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Fayette Special: Model for Other Power Grabbing PA State Legislators to Follow

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Rep. Tim Mahoney's (D-PA-51st) legislation for countywide school consolidation has gone through several major alterations over the past few years.
Before 2009, Rep. Mahoney's House Bill 351 included a section regarding the ability of the board of county commissioners to appoint the school board directors in the newly formed countywide consolidated school.
The legislation at that time, was also crafted to enable a referendum to be placed on the ballot, by a majority vote of the board of county commissioners.
Getting criticism for having the board of commissioners select school board directors for the countywide school must have prompted the state legislator to abandon it.
It was gone from the 2009 reintroduced version.  In that version, countywide school board directors would be elected by county voters, with appointment by the board of commissioners in the case of a vacancy.
We're unsure how the latest version of Rep. Tim Mahoney's countywide school consolidation will play out as we have not seen anything regarding the election/appointment of county school board directors once the consolidation 'occurs.'
We have found Rep. Tim Mahoney's latest legislation pertaining to a referendum he keeps talking about 'happening in November, 2011, but never fully explains to the public.
His most recent pronouncement was made in a article (we've covered this elsewhere please see our Herald-Standard & Rep. Tim Mahoney in League to Bait & Switch Public and other pages)
School district consolidation study to begin

May 13, 2011.

An education management company has been hired to perform a consolidation study that will examine the potential cost savings of combining all six Fayette County school districts.

According to state Rep. Tim Mahoney, D-South Union Township, who proposed the consolidation, officials of The Education Management Group (EMG) LLC will begin the study immediately with a projected completion date sometime in August.

"My goal is to have it on the referendum in November," Mahoney said.

By the way, our comments are placed on the Herald-Standard site by using our Facebook account, so the 0 comments notice on the news site only applies to those using the Herald-Standard sign-up block. 

As you read the following legislation, House Resolution 231, notice the language throughout and the claims for savings throughout the bill by administrative consolidation of local school districts.

Realize, the report of May 13, 2011, headlines:

School District Consolidation Study to Begin.

Does Rep. Mahoney really believe nobody in Fayette has any reading comprehension skills?

The House Resolution claims all sorts of savings will be had.  It goes on to say - what will happen after a study in the Spring is completed.

Obviously, the study was not completed in the Spring.

The consultants who are to complete the study were just hired (another massive amount of reading for you on our findings about who, how, when, where on that beginning)(return soon it is coming) May 10.

Yet, Rep. Mahoney's legislation magnifies the savings to be had from Administrative consolidation some many months before May 10 and May 13, 2011!

Notice what Rep. Mahoney said about "his goal."

Rep. Mahoney's goal, not the people's goal, not the goal of the people clamoring at school board meetings for county wide consolidation because there are NONE, but Rep. Tim Mahoney's goal is for the 'referendum' to be on the ballot this November.

As if those two words "my goal" were not enough to reveal Rep. Tim Mahoney's ultimate mindset wherein he believes he is going to wrest power from those local school board directors, just look a little bit further wherein his legislation particularly highlights Fayette County.

Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-51) House Resolution House Resolution House Resolution 231 (Rep. Tim Mahoney, D-51) would encourage school districts in the Commonwealth to study the fiscal impact of consolidating the administrations of school districts within their county.

Take your time.

Here's how state Rep. Tim Mahoney believes a referendum can be placed on a county election ballot to change the adminstrations of six local school districts from six independent district administrations to one countywide adminstration.

We question right off the bat how the Rep.'s legislation will pass PA Constitutional muster. But let's see what it says.

WHEREAS, A consolidation study will be completed in Spring 2011 to examine possible cost savings through the consolidation of Fayette County school districts; and


WHEREAS, The results of this study will be used in gathering petition signatures to ultimately have a referendum for Fayette County voters to decide whether a school merger should occur; and


WHEREAS, Consolidating school administrations is a very effective way to save tax payers' money across Pennsylvania; and


WHEREAS, School districts would still keep different identities; however, there is no need to maintain separate administrations, each with its own staggering and growing administrative costs. Reducing the number of administrations could improve the effectiveness and efficiency among agencies and departments; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That school districts within a county be encouraged to study the fiscal benefits of consolidating school district administrations; and be it further


RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be given to every school district in this Commonwealth.

Do you see what Rep. Tim Mahoney intends by this legislation?
Rep. Mahoney's legislation wrests the process from local school board directors and the people they represent in their small districts - around here several in keeping with the Standard and Poor Study less than 3,000 student enrollment - and puts the process to consolidate in the so called hands of ALL of the COUNTY voters.
Rep. Mahoney intends to push for a petition drive - IN THE COUNTY - a countywide petition drive which we do not know how many petition signatures will even be needed for such a drive to be successful.
It is possible, some fraction of voters in the county will be all that is needed to place the referendum on the county ballot.
We don't know because this has not been done in Pennsylvania before regarding school districts.
It has been done with municipalities determining they want to merge with each other.
But even there, the county does not have jurisdiction over the municipalities.  Neither do the voters of the whole of the county have any say over the action of a municipality to consolidate with another.
The locals in the municipality have a great deal to say about their local representatives the city council members or township supervisors and they will tell them if they want the municipality to consolidate with another.
So too with the local voters in the school districts.
Yet for the past so many years since Rep. Tim Mahoney has brought up his idea, his goal, there have been no mass protests against school board directors who do not want to vote yes to formally consolidating with another nearby district or one outside the county.
Here are some parting words for the night, read them and read them and remember.
Fayette is better than this, Rep. Tim Mahoney.
Fayette is better than this
We, the people of every little rural school district will not stand by and accept this obvious power grab from someone who claims to be for the People, but does everything but listen to them, even when they are saying so very much by their silence.
Nobody except Rep. Mahoney, the Herald-Standard, Fay-Penn Economic Development Council and maybe 3 that we can tell fairly vocal former superintendents are clamoring for this major change as is being proposed.
One countywide school district with a uniform curriculum. 
One vocational-technical.  (some major disputes for expanding the Fayette Area Vo-Tech)
One cyber school.
One alternative school.
All under one big umbrella.
The main honcho superintendent to be paid a mere pittance not even the same amount even one superintendent receives in any of the local school districts.  All sub-district on site administration staff and their staff and their staff to take huge pay cuts.
We have a unicorn in our garden for sell.
Rep. Mahoney,, Fay-Penn Economic Development Council, maybe 3 former Superintendents with resumes in hand, what are you really selling.

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