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Suspicious Claim Studies Reveal New $33 Million Building Only Way to Turn Lives Around
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Suspicious Claim Studies Reveal New $33 Million Building Only Way to Turn Lives Around
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While the price-tag of a new building to house Fayette County inmates, and accept overflow from other counties, fluctuates, Fayette County Commissioner Vincent Zapotosky indicated during an April 24, 2013 meeting of the Prison Board that there have been many studies that inform the county what is needed, for those who say the prison is not needed.

Where are the numerous studies that justify construction of a spanking brand new building in order to begin and maintain any programs intended for county jail inmates that attempt to address the recognized problem of repeat offenders?

Sketch of proposed $33 million complex available only to Prison Working Group?

Officials see sketch of planned jail

Tribune-Review (Greensburg, PA) - 11/22/2013

Nov. 22--The first conceptual sketch of a $32 million jail planned for Fayette County was shown on Thursday to the prison working group.

The group settled on a name for the facility -- Fayette County Justice and Rehabilitation Center...


In settling on a name for the new jail, Ambrosini said he wanted to keep the word "jail" out of the name.

"The name should reflect what we're doing inside the facility," Ambrosini said, noting the various programs aimed at recidivism that are to be implemented at the new jail


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