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Turner Publishing, 1994


ONE WORLD OR NONE: PRESCRIPTION FOR SURVIVAL, Errol E. Harris, Humanities Press, NJ. 1993

Excerpt - Chapter 9 Campaign for Ratification Page 115


The majority of people all over the world are so engrossed in the demands made on them by their proximal needs and interests, many are so desperately preoccupied by the effort to provide themselves with the common necessities of life, that they are unaware or unheedful of the global perils in which they all stand.

The better off are mostly too involved with the furtherance of their own selfish aims to take cognizance of them; the worse off are under too much pressure merely to survive to attend to them. Millions are not even aware of their existence and nature.

Politicians are more concerned with their chances of re-election than with the necessity for world government, and what the electors do not emphatically demand, the politicians will not volunteer to provide.

At the moment public attention is engrossed by the horrors being perpetrated in Yugoslavia and the misery being endured by the people of Somalia, and little heed is being given to the larger problems that threaten to engulf the entire population of the Earth. These immediate and crying needs are little more than indicators of the wrath to come unless more radical and more wide-ranging measures are taken to save mankind from its present predicament.

In times of great stress, however, in times of war, or in the aftermath of some great natural disaster, people are apt to forget their conflicting personal objectives and to unite in their efforts to support and further the common welfare. Today the threat to human survival is worldwide and is vastly greater than that of any prospect of military invasion, or localized natural cataclysm.

If only the mass of the people can be apprised of their common danger and be persuaded that the only chance to overcome it requires the establishment of world government, they should be intelligent enough to unite in their demand for it and to put pressure on their governments to ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

For this reason, all the non-governmental organizations mentioned above must join forces with the numerous others of like kind, with World Federalists and with the WCPA in a vigorous campaign to put popular pressure on national governments to ratify and bring into force the world Constitution by every approved measure. In a combined effort they must bang on the doors of the media and persuade them to publicize the draft constitution, to invite discussion of it, both criticism and defense, and to report on the campaign for its ratification.


If the Constitution for the Federation of Earth is not ratified, if no world union comes into being, and if nations remain sovereign, no new world order capable of coping with current major world problems will arise. Even if regional federations are formed (the probability of which at present is not very high, and the prospects of agreement where the process has begun are not very bright), the essential relationship between sovereign powers will remain unchanged. In that case, power politics will continue and the threat of war will be ever present, with a nuclear holocaust always looming in the background. Even without the use of nuclear weapons modern warfare can be fatally devasting to the whole world community through its impact on the environment as well as its destructive potential to civilized order.


Let's not forget Harris Wofford, Jr.
The former U.S. senator's book was published in 1946 and written during 1944 when he was 19 and serving as a private in the U.S. Army.
Wofford states: "this is the story of the Student Federalist movement and the young people who are rallying around its standard of freedom and world union...

It is also the personal story of one young American as he begins to see a vast destiny for free men, as he dedicates himself to the work of building in our time a World Federal Democracy, the United States of the World. Given that Wofford has been recently involved in leading and defending President Clinton's "AmeriCorp" youth-volunteer organization, of which little has been written since its inception in 1993, we should re-visit the appointee’s dedication to a movement.

After hearing Clarence Streit speak about his Federal Union, Inc. organization, Wofford and a handful of high school students in Scarsdale started the youth enterprise in 1942. Wofford explains the group’s statement of purpose.

“To prepare the way and lay the foundations for the World Federal Democracy, we Student Federalists have two important objectives:

1) to educate the rising generation in the principles of democracy and world federal union, prepare youth for world citizenship and

2) to find, train, and organize into a united corps the necessary leaders to build the Great Union of the Free.

Regional News
April 13, 2000
United Nations official says America must pay its dues
By Marc Lukasiak
A representative to the United Nations on Wednesday chided the United States for failing to pay all of its dues to the worldwide body.

After 225 years, Sir Jeremy Greenstock contends, America has forgotten "there is no representation without taxation."

"I want to take you back to the United Nations," said Greenstock, a permanent representative from the United Kingdom. He spoke at a luncheon at the Westin William Penn, Downtown.

The diplomat of more than 30 years said he deplores the reluctance of our government to pay $1.6 billion in arrears; the United States says the amount is $950 million, he said.

"Are you willing to see the United States contribute more to deal with globalization?" Greenstock asked.

When he visited Pittsburgh in the mid-1970s, Greenstock stood atop the tallest building in the city - it was called the United States Steel Building then - and saw industries "belching forth smoke."

"I saw that as representative, in my memory from then on, as industrial America. You've changed since then," he said.

Like any American city, Pittsburgh depends on trade and international law and order, according to Greenstock.

"What I hear is, `We'll invest in the United Nations if it's effective and efficient,'" he said. It is a challenge the U.N. has accepted.

Greenstock said as technology races ahead and "borders break down, the community of nations takes on the more global meaning of individuals with rights."

Is it right, he asked, that world powers such as the United States spent billions of dollars preparing for Y2K when many Africans have never used a telephone, let alone a computer.

"The concept of world citizenship is more than a flight of rhetoric," Greenstock said. "The world is interconnecting in a freer and more interactive way than ever before."

Yesterday's luncheon was hosted by the British American Business Council, Pittsburgh region; the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Western Pennsylvania Chapter; and the Economic Club of Pittsburgh.

Luncheon sponsors were the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, Buchanan Ingersoll and the Pittsburgh Business Times.

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