in Dunbar Township...

Fay-Penn Annual Report 2010

Tax Exempt World, for some Fay-Penn Economic Development Corporation aka a charitable organization

Fay-Penn Graciously Recognizes Previous Chairman, Welcomes New Leader

January 2, 2014

As we begin a new year, so too does a new term as Chairman of the Board for Fay-Penn. 

For the past four years, Steve Neubauer served as Fay-Penn's Chairman and gave tirelessly of himself to the organization. "Under Steve's leadership, we were able to achieve many great accomplishments for the county. We're grateful to him for the commitment that he made over the past four years as Chairman and will continue to do in the years to come as 1st Past Chair of the Board," said Michael Jordan.

Bill Blaney began his term as Chairman of the Board on January 1...

Fay-Penn Economic Development Council Names New Executive Director

July 31, 2012

Chairman, Steve Neubauer announced the appointment of Michael A. Jordan Jr. as the new Executive Director of Fay-Penn Economic Development Council, following the resignation of President and CEO Michael Krajovic on July 20, 2012.

“It’s a new era for Fay-Penn,” stated Neubauer. “We will continue to build on our successes and support our mission to maintain and increase employment opportunities in Fayette County”.

Fay-Penn Receives Grants for Phase 1 Development of Dunbar Business Park

December 22, 2013

Fay-Penn is moving forward with plans to begin developing Phase 1 of the 311 acre Dunbar Township Business Park located at the corner of Route 119 and Pechin Road, across from the Fayette County Fairgrounds.    

The completion of Phase 1 will result in the development of approximately 81 acres and consists of site grading, utilities, and road construction at an estimated cost  in excess of $2,700,000.

Fay-Penn was successful in obtaining approval for two grants to assist in financing the project, which includes:

  • $1,000,000 Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) Grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
  • $300,000 Local Access Road Program Grant from the U.S. Appalachian Regional Commission. 

The Fay-Penn staff is currently working through permitting, regulatory and clearance processes, and expects construction to begin in the spring of 2014

Comprehensive Plan 2000 for Fayette County, PA


The Fayette County Commissioners will hold a special meeting at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, February 26, 2014 in the conference room of the Fayette County Courthouse for the purpose of approving the purchase of 58 acres from the Fay Penn Economic Development Council (parcel numbers 25-16-0012 in North Union Township , 09-31-0041 in Dunbar Township and part of 09-31-0042 in Dunbar Township) for the Fayette County Justice and Rehabilitation Center in the amount of $1.25 million. Amy Revak

 Chief Clerk of Fayette County
724-430-1200 ext. 213

Appeared in: Herald-Standard on Tuesday, 02/25/2014

Fay-Penn's first Keystone Opportunity Zone and more

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