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No doubt in my mind this fourth month of 2005, the 9/11 Commission which was supposed to investigate the hijacking of planes on September 11, 2001, and related matters to that hijacking, was the greatest conspiracy every perpetrated by the United States on the citizens of the United States, the owners of this country.  Their recommendations stand as a testimony to the sickness of apathy unfortunately of the citizens.
The Commission totally gives away the real game by promoting the use of "biometric screening system," for individuals!
Furthermore, shortly after September 11, 2001, Congress passed the so-called Patriot Act.
The name alone is pure doublespeak.  Is this supposed to be an Act created by Patriots?  True patriots uphold and defend the United States Constitution.
Read EFF discussion of the effect of PA.
Now, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on Renewal of the Patriot Act, April 5, 2005.  Remember, this Congress is the same Congress that overwhelmingly supported the passage of the Patriot Act, both Democrats and Republicans.  Anything any of them say now about the provisions of the Patriot Act that are under scrutiny because these provisions are up for elimination is doublespeak.  They had their chance, and they blew it.