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What have our U.S. presidents said about a new world order?

Hmm, so you don't believe the rally toward global world government is exactly what is happening when President George W. Bush goes to the United Nations for "help" to reconstruct Iraq?
During a Fox News Channel interview, G. W. Bush said, the United Nations should help craft a Constitution for Iraq.  They make constitutions, that's what they do best, he said.

Recall George H.W. Bush's comments about new world order?


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Bush wants UN to help write Iraq constitution, monitor elections

Seen and Heard by Citizen Mom: During UN address, French President Chirac: "...let's make the United Nations the center of global democracy."

UNITED NATIONS: Chirac spoke(09-23) 09:13 PDT (AP)

You will be hard-pressed to find the statement in news items. Why won't you find an analysis of Chirac's statement? The idea of international, global-government is a given - that's why the United Nations was originally created.

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  • Get US Out of the United Nations

    During the Tuesday, April 5, 2005 C-Span Washington Journal program, guest Sarah Binder was asked by a caller when Republicans blocked judicial nominations of President Clinton, by using the "filibuster," and Ms. Binder responded the answer was " tricky."  She then gave no specific example of an actual filibuster used by Republicans against those nominations.
    Citizen Mom emailed before her appearance:
    In your article you state:  "First, filibusters of judicial nominations are plainly constitutional and come on the heels of years of Republican success in blocking votes on President Bill Clinton's judicial nominees."  Please cite each and every instance of an actual filibuster by Republicans both when they were in the minority and majority used to block judicial nominations of former President Clinton.
    Read Binder's article:  This Battle Isn't New: The Filibustering of Judicial Nominations St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 6, 2005.
    It is interesting to note that during her appearance live on C-Span, Ms. Binder issued no example of a filibuster used by Republicans to block judicial nominations of President Clinton, yet, in her article, Ms. Binder clearly and unequivocally makes the statement attributed to her.
    It is unfortunate that there is such trickery of words. 



    A caller made a good attempt to set the interview back on track by citing Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution.  Ms. Binder really didn't address that at all, instead, she went back to her refrain about "rulemaking," and she still never produced one instance of Republicans using the filibuster to block Clinton judicial nominations.
    And as Ms. Binder continues in the interview and questioning, she still does not cite one instance of Republicans' use of the specific filibuster to block judicial nominations of Clinton!  Just unbelievable.
    Way to go caller, she says Ms. Binder saying on one hand there is a constitutional ability for Senate to change rulemaking, and on other hand saying the Senate cannot change the rules in the middle of the game is double speak.
    She questions the nuclear rule or policy or whatever the Democrats are tagging the proposed change.
    She ended with:  it's very difficult to determine what's the majority and what's the minority and how their rights will be affected.
    Still Ms. Binder did not substantiate the claim she made in her article.