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Qualified Zoning Academy Bonds QZAB

Workforce Investment Act; Interim Final Rule [Federal Register: April 15, 1999 (Volume 64, Number 72)] [Rules and Regulations] [Page 18661-18710] From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [] [DOCID:fr15ap99-19] PA Site Be prepared for a lengthy reading session

Eagle Forum: Workforce Investment Act

Workforce Development danger data base legislation

Upcoming Summit PA Jan.24, 2000

Select Subcommittee on House Resolution 495
Final Report 11/30/00
Analysis and Comment
John A. Shaffer
Analysis and Comment PSSA Test

Public Comment Stop Tax shifting game Fail KOZ for Uniontown

School-to-work Learning for Life


Testimony John ShafferPSSA Test
The Education committee chaired at the time by Rep. Sam Rohrer, nfortunately did not want to take the additional time to hear Mr. Shaffer's full and complete written testimony. It is here, for your informed opinion.

Title 22, PA Code -- EDUCATION Part 1: State Board of Education Regulations Chapter 4: Academic Standards and Assessment Effective Date: January 16, 1999

Finally, why have we allowed the federal government to consistently expand its control over our local school systems?
These questions all point to an inescapable conclusion: the federal government is not the answer. The key to fixing our education system is to reduce the role of the federal government and expand local and parental control of schools. Funding decisions increasingly have been controlled by bureaucrats in Washington, causing public and even some private schools to follow the dictates of these federal "educrats" to an ever-greater degree to preserve their funding. As a result, curricula, teacher standards, textbook selection, and discipline policies have been crafted in Washington. Rigorous classes in basics such as mathematics, grammar, science, Western civilization, and history have been reduced or eliminated, while politically favored subjects have been forced upon students.
Ron Paul (R-TX) Texas Straight Talk Sept. 4, 2000

Local Control is the Key to Education Reform Nice work, Mr. Paul, but STOP FUNDING LOCAL EDUCATION, it's not your constitutional obligation, but rather education is a state power, granted to the states by 9th and 10th amendments.

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