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During the week of  January 16, 2006, several vendors of electronic voting systems/equipment provided information to an audience of Fayette County judges of election, poll workers, and public citizens.  The following gives an overview of those vendors which demonstrated equipment.  All vendors were asked about capability to add-on a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail should the Pennsylvania legislators heed the public demand for such.  All responded they have the capability to easily insert the feature to a compartment of the existing unit which will produce a "paper" record for the voter to review.  Diebold showed a pictorial representation of the unit in its supplemental brochure.  The paper record would remain behind a clear screen, and can be easily compared to the screen view, and would not be handled by the voter, or others.

For resources and links to a discussion of these voting systems, and related material, see Vote Fix...


Hart Intercivic demonstrated its e-Slate system which it touts as employing a user-friendly dial rather than a touch-screen to let a voter scroll through the ballot.

All Units Demonstrated
Security features were addressed as well as battery backup in case of power failure. 
Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail available.
All noted design includes digital (memory) image storage of screen ballot.


Advanced Voting Solutions demonstrated its WIN-Vote voting system which is touch screen direct recording electronic. It was touted as using a wireless LAN system


Diebold demonstrated its Accuvote system touted as a touch screen system which uses flash-memory chip technology, not hard-drive, or wire-less, units are daisy-chained, not networked, for security in precinct.  Totals at the end of the day are merged onto one card.


ES&S demonstrated its iVotronic voting system, a touch-screen direct recording electronic touted as not having a hard-drive system employed. It utilizes three independent but redundant memory paths to ensure that no votes will ever be lost or altered. ES&S also demonstrated its voter-activated Model 100 paper ballot counter and vote tabulator.


Unilect demonstrated its Patriot voting system which it touts as employing a floating touch-screen and metal/aluminum casing. It employs a precinct-based "central processing unit" with a removeable, but also precinct-secure memory cartridge and a built-in Sheck and Balance system explained as a design that protects against any interference to its integrity.

see votefix