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ALERT: HB2 Workforce Investment Bill to be voted on this week.

Stop Pennsylvania HB 2 (pronounced - "House Bill Two")

Forget Florida it's out of your control - Watch Harrisburg.

No one is watching the Republicans AND Democrats in HARRISBURG.

They are going to sneak HB2, the Workforce Investment Act, into law this week.

It will probably be voted on in the PA Senate on Tuesday morning 11/21/00. Then it could be voted on in the PA House.

HB 2 will allow the creation of a computer database of resumes of all PA workers.

In HB 2, the definition of the phrase "information access" allows the creation of a computer database of all workers in the state. This database will be "shared" and made "available to all customers" A "customer" is defined as "any employer..." .

The next time a Pennsylvania worker is laid off and applies for unemployment benefits that worker will be required to submit a resume to his local Workforce Investment Board. Any worker who refuses ANY job offer from ANY employer will have his/her benefits terminated.

The 11/15/00 Senate revision of HB2 removed a House amendment to Chapter 49 that prohibited this creation of a statewide database.



Click on this hyperlink to read the latest version of HB 2.

latest version of HB 2

This link is the Senate Calender Senate Calender

This 11/15/00 meeting was not scheduled on the weekly Senate Sunshine notice web page.

Senate Sunshine

Here is the way they work around the sunshine law. The committee meeting "was called off the floor". If the minority leader agrees, the majority leader can schedule a committee meeting off the floor. The meeting is held that day in another room.

The Senate LABOR AND INDUSTRY committee which amended HB 2 on 11/15/2000 was done this way.

This is evidence that HB 2 is fast tracked to be passed this week.

Speaking of the Sunshine law, none of the new bureaucracies created under HB2 are obligated to obey the sunshine law. We will have no say at meetings since we will never know when they are held.

If this bill passes, I may have to switch my party affiliation to a third party.

submitted by:
Frank Huchrowski

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