Fayopoly is a game for Fayette Countians who watch the local politics of Fayette County on HSTV. The game of Fayopoly is an online game. The first round of Fayopoly requires you to obtain a simple, yet accurate, map of Fayette County. The map is the game board. Once you have the game board, e-mail Fayopoly Player
at this site. Put the word, "Fayopoly" in the subject area of your e-mail. You will be e-mailed a question concerning the map to determine if you are a real interested Fayopoly player. The object of Fayopoly is to be the first interested citizen to collect the remaining pieces of the Fayopoly game. Fayopoly is a revealing game of Fayette County politics. By collecting Fayopoly game pieces, you will be an informed voter who can better choose your local county commissioner candidate. The game ends upon the election of three county commissioners on November 3, 1999.

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