A National Education Policy Center study Consolidation of Schools and Districts: What the Research Says and What It Means, by Craig Howley, Jerry Johnson, and Jennifer Petrie


which is summarized in Research Raises Doubts About Benefits of Consolidation http://www.ruraledu.org/articles.php?id=2644

shows “policies that promote school consolidation are likely to do more harm than good…”

Notice the part that states:

In short, “state-level consolidation proposals appear to serve a public relations purpose in times of fiscal crisis, rather than substantive fiscal or educational purposes.”

Not Enough Says emphatically agrees with that in regards to state Rep. Tim Mahoney’s three-year plan to attempt to consolidate six (or eight) local public school districts into a countywide single school district.  Rep. Mahoney has claimed savings over the years from consolidation before a local study was even started.  Rep. Mahoney obtained a $100,000 DCED grant and recently during an interview known as the Hot Seat Interview with the Herald-Standard executive editor, he said “and another $20,000 for the PR of it.”

Rep. Mahoney has stated he wants to “change the way we do education in Pennsylvania.”  He continues to cite other states county-based school district consolidation, yet he never shows a single study that supports such for Pennsylvania as the way to go to obtain dramatic savings he’s touted for several years.