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Merged Monaca & Center School Districts Less than 2,999 Students!
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The Standard & Poor Study includes a breakdown of when valid savings occur in combined districts into a 'larger' district.
Less than 500 students the per pupil costs go up
From 500 to 2,999 costs per pupil go down
Above 2,999 costs increase
What the savings show for Monaca Area and Center Area school districts combining into one, if those prove to hold true and the millage rate remains lower than that in the one district to begin with (50.2), such would be in line with the Standard & Poor Study savings projections because the enrollment size would be 2,999 or less, but not less than 500 students 

Center-Monaca school merger unprecedented

By Jessica Turnbull
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Center Area School District and the Monaca School District become the Central Valley School District today, a process that began four years ago and one the state Department of Education holds up as an example of improving education by increasing efficiency.

Gov. Ed Rendell in February proposed reducing the number of school districts in the state from 501 to no more than 100.

Board member Rob Gradisek of Center said the merger saves the district $1 million in 2009-10, when only the elementary schools will be combined. Once the rest of the schools follow, an additional $500,000 in savings is anticipated, he said. Enrollment is projected at 2,500 to 2,600 students.

The road to a merger was a bumpy one. Both school boards clashed frequently on the logistics. The tax rate, for instance, will be 46.5 mills, lower than Center's and higher than Monaca's.

"That's something I'm not too happy about," board member Dan Colville of Monaca said.

Monaca school board president Mike Halama resigned in mid-June, saying he "cannot and will not be actively involved in a district that substitutes political subterfuge for logic."

Center-Monaca school merger unprecedented - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Beaver County (PA) school districts to merge in July,0,1446421.story

The school districts that serve Monaca and Center Township have been intertwined for generations by the steel industry that made them prosperous and football traditions they hold dear, but for decades they’ve drawn the line at merging.

Now, the territorial rivalries that kept the districts separate for so long have been trumped by declining enrollments and budget pressures that threaten academic quality.

In July, the Central Valley School District will become Pennsylvania’s first merged district in at least 20 years.

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