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Dare Inquire Representatives Truth

Both by Harry F. Atwood a must to read. Apparently, the 1928 U.S. Army Manual's definition of democracy relied on the work of Atwood. Though the Manual is out-of-print, many patriotic researchers have found the pertinent chapters, and placed on the Internet. Explore it!

However, be aware that Atwood supports world government, so long as that government is based on the foundation of a republic!

Well read it for yourself. He went everywhere, even China.

Lessons on the Constitution and Government of the United States for Use in the Public Schools by Candidates for Citizenship
John G. Hervey
Simplified Edition
United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service
Washington, D.C.
Revised 1970 edition

P. 10 We have a democracy in the United States. But we are governed by representatives who make and enforce most of the laws. For that reason we say that we have a representative democracy. The head of a representative democracy may be elected, as in a republic, or his power to govern may be by hereditary, as in a monarchy. We have a republic in the United States."

CON-fusing, isn't it? Keep up your search for the truth. How can the United States be both a republic and a democracy? The answer is: the United States was founded as a republic, not as a representative democracy. Therefore, since the United States was founded as a republic, the United States cannot be a democracy.

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