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Not Enough Said Book of Quotes

About Book of Quotes by Not Enough Said

About Book of Quotes by Not Enough Said
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On this page we will describe what we are doing.

Our Mission is to show you the quotes made by others, but wherein something, or much, is left unsaid for a variety of reasons.
We will expand the quote by inserting what very likely should have been said in order for the quote to have more meaning, or a clearer meaning.
We will hold steady on fulfilling this mission when we can, when we don't expect a visit from our law enforcement officials because we said what we didn't say, but because Common, the Rapper said it, or whomever else, and we will be associated with those remarks by expanding on them.
So too with quotes by Common the Rapper pertaining to George W. Bush.
Under the protection of free speech, Common the Rapper can use poetic license to virtually say whatever he wants to say about George W. Bush.
We will attempt, in our mission, to assume to ourselves the same poetic license.
What we produce may or may not rhyme, but then Common the Rapper's poetic license does not contain much rhyming, either.
We will heavily weigh what we can continue on to say and what we cannot continue on to say or else we may be faced with being taken away in the middle of the night under that much-little-known-about Patriot Act.

Our book will be available 24/7.
That is the beauty of the Internet

We began this book the day Common, the Rapper, made his appearance at a 'poetry' event at the White House, invited by First Lady, Michelle Obama.

No, we weren't invited sillies...

Common was invited by First Lady, Michelle Obama


Our Book of Quotes will reside here for now, but we have plans to expand the Book of Quotes into an interactive Book with requests for your input!

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