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Discrepancy 9/11 Watch:

History Channel, Monday, November 7, 2005 documentary on the 9/11 Hijackers, Inside the Hamburg Cell
the documentary presented a coded "message" which they claim said lollipop - a slash - two branches

The meaning was 9/11

History Channelsearch documentary list

However, the September 11 Commission page 266 has this message reversed in its report.

There are more such discrepancies and puzzlements Citizen Mom is investigating.

The Patriot Act. Congress has until December 2005 to reauthorize and expand the Patriot Act. The Senate and House versions are different. There is still time to have input from all concerned. Make your voice heard. Contact Congress now. Don't be mesmerized by all of the focus on Avian flu throughout the media, including C-Span.

Update: FBI mines records of ordinary Americans Under Patriot Act, feds probe lives of residents not alleged to be terrorists

Nov. 6, 2005By Barton Gellman

October 24, 2005, C-Span guest Geoffrey Levy of Trust for america's health takes a comment from a caller warning about gassed fish check it out today

C-Span Washington Journal guest, March 12, 2004, Professor Michael Barkun. His book, A Culture of Conspiracy.

Discussion of the topic on Dick Gordon Show
at the Originally Aired: 1/2/2002

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The United States is a republic, not a representative democracy. The Framers of the Constitution never called us a democracy, and it is a republican form of government guaranteed to each of the individual states.

A republic if you can keep it

Beware an option that has historically been opposed, nevertheless, movements have existed since the ratification of the 1789 Constitution: a call by states for a Second (federal) Constitutional Convention. This issue keeps raising its shackles and there is even a modern replacement constitution. Beware second conventionthat can use precedent to alter our form of government, a "republic" "if you can keep it."

Turning to a state issue that should keep us on our toes, Pennsylvania state legislators voted themselves a hefty payraise in the early morning hours of July 7, 2005 with no debate. Taxpayers legitimately are outraged. However, beware, many are using this issue to rally the public around not simply throwing the payjacker incumbents OUT of office, but are calling for a Pennsylvania (state) constitutional convention.

the Pennsylvania Constitution

Some links on this issue

Sunday, August 14, 2005, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau
State legislative payraise furor not going away

Quote excerpt

Message Delivered, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review October 23, 2005

While all of us are legitimately angry with the legislators who ignored the Pennsylvania constitution to pass legislation that included "unvouchered expense accounts" allowing the legislators to opt into taking the salary increase during the current term of office rather than waiting until 2006, we need to step back and ask a few questions.

Would a convention alter the uniformity of taxation clause in the PA Constitution?

The clause was left untouched during the 1967 Convention, but there is no guarantee it would not be altered to permit graduated income taxation, and the like, and/or make such unconstitutional legislation such as Keystone Opportunity Zones, constitutional.

More questions need to be asked before the PA public is asked to ok such a convention, whether the convention be deemed limited, or not.

Check Tribune Review Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bush seeks to federalize emergencies: Beware.

Beware: Bush seeks to federalize emergencies


"Using the military in domestic law enforcement is generally a very bad idea," said Timothy Edgar, national security policy counsel for the ACLU. "I'm afraid that it will have unforeseen consequences for civil liberties.

Major issues of concern at

  • palm beach post balmy analysis response to Katrina
  • Mock government practice emergency exercises happened before Hurricane Katrina
  • What is a republic and why was a republican form of government guaranteed to the states
  • Voter Registration: deceased voters' names remain on registries
  • Election Fraud: Provisional Voting is a fraud same voters registered in more than one precinct in different counties or states
  • Verifiable Elections: best most trustworthy way to verify, visit election bureau and check voter registrations
  • Pennsylvania 2005 legislature's pay raise issue. Beware flim-flam artists in General Assembly who only want to revisit so-called unvouchered expense accounts, but want to keep intact tying payraise itself to U.S. Congress salaries! Beware organizations that nonchalantly support a state constitutional convention to "fix" the Constitution so such legislators can't do what they did ever again.
  • Keystone Opportunity Zone: Pennsylvania black ops - fraud and obscene maneuver to waive taxes for some who reside or conduct business in the KOZ
  • 2nd U.S. Constitutional Convention Danger: Ongoing effort by supporters to initiate a call by the required number of states for items such as a Balanced Budget, Marriage, even Healthcare. (Watch for reform of Posse Comitatus Act). Though claimed otherwise, the precedent for altering our form of government was the first convention. A second convention could do likewise, call by the states, delegates sent to the convention can set its own rules, and can also change the process of ratification for a new Constitution.
  • Amendments to U.S. Constitution: We don't need any more, not even those proposed by Congress.
  • Defend 2nd Amendment Rights
  • G.W. Bush somber 9?11: I'm still attempting to find out whether similar security measures were taken for the President to have access to a separate room (with a secure phone set-up by Secret Service) in any school he visited prior to September 11, 2001. How about on September 10th?

    Who determines who is patriotic? Do we have to salute the flag, the President, the United Nations, or face secret investigation?

    Be aware: The intention of the world organization known as the United Nations is not peace, it is World Government. Don't believe that? Read the founding Charter. It starts out using terminology of the United States Constitution, "We the people/s." If it acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

    Still a non-believer World Citizen HistoryNovember 23, 1948 letter from Garry Davis to Dr. H.V. Evatt

    What is the difference between the Nationa Guard and the Reserves? That is the question asked of Lt. Gen. James Helmly by James Carafano at Heritage Foundation symposium broadcast on C-Span Sept. 16, 2005.

    After five minutes, Helmly has still not answered the question about the difference. Keep watching and learning.

    1908 Army Reserve established by War Department, Helmly said. "... performs traditional civilian type functions in a military force... totally under Title 10... national guard operates under the structure of the governors..."

    Citizen Mom Track Truth

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